Marking Content and Replies as Correct or Helpful

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Any content in GeoNet including replies, comments or questions can be marked as a Correct answer or Helpful. Marking Replies, Comments, and Questions as correct or helpful will foster collaboration and promote useful contributions within the GeoNet Community. It also lets others searching for, following or commenting on a content know the answer is helpful or the question is resolved. 


Using the "Mark Correct" Feature for Questions

The original author or the group/space moderators have the option to mark a Reply to a Question as correct. This with highlight the Reply and bring it to the top of the Question letting others know it is answered correctly. 

  1. Open the Question to view the replies
  2. Find the correct reply/answer
  3. Click "Mark Correct" 

The border around the Reply will turn green, and an Unmark Correct button will appear. 

The answer is also copied into the body of the original question at the top of the page, and the question will be marked as answered.



Using the "Helpful" Feature for Any Content, Question, Discussion, Reply, Comment, 

  1. Click the Helpful option - for content, it will be at the bottom of the content body, for replies and comments it will be in the bottom right corner of the reply box.
  2. Choose the Mark as Helpful link.
  3. The collaboration will automatically be added as helpful.
  4. To remove the Helpful mark, click the Helpful button and the button will no longer be highlighted as Helpful. 


Helpful Button


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