Adding an Image to a Blog, Discussion, or Other Content

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Adding an image to your post gives the reader a visual connection to your content. Images break up content and explain the message you want to convey. Images are searchable and help to increase search engine traffic on open content. Content images provide a visual for social media shares and shares within the GeoNet Community. 



Blog Banner Images

Blogs are the only content-type in GeoNet that allows two types of images. The first and largest image in the Image banner. This image is the header of your blog and provides a visual story for the blog reader. You can also add images to the content body the same as you would with all other content types. 


Uploading Banner Images

To add a blog banner image, select the camera icon, and then upload the image you want to use. The image banner dimensions will be impacted by the size of your screen and browser window. If you have your screen open to fullscreen, it will display the full image. The smaller the browser window, the smaller the image. In mobile, the image does not appear in the header.


Banner Image Dimensions

1920x45 pixels 

Blog banner image


If you have text on your image, it will need to fit above the blog title. You can use the Top Center, Centered, or Bottom Center to reposition your image.

Blog image banner

Images in the Content Body

Uploading an Image File

To add an image in the content body is the same for all other content types in GeoNet. There is no best practice for the image size within GeoNet. However, the dimension size will vary on the size of your image and the justified placement of the image. Remember that the content is the focus, and the image is secondary to your content. It should aid the message you want to convey, not be the only thing visible on the post. 


Content image Dimensions

Maximum file size is 20 MB. Also, please note that images larger than 1920px wide or 1080px tall will be scaled to fit those limits in your content.


To add an image to your post, select on the Insert Image icon Insert Image Icon on the toolbar of the edit window. Then select Choose File to select the image you want to upload into your post. This will place the image within your content.


 Be sure to add an image description to assist with search optimization, screen readers, and WGAC compliancy. 

Inserting an Image in Content


Alignment toolbar for images

Image resizeTo wrap the content around the image, select your image, and an alignment toolbar will appear below/above the image. Select the alignment you want for your image. The image will resize, and the content will shift to the opposite side of the image. Selecting 1:1 resizes the image to its original size, and the content will align above and below the image.




  • The left justification option places the image to the left of the content, and all the content will wrap around the image on the
  • The middle option in the inline
  • The content will reside above and below the
  • The right justification option moves the image to the right and aligns all content to the left of the >
  • And, the 1:1 resizes the image to its original size


You can also resize your image by grabbing the corner of the image and pulling it out to increase the size or inward to shrink the image size. Move your image around the content by grabbing it and placing it within the content where you want it to reside. It will drop in place and resize to fit the placement.


You can also hyperlink your image by clicking on the image until it is highlighted and then selecting the chain link located above the emoticon image.


Adding Images from the Web in Content

You can add an image from the Web as long as you have the image URL. Copy the image address and paste it into the Enter Image URL field. Add a description and include where the image came from for reference.


copying web image address  Inserting web images


Reposition your image as desired with the alignment toolbar or resize or move it to flow with your content.


Adding Multiple Images in a Row or Column

Adding multiple images in a row or column alignment in GeoNet can only be done with a table. Insert your table with the number of rows and columns you desire. You can remove or keep the header row.


Align the content within the table using the table properties and hide or change the table border in the table properties. See the samples below.


table properties drop-downtable properties alignmenttable properties border
Table Properties Drop-Down MenuTable Properties AlignmentTable Properties Border, Border Color, and Background Color


placeholder imageplaceholder imageplaceholder image

Name, Title

Contact Info

Name, Title

Contact Info

Name, Title

Contact Info

placeholder imageplaceholder imageplaceholder image

Name, Title

Contact Info

Name, Title

Contact Info

Name, Title

Contact Info

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