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If you’re an educator who uses Esri’s “Virtual Campus” courses in your classes, you may be wondering what the new Esri Training site means to you (


The good news is that your students will now have access to every non-instructor-led e-learning resource in the Esri Training catalog, which is a big increase over what was available before. More good news is that instructors no longer need to request access codes to individual courses. Once a user’s Esri Account (a.k.a. “Esri Global Account”) is connected, they have access to the entire curated collection of e-learning resources.


There’s really no bad news, unless you want to count the new process for connecting users. The process is this: “My Esri Administrators” and their designated “Training Administrators” invite users who are affiliated with their educational institution by the steps outlined in the attached document.


Any instructor can be designated as a Training Administrator by the site license My Esri Administrator. We suggest that educators who use Esri’s e-learning resources every semester request that designation. (If you don’t know who your “My Esri Administrator” is, ask us at We also suggest that Administrators set a time range for student access, so they won’t have to delete accounts later (the attached instructions explain how to do this.)


Once everyone gets accustomed to the new procedure for getting started, we believe you’re going to enjoy the expanded collection of e-learning resources, as well as new goodies like individualized dashboards and activity histories, learning plans, and certificates of completion. 


We invite you to share your challenges and successes with our Esri Education Licensing Program community in GeoNet.