2019-09-19 & 20 - What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8

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Event Name: What's New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7.1


Event Dates: September 19 & 20


Event Location: Esri Headquarters in Redlands, CA


Event Type: Esri internal staff only


Event Description: You are invited to participate in a What’s New in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 holistic testing event from Thursday, September 19 - Friday, September 20. This event will be held in the main Holistic Test Center (M1N). For those not located in Redlands, remote attendance will be accommodated for this event.

Please attend this session to provide feedback on and learn about the following new features in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8

Portal Home Application (includes updates inherited from Summer and Fall Releases of ArcGIS Online)

  • Added the vector tile style editor experience in Map Viewer for customizing the look and feel of vector tile layers
  • ArcGIS Enterprise deployments now use vector tile basemaps by default
  • Support for creating offline map areas using a polygon input  
  • Mobile support for the Portal Home Page and Map Viewer
  • New experiences for adding items and members to groups
  • New administrative experience for configuring the default properties for new members
  • Added administrative option on groups to prevent members from leaving
  • New “Replace Layer” experience on hosted vector tile and tile services. Users can now preview the dependent style of a vector tile layer based on updates before committing the replacement.

Distributed Collaboration

  • Ability to embed viewer credentials in collaborated items shared by reference
  • Bug fixes for collaboration invitations in deployments configured with web-tier authentication
  • Support for sharing group-based web mapping applications to a collaboration
  • Support for maintaining content categories on collaborated items

Server Manager

  • New UI/UX in Server Manager for creating a Portal Data Store item from a server-registered data store

Web Adaptor

  • Enhanced experience and support for configuring the web adaptor with additional Enterprise components (ArcGIS Mission Server, GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS Notebook Server, etc.)

Enterprise Framework

  • New read-only mode to prevent modifying or deleting content within ArcGIS Enterprise
  • New webhook enhancements and events (new role creation, role deletion, member role updates, and member user type updates)
  • Enhancements to shared instances in ArcGIS Server
  • Enhancements to the user privilege model (i.e. finer-grained privileges)

Feature Services

  • General testing with hosted feature services on relational data store (Query, Edit, Sync, Admin operations, area and length fields, etc.)
  • General testing with hosted feature services on spatiotemporal data stores (line and polygon data, statistics and general queries to compare drawing performance with previous versions, etc.)
  • General testing with non-hosted feature services (asynchronous calculate using REST, datum transformations using REST, publishing from ArcMap with altered field orders, and sync with non-versioned data where layers have annotation).

… and additional features listed at the event!

Please RSVP, at holistictesting@esri.com, to this invitation to confirm your attendance and provide the following information:

  • Whether you will be attending on-site or remotely.
  • A summary of your intended test plan.
  • Your preferred Operating System.