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With the release of the ArcGIS Dashboards beta, the team has put together a list of known limitations that users may come across. Most dashboards will open without issue in the beta. The following table contains the current limitations. Dashboards that include functionality labeled as Not yet supported may not open or the elements that rely on the functionality may not render properly.





Layer Types 


Not yet supported. 


Not yet supported. 



Not Supported: Support for IE11 is deprecated throughout the ArcGIS Online platform.  

Edge HTML  

Versions 17 and 18 only. 


Follow Feature 

Not yet supported. 


Multiple Projections 

Maps with layers in different projections may not be visible in your dashboard.  

Stacked Maps 

When maps are stacked, elements that reference the hidden map will not display anything until that map is exposed. 


Visible Features 

Non-visible features still appear in the pop-up. 


Cluster Pop-ups 

The pop-up for a cluster doesn’t provide the option to view details for each feature in the cluster. 

URL Parameter 


Numbers and dates will reflect the locale, but strings will not be translated and will appear in English. 

Element Configuration 

Sort By 

Sorting in serial charts and pie charts that use CSV layers or feature collections as their data source will not sort when based off a field and will result in a “No Data” when based on a statistic.   


Map and layer functionality that is not listed as supported in the Map Viewer Beta compatibility guide are also unsupported in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta.  

Last modified: 8/4/2020

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