Creating dynamic anchor Links between content types and comments/replies

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 Often times we want to link a segment of a blog or document to a comment or a comment to a segment of a blog. This can be done using a Table of Contents for Anchor Links and by creating anchor links within the comment/reply.


Linking to content from a comment

Begin by Creating a Table of Contents at the top of your content below your title. To add a link from the Table of Contents in documents and blogs, right-click over the hyperlinked title in the Table of Contents and click on the “Copy link address” in the pop-up.

Copy link address

Within the comment content body, highlight the words you want to hyperlink then click on the “Insert link” icon on the toolbar. Paste the URL in the “Url” field of the Insert link pop-up and click the Ok button.

Insert Link to a Comment


You can also copy the full link below your content if you choose not to link specific words or phrases.


Adding an anchor link to your comment

You can link to comments below documents and blogs by adding an anchor link within your content. This does require knowing anchor link html.


To add an anchor link within your comment before posting, click on the Source Code icon < > in the toolbar. This will open the Source Code WYSIWYG.

Source code icon

Within the html of the content, add <a name="Anchorname"></a> between the first <p> tag and the first letter of the content.


Your anchor name should be something that can be referenced in the above content and unique to your comment.

Example: <p><a name="cloya_comment1"></a>I really love…


Once you add your anchor link into the source code, click the Ok button. Then click Save on your comment.


WYSIWYG anchor code


Adding comment anchor links within your content

Now that the comment has a unique anchor link, you can link to the comment within the content body by clicking “Edit” and scrolling to where you want to include the anchor phrase/word. Click on the Insert link icon.

Insert Anchor Link to Comment


When adding the url to a word or phrase within your content body that links to a comment/reply, you will not use the entire URL. Instead, you will only use a portion of the URL related to the content and include the #AnchorName.


Remove the https:// and the community URL keeping only the remaining URL related to the content location/type/date/title and add the #anchorname to the end of the URL.




This portion of the URL with the #Anchorname will be what is pasted in the Url field of the Insert link pop-up.


Paste the URL and remove the and add the #anchorname at the end of the URL.


Click the Ok button and the word/phrase will be hyperlinked.

Insert Link URL


Click the Update or Publish button of your content. When you click the anchored content, it will drop to the corresponding comment.

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