Add GeoTags and maps into your GeoNet content

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Want to add a tag to a document you are creating? Do you need to share one of your maps from ArcGISin a discussion reply? With the simple addition of an exclamation mark (!), a.k.a. a bang, you can add these throughout GeoNet.


To start:

  • As you are typing within the body of the content, enter a ! and you will see a pop-up giving you the options:




To add a GeoTag:

  • Select Add a GeoTag and a map will pop-up, starting at wherever you set your Preferred Location. You can move the map to find your location or simply type in the address of the location you are looking to tag. Click Select and you are done!


  • The tag will now appear in the content and link to that map.

geotag final.png



To add a map from ArcGIS :

  • Select the Add a map from ArcGIS option and you will be prompted to enter your ArcGIS log-in information. Note: Selecting Remember Me will keep you logged in for two weeks.
  • You can then select from ArcGIS maps that you have created, public maps and maps from your ArcGIS group. Note that if you choose one of your maps, only the publicly-shared maps will be seen by GeoNet.



  • The link, along with a thumbnail and summary, will appear in your GeoNet content



As GeoNet grows and evolves, we will be adding more functionality and features so stay tuned!


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