ArcGIS Pro: Essential Workflows Class Resources

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This three-day course is about GIS workflows; i.e. best practices for using GIS tools and techniques to complete your GIS tasks.  Students will learn the essential workflows for creating, managing, visualizing, editing, analyzing, and sharing GIS data and maps using ArcGIS Pro.  The resources below are organized in two sections.  The first section introduces ArcGIS Pro, its capabilities, and its functionality.  The second section contains a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of class resources, focusing on topics such as: navigating the ArcGIS Pro interface, data management/organization, coordinate systems, layer properties in ArcGIS Pro (symbology, labeling, visualization), working with tables, displaying 3D GIS data in Pro, editing and analysis of GIS data, creation of print and web maps, and various strategies for sharing GIS data, maps, and other content with ArcGIS Pro.


A) Introduction / Background / Overview of Capabilities







B) Course Lesson Resources


Lesson 1: Getting started with ArcGIS Pro




Lesson 2: Creating geodatabase data




Lesson 3: Spatial reference and coordinate systems


Lesson 4: Using ModelBuilder for data conversion




Lesson 5: Visualizing data in ArcGIS Pro





Lesson 6: Adding text to the map



Lesson 7: Visualizing data in 3D



Lesson 8: Creating features from tabular data



Lesson 9: Relating tabular data


Lesson 10: Creating new features in ArcGIS Pro




Lesson 11: Modifying existing features





Lesson 12: Using ModelBuilder for analysis




Lesson 13: Sharing a static map




Lesson 14: Sharing dynamic maps



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