An automated approach to processing, analyzing and visualizing DOT maintenance activity and costs

Document created by kirstenlawrence74 on Jan 11, 2017
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A DOT client currently employs an oracle database to manage assets and maintenance related activity. Although a structured database, there are no set standards applied to data collection, making analyzing and mapping the data a challenge. DOT districts are working towards implementation of mobile devices for field data collection. In the meantime, we are helping one of the DOT districts make use of the data with arcpy and other python packages to compile, build geometry and apply analytical techniques for data visualization. The ESRI JavaScript API is used to present the information. This presentation will walk through some of the python coding created to assemble to the data as well as the JavaScript API customized template (Configurable Map Viewer) used for sharing information. CMV - Configurable Map Viewer cmv app python scripts
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