First Annual SCGIS Photo & Video Contest

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In it's second year of existence, your hard-working SCGIS News Team organized a Photo & Video contest at the Scgis 2019 Annual Conference in Asilomar July 14-17, 2019.  As with most artistic endeavors, the outcome was not quite as expected.   One person officially joined the photo contest but another 5 people worked hard taking a large variety of wonderful photos that they submitted to support the effort, so everyone deserves to be recognized and you will find starting this year that all SCGIS Conference photography and proceedings are now labelled at the lower right with a formal photographer's credit, to acknowledge the talent and contributions of all of these people.  Katie Messick, as the sole formal registrant, was officially invited onto the SCGIS News Team and received her commemorative 2019 SCGIS News Team ASSSEMBLE!  ID Badge (pictured, right)  A gallery of her top photos is included below, and elsewhere in the 2019 photos you will also see some of the remarkable work of the other photographers and filmmakers.   You can read more about them on the 2019 Camera Team Pages.


  PHOTO CONTEST WINNER: Katie Messick   





    VIDEO CONTEST: The training workshop to support this will be from 7pm-7:30pm at the SCGIS Map Gallery Recpetion Mon Jul 15 at Asilomar.  Here is a short draft manual covering the kinds of things we'll talk about.  THIS IS A VERY SHORT COMPETITION, ONLY LASTING FOR 90 MINUTES!!    Your goal in this competition is to interview Scgis Map Gallery Presenters and any other SCGIS members or figures you are interested in.   THIS WILL BE A TEAM-BASED COMPETITION for many reasons, not the least of which the fact that a healthy, functioning news team requires at least 4 people, as your modest SCGIS news team can attest.   You'll need someone running camera, someone to help with the microphone and lights, and at least 2 people to help do the interview and ask questions.    The pro equipment that will be used in the training will also be available for your team to use in the competition,  including shoulder rigs and portable fill lighting, among others.  TO ensure that there are experienced camera people for each team we conducted a fantasy draft!





     In the collaborative spirit of SCGIS we conducted a fantasy draft from among the SCGIS News Team Members and the 2019 Scgis Scholars with camera and journalism experience to create the following 5 dream teams that you are welcome to join!   One of the members below (now saying who) studied at Reuters in London for a year!


  1. "Most Excellent Youth"  Student/Youth team, led by Adin Snyder & Amanda Preece partnered with Anna Komarova & Ilona_Zhuraleva


  1. "Global Domination"    Internationals Team,  led by Doost Ali Nawaz and Claudel_Tshibangu


  1. "Drone Magicians"   team, led by Andy Lyons and Debbie Jewitt (both top drone experts) 


  1. "Old Professors"   team led by Dean Walton, Alejandro Vila and Federico Reit 


  1. "Taxonomic oddities"  team led by Charles Convis, Diana Paredes and Ela Segina


At the end of the Map Gallery Reception you will turn in any borrowed equipment and help us identify your films and clips.  If you used your own equipment please be sure to upload your footage to the Google Drive Photos  folder listed above.  Because video is more time consuming to review and judge we are not sure that we will be able to announce the video winner the following day, so the video winner announcement and prize money distribution may instead be at the same time as the  "Peoples Choice" award announcements.

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