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The simple street index creator, creates a street index and
exports to a pdf. The tool selects only roads that intersect the chosen grid
layer. It must be run from ArcMap. ESRI has a solution here  for creating a map book with index pages but
their solution requires a third party python module ReportLab. I wanted a
solution that anyone could use. If anyone knows how to code xml and knows the
parameters for the Arcmap report writer you could greatly expand the
functionality of this tool.

What you get:

  • Toolbox
  • Script tool configured to the python code
  • A blank map document for the tool to do some
    work in
  • 1 preconfigured 8 ½ X 11 landscaped report
  • 1 preconfigured 11 X 17 landscaped report


it works.

  • Save the contents of the file to one location.
  • Open a session of Arcmap.
  • Load your streets and grid files into the
    map(you don’t have to it just makes things easier)
  • Open your catalog window and navigate to where
    you saved the files
  • Open the SimpleStreetIndexCreator.tbx
  • Open the Simple Street Index script tool
  • Parameter 1 is the streets layer or feature
  • Parameter 2 is the grid layer or feature class
  • Parameter 3 is the street field you want to
    create the index with(Street Name or Full Street Name)
  • Parameter 4 is the grid field you want to create
    the index with(Grid_ID)
  • Parameter 5 is the folder you want to save the
  • Parameter 6 is the name of the index you don’t
    have to put .pdf on the end the program will do it for you, but you can if you
    want you may also select any other format that the Arcmap report writer will
  • Parameter 7 is the index layout there are two
    preconfigured reports in the download for you to use. Pick 8 ½ X 11 Landscape
    or 11 X 17 Landscape
  • Click OK and let the tool run
  • When the tool has finished navigate to the work
    space you selected in parameter 6 and look for the name you selected in
    parameter 7



There is a known issue that I have not figured out yet see this post Simple Street Index Creator ,but go ahead and give it a try