New Place Request Tracking Log

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#DateRequested PlaceRequesterStatusPlace URLNotes
012/14/18Higher Education Instruction

Joseph Kerski

Astrid Ng

completeHigher Education Instruction and ResearchOpened 3/14
022/16/18GIS Leader ForumAdam CarnowTraining Complete

Training 3/16 

Open date TBD

032/20/18GeoPlannerRitika SinhacompleteGeoPlanner for ArcGISRebuild completed 3/14
042/26/18YPNRaquel PerezcompleteEsri Young Professionals NetworkOpened 3/14
052/27/18MyEsriJosh BeatonBuild completeAug 3 launch plan
063/8/18ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World  Tamara Grant completeArcGIS Living Atlas of the WorldOpened 3/15
073/15/18Society for Conservation GISCharles ConviscompleteConservation GIS Tech Pages Opened 4/24
083/27/18ArcGIS for PublicTransitMelinda MorangcompleteArcGIS for Public TransitOpened 3/30
094/2/18Cave and Karst GIS Bernie Szukalski completeCave and Karst GISopened 4/26
104/3/18Esri UKBen Flanagan build completeon hold until after UC- mid-July
114/5/18Petroleum Geoff WadecompletePetroleumopened 4/24
124/17/183D Geologie und GIS Sybille Lohmöllerin process(private group)

initial meeting 4/26

strategy mtg 5/17

open 6/11


My University's Private Community

Jessica Rosales on hold(private group)on hold
144/27GeoDevSwitzerlandMatthias Schenker completeGeoDev Switzerland

admin training completed 5/22

opening 5/24

155/1/18ScgPrivate Charles Conviscomplete(private group)expedited 5/1/18
165/4/18BLM-CRDP-TroyerMichael Troyer complete(private group)

Strgy mtg 5/17/ followup 5/23//

launched 6/12

175/15/18Vector Tile Style Editor Patrick ArltcompleteArcGIS Vector Tile Style Editorexpedited request 
185/15/18Defense and Inteligence--combine space/grpWendy CreightoncompleteDefense and Intelligence open date 6/5
195/17/18Esri LabsIsmael ChivitecompleteEsri Labs open 6/13
205/17/18Mid_Market_Community_RequestJena DiFriscocompleteEsri Mid-Market Community 6/28/18
215/18/18Survey123 --> move to spaceChristopher Catania / Ismael Chivitebuild completeTBD
225/24/18My_Esri_Advisory_5-24-18.Josh Beatonclosedclosedclosed
235/1/18Implementing ArcGISLili Tran/ Steven AustincompleteImplementing ArcGISJune 7 launch
245/25/18MiningValerie CoffincompleteEsri Mining

strategy mtg 6/19

Admin Launch 7/6

255/31/18 Esri Spain- Private GIS-BIM group  Isaac Sánchez Castro in process(private group)

strgy mtg 7/2

launch week of 7/16

266/8Insights for ArcGISScott Sanduskyin processmove from group to space- hold until after UC
276/12ArcGIS for AviationSean Grant completeArcGIS for Aviation


launch 6/28/18
286/16ArcGIS Indoors GeoNet Online Place Request Nitin Bajajin process

Strategy mtg 6/15

launch on hold

296/25 ArcGIS Companion Nakul Manocha completeArcGIS Companion

Launch 6/26

admin train 6/28

306/25Data Reviewer - new templateShree RajagopalancompleteData Reviewer6/26 admin training 7/2
316/26Imagery & Remote Sensing - new templateLorraine TighecompleteImagery and Remote Sensingupdates complete 7/5
327/2Production MappingJohn GrammercompleteEsri Production MappingLaunch 7/5
337/3Defense Mapping - update templateJohn GrammercompleteEsri Defense MappingUpdated 7/5
347/7Geospatial AuthoritiesMark Cyganin processtraining 7/27
357/18Esri Spain Foro CartograficoJosé Jiménez Viciano new request
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