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Becoming an Owner of your place (space or group) in GeoNet, the Esri Community will allow you to control content of your space. Owner permissions are assigned on an individual basis, so if you follow multiple spaces and wish to be an admin/owner for more than one of them, you will need to request access for each one. To understand the key differences between spaces and groups check out this document: Places: Space vs Group.


If you are made an owner, please be aware that there are a few items we ask that you to observer since the privilege allows more than just managing discussions. If you have any questions about these items, please contact the GeoNet Community Manager: Michelle Mathias.


  • Please do not create any sub-spaces.
  • Please maintain the current place permissions. If a change is necessary, including adding administrators, please contact the GeoNet Community Manager.
  • Please avoid deleting the place.
  • Please keep all content (positive and negative) from other users. If you see abusive content, please utilize the Report Abuse button on the side panel listed under ACTIONS on the page where the abuse occurred. Questions concerning a piece of content may be directly to the GeoNet Community Manager.
  • Please maintain the current layout and tiles of the place. If an adjustment is required, please contact the GeoNet Community Manager. 
  • Please maintain the current Space or Group Name (If you wish to make a change, please contact the GeoNet team and they will assist).
  • Please keep the current role settings in place by not granting other users Administrator privileges in the space or by changing/removing the Role of the GeoNet Community Manager.


As a Place Owner, please ensure that community member questions and discussions are responded to. Contact  Michelle Mathias at any time if you have questions.



  • Enterprise Community Manager will always have access to the Space.
  • If you have any questions or clarifications, please contact the Enterprise Community Manager. We are here to help!


Thank you for taking part in GeoNet, the Esri Community. Your role as a Place Owner is vital to the success of the Community!

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