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Hi Geonet,


So after the first iteration of the Complete Street Rule I developed as part of ESRI Redlands I started working on a personal version of the rule I have decided to share because of how useful I found some of the changes. The rule being shared is a derivative work of the Complete Street Example released by ESRI Redlands.
Background: What is the Complete Street Rule?

"Complete Streets is a robust procedural street example that incorporates knowledge and ideas from various sources of transportation planning knowledge including NACTO Design Guidelines, AASHTO Design Recommendations, and MUTCD standards. The goal of the rule is to represent a diversity of street configurations to support multimodal planning in urban areas, and provide some basis for before and after comparisons of street treatments and transportation investments in CityEngine. Along with visualization, the street rule includes analytical reports on various aspects of the geometry of the street that can be used to inform rough cost estimates. In addition to these analytics, the street rule has various customizable thematics and reports that use information from the geometry and configuration of the street to suggest how it might impact the "stress levels" put on different modes. The street rule intends to represent transportation planning treatments for complete streets within urban areas and common highway configurations that might include shoulders, Jersey barriers, and HOV Lanes."- ESRI





The Github link here has a simple project that has the updated rule. You really only need the CGA rule because the assets for the rule have not changed yet (in the future they might). The version of CityEngine the rule is compatible with starts with 2014.1, and then varies by release on GitHub. 


Quick Download Link for the project is here:
Download the project or just the rule on Github here:
d-wasserman/Complete_Street_Rule: This i... - GitHub

Documentation for the rule can be found here:

Complete Street Rule Documentation & User Guide.pdf

Previous Feedback posts on the rule can be found here:

Esri Complete Street Rule Discussion-Feedback?

Webscene Using Rule with Recent Changes:

LTS Visualization


Please provide feedback if you have any.

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