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With a tile space or group you have more flexibility with how you can organize your pages. By default there will be an activity page, but you can also add an overview landing page or up to four more pages if needed. When the GeoNet team builds your place we will work with you to determine if additional pages are needed beyond the overview page. 

The Activity Page 

The Activity page allows the place owner to have a lightweight, low-customization landing page that can get up and running quickly. This is best when you do not need a high level of organization for the content within the place. Or if you add an overview landing page, the activity page will become a supplemental page that mainly displays a feed of all the activity in that place. 


To modify the activity page:

  1. Click the Manage drop down and choose Settings.
  2. First determine if the tile needs to be configured. Some tiles will auto-populate based on certain activities in the place. If the tile can be configured, the gear wheel icon will be available. If no gear wheel shows, it cannot be configured.
  3. Each tile can move up and down in relation to other tiles. Click the buttons for up or down to move the tiles to the position you need them to be at.
  4. To remove a tile from the page, click the trashcan icon for the tile. In its place will be an empty place with the Add a tile link. If you choose to not add a tile to this position, all existing tiles will move up automatically once the page is saved.
  5. To add a new tile, click the Add a tile link. Tiles are organized in certain categories. Select the category and then the tile of your choice. Selecting the tile will add it to the page. (see below for more details on adding and modifying tiles).


The Overview Page (and additional pages)

You can add up to five additional pages to your tile space or group. When the GeoNet team initially builds your place we add an Overview Page. Which leaves four additional pages available. The different pages will show as tabs in the menu under the place name. Most places will only need the overview page but here is an example of a place where we utilized four pages.



Modifying the Overview page (and any additional pages):

Once the GeoNet team builds your place and turns it over to you the owner(s), we ask that you do not change the overall layout and design, but you can modify some of the tiles on the page. 


1. To place a page in edit mode go to the Manage Wheel on the right end of the banner, select Edit "Overview" page.

2. Once you are in edit mode you can modify existing tiles or add new ones. On any page layout you are give twelve small tiles and four big tiles. If you are using a three column layout like we show below, the twelve small tiles are split six in each narrow column and the four always remain in the wide column.

3. To modify an existing tile, click on the configure wheel to modify any of the tiles attributes, not all tiles are configurable, be sure to click apply once you have completed your changes to the tile.

4. To delete a tile, click the trashcan for that tile.

5. To move a tile up or down within the column, click the up or down arrows for that tile.

6. To add a new tile, locate a blank tile block and click the Add a tile option.



7. Select your tile from the list of available tiles.

8. Configure your tile based on the options available for that tile.

9. Click Apply in the bottom left corner of the tile.

10. Once you have completed modifying and adding tiles, click Save in the bottom left corner of the page- otherwise your changes will not be applied.



Adding additional pages:

1. To add additional pages to your place go to the manage wheel, select Create a page.

2, In the Create a page pop-up window add a name for your page and select one of the four layouts, click OK

3. The new page will open in edit mode, you can add tiles from here.

4. Be sure to click save in the bottom left corner before exiting the new page. the new page will display in the menu tabs under the place name




For more information on space or group ownership, visit Place Owner Resource Hub

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