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The limits set by the colonial countries without regard to the identities of peoples and beliefs and desires.

Most Arab countries includes several denominations inconsistent.

Judgment obsessed specific range (in some cases, the ruling minority community, as is the case in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain).

There are conflicts on the border between several Arab countries.

WRESTLING ideologies between Islamist and nationalists and patriots will escalate internal conflicts in each country.


Cracked Arab nationalism crack devastating after the invasion of Kuwait and the siege of Iraq and the participation of America with Arab Muslims in fighting the Arabs, Muslims directly for the first time, then its military presence is unprecedented in the Gulf to protect oil and thrones, but next to the sanctities of Muslims as well, which provoked the fundamentalists throughout the Muslim world ,

In this atmosphere, Bernard Lewis came out maps, and the fact that his previous map issued in 1974, but was aimed at eroding the parties to the Soviet Union.

The new maps, has singled out the Middle East, and seemed to be a model for the rate plan Aanon, in light of regional and international changes.

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