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ArcGIS Ideas is a place on GeoNet where you can go to submit ArcGIS product ideas /feedback. These FAQs will help you navigate the ArcGIS Ideas space. 


1. Are my existing ideas now in GeoNet?

Yes!  All Ideas from have been moved to GeoNet. To find your posted ideas, simply navigate to your profile, click on Your Content and subsequently click on the Ideas icon. This lists all of your submitted Ideas.


2. My product category no longer appears to exist. Where do I find it?

The product listing has been revamped into the current grouping of Products and capabilities termed as Categories. For example, ArcGIS for Desktop is a listed product and Real-Time GIS is a capability which encompasses ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. For a list of suggested tags per category, please see Suggested Tags by Category for ArcGIS Ideas .


3. Curious about how many ideas there are for a product category?

Navigate to the ArcGIS Ideas landing page and click on a desired product category on the left section of your screen. The total number of Ideas displays at the top. The total number of Ideas under ‘ArcGIS for Desktop’ in this example is 6811.IdeasCategoryContent.png


4. How do I categorize my idea by Industry?

Ideas can be categorized by adding the applicable industry as a tag. In the screenshot below, the Petroleum industry has been added as a tag on the idea. For a list of suggested tags per industry, please see Industry Communities.


5. Is it possible to sort ideas by status (stage)?

Yes.  Navigate to the ArcGIS Ideas page and click on the Content tab. You can subsequently click on the Ideas link at the top to bring the stages drop-down box. Click on the stages drop-down to modify a stage from All Stages to a desired option.             


6. How do I find the most recent ideas that are being considered for a future release?

This can be found by navigating to the ArcGIS Ideas page and clicking on the ‘Content’ tab.

You can subsequently click on the Ideas link at the top to bring the stages drop-down box.

Click on the stages drop-down to select the Under Consideration option.

You can also sort by the latest activity: newest first under the Filter by tag drop-down.             


7. Will I be notified when a status has been changed or updated?

An automatic email is sent on any changes to an idea. Changes can be updates made to comments, status, title, when ideas are merged, etc.


8. Can I easily reference an idea across GeoNet?

It is possible to use the @ symbol (see Using @mention) to directly link an idea or comment to another entity in GeoNet, such as a different idea post, a related Space, or a specific user.


9. What information is publically available?

Anyone who uses ArcGIS Ideas may see information such as the name of the submitter, the date of submission, who has voted on the idea, and so forth.


10. Who owns the content submitted on ArcGIS Ideas?

By using ArcGIS Ideas, you waive any and all intellectual property claims to the content you submit—Esri Inc. retains full usage of any content submitted on the site. For more information, please review the Idea Submission Policy.


11. How is Esri improving how staff and distributors engage with customers on the ArcGIS Ideas site?

The ArcGIS Ideas site will continue to serve as a platform for Esri staff and distributors to engage with our customers and listen to your feedback and gather your ideas. Only customers can submit and vote on ideas. In some cases, Esri staff and distributors may be called upon to submit ideas on behalf of customers. Esri staff and distributors are encouraged to contribute to the site by posting follow up questions and comments on ideas.

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