Using Your Existing ArcGIS Online Account in the DIY Geo Apps Course

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This document is part of a pilot project exploring the use of existing organizational (corporate, school or other) ArcGIS Online accounts (Level 2, with access to credits) for the Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps MOOC. You cannot use a free public account.


This material is aimed at registered students for the Sept 2017 offering who have been invited into the pilot.


Administrator/Supervisor Approval


If you have not already, please confirm that you have the approval of your organization's administrator (and anyone else who should know - your supervisor, the instructor in the school GIS lab, etc.) that you can use the organization's resources to take the DIY Geo Apps MOOC. Specifically:


  • You will need to have the permission and support of your ArcGIS Online organization's administrator.
  • You will be using your organization's credits. The guided exercises will take fewer than 50 credits, but you may use more when building your own apps in the Do-It-Yourself exercises.
  • You will not automatically have access to the course groups. You will need to request access. (Details on how to do so are below)
  • The Esri MOOC support team will not be able to reset passwords, provide more credits, or provide technical support that requires access to your account.
  • You will need some privileges you may not yet have (See below).
  • Since this is a pilot, some things in the course may not work! We'll do our best to get them working. Remember, you are serving as a guinea pig to help us find these situations!




These are the privileges students in the D-I-Y Geo Apps course have in their student accounts. You many not need all of them; the most important are the content and sharing privileges. Please work with your organization's administrator to add as many of these as possible.


You will need permission to share content publicly and to search for content outside your organization. Work with your organization's administrator to confirm that under Security Settings that the first two options in the Sharing and Searching section are checked on.


Course Groups


Students in the course use ArcGIS Online groups in two ways.

  • To access services used in the exercises.
  • To share the apps they create with fellow students.
  • To find other students' apps and provide feedback.
  • To be eligible to win "best app" awards.


Students using existing ArcGIS Online accounts will need to put in requests to join the course groups. Here's how to do that:


1) Log into the ArcGIS Online organizational account you will use for the course. 


2) Click on Content in the top menu, then the "My Content" tab.


Content menus

3) In the upper right of the window, find the search box next to your user name; it's "Adena" in the graphic below. Click in the box and choose "Groups" from the pulldown menu that appears.



4) Key in this query in the search box: owner: boneill.geoapps1 Hit return to start the search.


5) You will likely have no content found. That's ok.


6) On the left hand side of the window, slide the slider the left so that ArcGIS Online will search beyond your current organization. My organization in the graphic below is The Location Advantage. The graphic below is before moving the slider. 


7) Once you move the slider, you should  see seven groups. Use the sorting tool at the top right of the results to sort them by Title.



8) Students are asked to request joining six of the groups when they begin the course:


Configured apps, Custom apps, Denver Amenities, Geoform Apps, Story Map apps, Web AppBuilder apps


Please do not request access to the AppStudio apps group until asked to do so in exercise Section 5.


To make each request, click on the group name and click the "Join this Group" button. Confirm your intent by clicking the "Submit Request" button in the pop-up window.  That series of steps sends a message to the group administrators that you would like to join. We will do our best to add students to groups as quickly as possible; we hope to respond to all requests within 24 hours.





The number of status messages you have (your requests and any replies) will be in a red box on the top right, near your user name.



Clicking on the red box opens the notifications, with the newest on top. These notifications reflect the request and the response.





All of the course exercises note that you must be logged in with your course account (_geoapps) to access data and services. If you have joined the groups noted above, you should ignore that note and be sure you are logged in with the account you've set up to use for the course.




Contact us at if you have questions about using your own account. Thanks for helping us with this pilot!