Creating a Poll in GeoNet

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What is a Poll in GeoNet?

In GeoNet, using a poll allows you to extract information from your Community through a voting system. The GeoNet polls only will enable you to ask one question for each poll created. You can provide 2 - 10 options/answers for selection in your poll. Each user can only vote once and only select one answer. Once the selection is submitted, the answer cannot be changed. 

Please Note: Voting is anonymous. The poll does not show user data. It only tracks the raw data numbers and percentages of votes.



Creating a New Poll

1. Click the pencil icon drop-down menu and select Poll, or if you are already on a Space or Group page, choose Poll from the Actions menu.

Creating Polls Image Actions > Polls image


2. Enter a title for your poll and

3. Each poll starts with two options available. You can add more by clicking the Add Choice button below the current options. A maximum of 10 options can be entered for any given poll.

4. Enter the options for your poll and optionally include images for each option. All options can be rearranged by clicking the Drag to Reorder button or be deleted by clicking the "X" button in the right corner of the Choice. Images can be added by clicking on the image to the left of the answer field. Image sizes may need to be re-sized to fit the frame better.

5. Enter a description in the body of your poll that lets the user know why you want the user to vote. Explain what you’re trying to get out of the poll. Keep it brief.

Creating a PollPoll description


6. Enter the PLACE you wish the poll to be published. All polls, blogs, documents, and uploaded files must be published to a Place within GeoNet, not under a personal profile. The Place will auto-populate if you are creating the poll under a Space or Group.
7. Enter one or more key tags that will make your poll more searchable.
8. In Advanced Options, choose when your poll will open and close (if needed). The default options are the poll will open immediately (open = users can vote) and will close when you manually archive the poll.
9. Click the Create button to publish the poll.

Publishing Poll


Let the Polling Begin 

Once you have created your poll, users can begin voting. You can Share your poll with other groups, spaces, and GeoNet Community Members by using the Share option in the top-right corner of your poll.

Sharing Poll

Sharing Polls



Polling Results

Once your poll is published and has been viewed and voted, you can pull the results. The results are open for anyone to see. You can close the poll at any time after you have your votes by selecting Archive Poll under the Actions drop-down.


 Remember, voting is anonymous, so user data is not seen. Only the results of the votes can be viewed. 

Polling results Archiving poll

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