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The Discussions content type is designed to allow you to have an open-ended conversation where you are seeking a different point of views and there is no specific solution to the issue. Discussions come in two varieties: threads and questions. The difference is determined by what the author is looking for.

  • Thread views: A thread is where the author is seeking a different point of view and there is no specific solution to the issue. These are generally used to formulate plans of actions and make business decisions. An example of a thread would be “What Three Words - Global Addressing System”  In this case, there will be many points of view and each will help you reach a decision.
  • Flat views display comments and replies chronologically in the order they were received, and there is no indentation between responses. This view can be helpful if you like to see comments in the order they were made. However, it can become difficult to follow conversations between people when a discussion is longer than a few comments.

When to use it:  The best way to use the Discussion tool is when you want to have an open conversation, get varied feedback, or want to formulate plans of actions and make business decisions. 

When not to use it: If you're trying to get a specific answer to an issue, you should NOT use a Discussion. It's best to use the Questions (see Question section above).



To create a new discussion:

  1. Click Create > Discussion
  2. Enter a title for your discussion in the field at the top.
  3. Enter content into the content body. You can format your text however you’d like, or insert videos, images, hyperlinks, emoticons, and tables.
  4. You can view your content in HTML by clicking the < > icons in the upper right corner of the content field.
  5. Optionally, attach supporting files to your document by clicking the Attach icon in the bottom right corner of the editor.
  6. Choose a Publish Location to post your discussion (the location will default to what ever place you were at when starting the discussion).
  7. Add relevant tags to your discussion so it is easily searchable. You can choose from a list of popular tags or write your own. See Tagging Content for more details.
  8. Click Post to publish your discussion

Example: What Three Words - Global Addressing System

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