Elevation Profile Widget Version 2.14 - 12/3/2019

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Elevation Profile Widget


List of the latest enhancements and changes:

  1. Updated to WAB 2.14
  2. Fixed 2.12 issue attempting to add this widget to a new app in WAB (thanks to Mike Bean).


Older enhancements or changes


  1. Added ability to select existing line features to profile.
  2. Added ability to choose which segment of the selected polyline to profile.
  3. Added setting to control elevation decimal precision.
  4. Fixed Issue with resizing widget and profile getting cut off.
  5. Moved all widget links to a widget menu instead.
  6. Added the ability to export Profile data to CSV file.
  7. Added the ability to flip the profiles direction of travel.
  8. Added support for doing profiles when basemap is not Web Mercator
  9. Added the ability to export the profile chart as an image (if you are not using Internet Explorer and your browser supports HTML5 Canvas).
  10. Added fix for Launchpad Theme UI issues




  • This is a port over of the Elevation Profile Template.
  • Some modifications have been done to prevent chart indicator text clipping
  • The chart display features like color, font size, etc are all configurable in the widget settings UI
  • Some validation is done on the profile task service url.
  • Full help documentation is provided for configuring and using the widget.