Creating a Template from a Document

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You can use the Create a Copy feature to create templates for yourself or others to use (Creating a Copy of a Document ).


  1. Go to a document you can edit. You must be able to edit the document you want to create a template from.
  2. Click Create a Copy and then select whether you want the new version to be a document, discussion, or blog post.
    Note that what you select here is the content type that others will be publishing from your original document. Also, note that you may not see listed one or more of the content types if the place where the original document is stored does not support them, or you don't have permission to publish a particular content type there (i.e., blog posts).
  3. Copy the link provided for the template.
  4. Click Cancel. You won't actually publish the copy of this document; you are just collecting the link that you can use anywhere in the community.
  5. Paste the link anywhere in the community, for example, in the Helpful Links tile in a place that you own. When someone clicks the link, they'll be taken to the template (based on your original document) that they can edit and publish. They can change the title, body text, tags, and place of the new item; all of these are optional. (If they make no changes at all, the new content will be published exactly like the original, but it will contain a number inside square brackets in the title).


PLEASE NOTE: The Document content type is designed to be a collaborative document by nature. Anyone with the Create permission on Documents will also have editing permissions. This means when you create a document, other users will have access to edit your document unless you choose the option to restrict authors at the bottom of the page, before publishing.
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