ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta: Known issues and limitations

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Browser versions

For the general release of ArcGIS StoryMaps later this year, we plan to support the most recent version of the major modern browsers. We've tested the ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta on the browsers listed below. Please indicate if you're using a browser or version other than the ones listed below when submitting bugs or issues.

  • Chrome 73.0.3683.103
  • Firefox 66.0.2
  • Safari 12.1
  • Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0


Below is a list of some of the known issues you may run into during the beta. There's no need to extensively document anything that appears on this list, but you can let us know if you run into one of these issues to help us prioritize which are the most important to address.


  • ArcGIS StoryMaps has not been internationalized/translated (currently English-only).
  • Premium/subscription content and secure services are not supported.
  • Sharing stories to social media is not supported.
  • Authoring stories on phones is not supported.
  • Only a subset of Living Atlas content is available in the map browser's Living Atlas tab.
  • Dragging blocks to reposition them in a story is not supported.
  • New stories appear in ArcGIS content but cannot be launched directly from their item pages


Maps & media

  • Switching a web map/scene to FLOAT position may reset its appearance configuration.
  • If you edit a map or scene in ArcGIS, you'll need to manually refresh the story builder to see the changes.
  • Map/scene extents on mobile may not match extents on desktop.
  • Color overrides do not apply to express map symbols.
  • Uploading vertical images into an express map pop-up will return a horizontally rotated version of that image.
  • The order of numbered points cannot be altered in an express map.
    • Video options cannot yet be configured in the builder; however, you can use many well-known URL parameters to adjust the behavior of a video added to a story.
    • Adding maps with too many vector tile layers (including express map basemaps) can cause maps to not load.


    Text editing

    • The button may not behave as expected when adding text near media in the FLOAT position.
    • When clicking on a text block, the cursor is placed at the beginning of the block instead of where you click.
    • Bold formatting is hard to differentiate from regular text.
    • You cannot select text across multiple paragraphs.
    • Text blocks cannot be converted from one format to another.
    • Multiple list blocks cannot be combined using backspace. 
    • There's no way to preview a link inside a text block in builder.
    • A cursor inside placeholder text is not properly positioned and gets cut off in Microsoft Edge.
    • Long story titles may not fit properly in the side-by-side cover on all display sizes.