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As a public-facing and open site, GeoNet has its fair share of spam attacks. In an effort to battle these attacks, we have a couple of mechanisms in place:

  • We have global moderators that work diligently to remove it before it impacts others.
  • We added a spam filter to our community which helps to filter out suspicious posts. 
  • We partnered with the Esri customer account team to improve the approval process of GeoNet accounts in an effort to proactively catch spammers before they even get a chance to post. 
  • Everyone in the community has the ability to help us fight spam. When you see "spam content" you can Report Abuse directly from that content. This will move it out of public view and into a hidden moderation queue where we can review and take necessary action. 


One impact of adding the spam filter is that it doesn't always get it right, and some posts might end up in our moderation queue that are not spam. We try to approve these as quickly as possible so they appear in the community. The spam filter will also flag the first post of new users. Again, we try to approve these as quickly as possible, but it has been an effective way to deter spammers.


Report Abuse

Report Abuse can be used for spam or any other content that might not be appropriate for our GeoNet Community, such as third-party marketing, spam, or inappropriate language. To Report Abuse on any content in GeoNet, follow these steps: 


1. For a piece of content, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu, select Report Abuse. For a comment or reply, under the left side of the comment, click the Actions drop-down and select Report Abuse.





2After selecting Report Abuse in the drop-down, the pop-up window below will appear, you can categorize the abuse and add comments if you choose. Then click the blue Report Abuse button. 


3. That's it, you are done reporting spam or abuse. From here the GeoNet team will review and take the necessary steps. If it is determined the content is not truly abuse, the team will re-post it and reach out to the reporter to explain our reasoning. 


Thank you for your support in following our GeoNet Community Guiding Principles by being Helpful, Smart and Human!

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