Using ArcGIS for Geospatial Intelligence Analysis (ArcGIS Pro resources for UAGA)

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Below is a collection of Esri resource links covering the topics of each lesson.


Lesson 1: Geospatial analysis and the operational environment

Surface Analysis Toolset:


Lesson 2: Visibility analysis in the operational environment

Military Tools for ArcGIS:

Visibility tool:


Lesson 3: Suitability modeling and the operational environment

Concept of suitability analysis:

Reclassify tool:

Raster function:

Military Symbol Editor:


Lesson 4: Distance analysis and avenues of approach

Raster calculator:

Understanding cost distance analysis:


Lesson 5: Operational planning and adversary activity

Model Builder:


3D visualization:


Lesson 6: Using 3D to understand the operational environment

Exploratory analysis tools:


Lesson 7: Temporal analysis for homeland defense

Enable time on a layer:

Time slider:

Distance and Direction (Military tools for ArcGIS):



Lesson 8: Evaluating the adversary using spatial statistics

Overview of Spatial Statistics toolbox:

Spatial Statistics Resource page (includes tutorials, videos, and web seminars):

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