Print Plus Widget Version 1.1.6 July 12, 2015

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2/18/2017 - updated download links


This widget is an enhancement of the Esri Print Widget, which was originally written by David Spriggs.


Live Preview Site


Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Version 1.1.6

  1. Fixed a bug (Esri's) that caused the legend in the print file to be incomplete.


Bug Fixes and Enhancements in Version 1.1.5


  1. Added a check for LODs in the main config.json so they can be restored after printing.
  2. Added a setting folder that tells the user the config file must be edited in a text editor.
  3. Adjusted the margins and labels on the widget to keep the checkboxes from wrapping.
  4. Added a red line on the scale slider to show the largest basemap scale.
  5. Fixed a bug in that caused feature layers to not print.
  6. Updated the widget layout.
  7. Added an error icon to print results when there was an error.
  8. Fixed the legend on the print layout to eliminate entries for graphics layers.


Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.4


  1. Fixed a bug that caused a zoom to the wrong scale when printing when the main config.json included map LODs..
  2. Changed all instances of _widgetOpacityMixin* to _WidgetOpacityMixin*.
  3. Changed all instances of _widgetMetadataMixin* to _WidgetMetadataMixin*.


Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.3


  1. Fixed the legend on the print layout to eliminate the "overide" entries.
  2. Tested with geographic coordinate system and fixed associated bugs.
  3. Modified the Mixin Class to destroy itself when the host widget is destroyed.
  4. Made the layout close button bigger and fixed a bug showing the layout at largest scale.


Bug Fixes in Version 1.1.2


  1. Fixed the _WidgetMetadataMixin so it would work with FireFox and IE as well as Chrome.
  2. Fixed the _WidgetOpacityMixin so it would work with FireFox and IE as well as Chrome.
  3. Updated the Live Preview Site.


Enhancements and Changes in Version 1.1.1


  1. Fixed a bug in the widget referencing _WidgetOpacityMixin in the wrong location.
  2. Made the Close button on the Widget Opacity Slider larger (smart phones needed this).
  3. Added the _WidgetMetadataMixin to the widget.  Allows you to Alt-Click the widget header and see the version information.




  1. The map layout is shown on the screen, so you don't have to guess what will be written to the print file.
  2. There is a scale dropdown and a scale slider.  Either can be used to adjust the scale of the output.
  3. The map can be panned relative to the layout by panning inside the layout.
  4. If you choose to make companion layout templates with no title block, these can be invoked by unchecking the Title Block checkbox.  You have to put these companion templates on your server.  There is a set of companion templates that match the default templates that you can download below.
  5. The Advanced dropdown is context sensitive and does not show options that don't make sense (e.g. Author, Copyright, and legend if you are not using a title block.)
  6. You can configure aliases for the layout names.
  7. When using "Just the Map" layout (alias for MAP_ONLY), there are new options on the Advanced dropdown:
    1. Preserve map scale or map extent
    2. Size of the paper to use (in inches or centimeters)
    3. A visual showing what will be printed compared to the map extent in the browser window
  8. A Widget Opacity Control in the widget header.  This controls the opacity of the Widget when the mouse is over the map.  The opacity is always 1.0 when the mouse is over the Widget.  This allows you to see the map "through" the widget and can be very handy on a small mobile device (e.g. smart phone).



PrintPlus-1.1.6-2015-7-12 (download - widget by Larry Stout) 

CompanionLayoutsWithNoTitleBlocks (download - widget by Larry Stout) 


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