ArcGIS Dashboards Beta FAQ

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  1. What is ArcGIS Dashboards? 
    It’s simply a renamed Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. ArcGIS Dashboards conveys information by presenting location-based analytics, using intuitive and interactive data visualizations on a single screen. 
  2. What's the difference between ArcGIS Dashboards and the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta?  
    The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta is the next version of Dashboards that is built on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x, enabling dashboard authors to take advantage of multiple enhancements that have been introduced across the ArcGIS platform. The main difference between ArcGIS Dashboards is all under the hood. The look and feel are the same as the current version of ArcGIS Dashboards. 
  3. How do I access the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta? 

    As a dashboard author, once you have signed into your ArcGIS Online organization the beta will be available from the App Launcher as Dashboards Beta. 

  4. How can I sign up for the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta? 
    You don’t need to sign up for the ArcGIS Dashboards beta as it will be available to everyone who uses ArcGIS Online. Just look in the app launcher. 
  5. Will my current dashboard work with the beta? Are there any known limitations with the beta release? 

    Most dashboards will open without issue in the beta. However, there are some known limitations with supported browsers, layer types and pop-ups. For a complete list of limitations, see the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta known limitations guide. 

  6. What happens to my existing dashboards?  
    Nothing. Existing dashboards will not be changed or automatically updated.  
  7. Can I use my existing dashboards with the beta release?  
    If you as the author choose to, you can open an existing dashboard from the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta to experience the new features. You will only be able to save a copy of the dashboard in the beta version, leaving your original dashboard unchanged. 
    Learn how to make a dashboard with ArcGIS Dashboards here.
  8. How can I differentiate the dashboards created in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta? 
    On your ArcGIS Dashboard home, the dashboards you have created with the beta will have a “Beta” badge. 
  9. Will the beta release be available in ArcGIS Enterprise? 
    No. The beta release is only available to ArcGIS Online organizations. If you create a dashboard in the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta, it cannot be copied over to an Enterprise organization. Once the beta release moves to general availability, the new ArcGIS Dashboards will be available in the subsequent version of ArcGIS Enterprise. 
  10. How do I submit feedback or an issue with the beta release? 
    We love feedback! You can use this Geonet Space to post your question or what you like best about the beta. 
  11. What languages are supported by the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta?
    The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta will be available in English only. The beta community will also be available in English only. When ArcGIS Dashboards moves to general availability, all languages that are currently supported by ArcGIS Dashboards and ArcGIS Online will continue to be supported.  
  12. What happens to dashboards created with the beta release when the beta closes?  
    We plan to let any dashboards created with the beta release continue to exist after the beta program closes. The beta badge will be removed from the dashboard’s item details. 
  13. Can the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta use maps that were created from new Map Viewer Beta?  
    Yes. Dashboards can bring in the maps created from the new Map Viewer Beta and take advantage of the new mapping capabilities such as the dot density mapping style and/or improved pop-ups. Take a look the Map Viewer Beta compatibility guide for information about limitations.  
  14. Can I share dashboards created in the beta? 
    Yes. However, we recommend that public sharing and production use of your beta dashboards be done cautiously. Since this is a beta, there is a risk of instability and that bugs will be present.  
  15. Can I use dashboards created in the beta with other applications like StoryMaps? 
    Yes. You can embed a dashboard created with the beta release into other applications, as you would with any other dashboard. However, as with sharing, we recommend that public sharing and production use of your beta dashboards be done cautiously.  
  16. How often does the beta update after the initial release? 
    After the initial release, ArcGIS Dashboards beta will be updated on a regular basis. There is no precise estimate at this point. 
  17. When the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta release moves to General Availability, how many versions of Dashboards should users expect to see from App Launcher?   
    One. It will be called “ArcGIS Dashboards”. 
  18. When will the new ArcGIS Dashboards be out of beta? 
    The ArcGIS Dashboards Beta will move into General Availability when key known limitations are resolved and most of the existing dashboards are able to be migrated successfully.  
  19. As an administrator, can I prevent my members from seeing the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta from ArcGIS Online? 
    Unfortunately, no. 
  20. Can the ArcGIS Dashboards Beta support creating a dashboard with HTTP URL? 
    No. ArcGIS Online is moving to use HTTPS throughout the entire platform. In the ArcGIS Dashboards B
    eta, URLs used throughout your dashboard will need to be HTTPS. This includes URLs in the embedded content and rich text elements, logo and background images in the header element, and anywhere else a URL is used.   
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