2018-07-16 - ArcGIS Platform Multi-Tier Testing for International Distributors

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Event Name: ArcGIS Platform Multi-Tier Testing for International Distributors

Event Dates: July 16-20

Event Location: Esri Headquarters in Redlands, CA

Event Type: International Distributors & Esri internal staff

Event Description: The goal is to find issues to fix so that the software works well for all of our users. More specifically, we would like to focus this effort as a full ArcGIS platform with multiple languages testing event. The goal is to test our various Esri technologies in non-English locales to ensure the different components are working and executing together correctly as a platform.


What components of the ArcGIS platform will you be able to test?
The ArcGIS platform apps/products that you will test include but are not necessarily limited to:
•    MobileGIS: Mobile apps - Collector (iOS, Android), Navigator, Operations Dashboard, Workforce, Survey123
•    DesktopGIS: ArcGIS Desktop (Pro, ArcMap), Operations Dashboard, ArcGIS Earth, Drone2Map
•    WebGIS:  ArcGIS Server, Portal for ArcGIS, Insights
•    Enterprise GeoDatabase: (SQL Server, Postgres, Oracle)

Our plan will be to provide the testers with the latest released versions and non-released versions of the software (daily builds). This will allow you to test your workflows in the current released environments and then validate if the issue still exists in a non-released (daily build) versions of the software.   

If you need additional apps/configurations/environments, please let us know and we will make those additional apps/configurations/environments available to you. We will work with each tester, individually, to discuss the required apps/configurations/environments needed to support your testing needs. Note that as best as possible, all apps/configurations/environments will be prepared and ready to use before you arrive.


What is the testing plan?
We will provide a number of workflows that use several components of the ArcGIS platform. Again, we want to ensure that all levels of the software work properly in the international context: Unicode support, number handling, date handling, etc. and that nothing breaks when created in one app and used in a different app. For example, if you publish a map with Russian characters for labels, those labels should be correct in ArcGIS Pro as well as via the Mapviewer when accessing the published map. 

In addition, we would very much like for you to bring your own workflows. These can be real production applications built by your professional services group or a business partner or they can be workflows of your own design but not necessarily a production application. You can check with other departments such as your technical support group to see if they have any specific workflows they want you to test while you are here. If you have a production app and want to save time, we can install it for you before you get here. You just need to provide the app to us with any installation instructions.


Should you bring data?
YES! We are asking each participant to bring at least one dataset that is local to your region to use within the workflows we provide during the session. This dataset should be as complete as possible, with vector and raster formats. You are also encouraged to bring data needed to exercise your own specific workflows or production applications. As with production apps, if you want to save time, we can install the data for you before you arrive. Just let us know. 

Additionally, we will provide a collection of datasets that are known to work with the workflows we provide.   

Who should attend this holistic lab?
GIS professionals with fundamental knowledge of the current Esri technologies covering the ArcGIS Platform. Participants should be capable of applying GIS concepts and knowledge to define a project and establish workflows, processes, and methods in ArcGIS and determine and apply the most appropriate functionality to accomplish the project objectives. 

How will issues be captured for the developers?
We will capture your input and feedback in OneNote. Your issues will be triaged by development staff and, as applicable, bugs to be fixed will be submitted to the appropriate development team. We will have staff on  hand to assist every day all day long and, as needed, we can have developers sit with you to listen or see the issues you are having in their area.


When and where will this testing event occur?
Testing will take place at the Esri-Redlands headquarters office, 380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373, from Monday, July 16th through Friday, July 20th 2018 from 9am – 5pm daily.