Enhanced Locate Widget Version 2.16 - 08/21/2020

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Here is another widget for the Web App Builder.


Live Preview Site

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - eLocate Widget



  • Locate and address (like the search widget, but gives you the ability to limit the address search to the maps current extent).
  • Locate coordinates using user defined spatial reference coordinates (i.e. DMS, State Plane, Etc).
  • Reverse Geocode capability called Address Inspection. Address Inspection is clicking on the map and getting the address of the map click point.


List of the latest enhancements and changes:

  1. Fixed issue with result tab being disabled and widget attempting to select the results tab.
  2. Fixed feature popups not working when the address inspector is activated and widget is closed.
  3. Add ability to specify a transform WKID.
  4. Added ability to specify the WKID that coordinates in the popup are displayed in.


Older Versions

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