Frequently Asked MOOC Questions - Esri and ArcGIS Online Accounts

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The Questions



Q: How do I know if I’m registered?

A: You’ll see the course in My ScheduleIf you register long before the course begins, you will receive the e-mail the day the course begins to remind you to start. If you register after the start date, you may start right away, but may need to wait for up to 48 hours for your course account to be created.


Do note that to receive an e-mail you must be able to receive e-mail from Esri. You can check your Esri e-mail preferences here. It can take a few days or longer for e-mail preferences to be updated.



Q: How do I figure out if I have an Esri account already?

A: We ask you to log in to the training site using an Esri credentials. If you have forgotten your username, you can choose “Forgot username?” and key in your e-mail address.


You will be asked to type in your e-mail address in a dialog box. 


Forgot button


You will receive an e-mail with details of any accounts associated with the e-mail address. It will look something like this.




Here's how to understand the response:


Esri Public Account: An Esri Public Account is another name for an Esri account. You can use that account to access the course. If you do not know the password, use the "Forgot Password?" option to reset it.


No Public Account: If there is no Esri Public Account noted, and you think you might have one associated with a different e-mail address, repeat “Forgot username” with that e-mail address. If you find you do not have an Esri username, please choose “Create an Account.”


More than one Pubic Account: If you have more than one Esri account (public account), you can select any one you like to access the course. We strongly suggest you select only one to use during the duration of the course. That will ensure that your progress is accurately documented as you complete each video, quiz and exercise.


Other Organizational Accounts: Depending on what e-mail address(es) you use, you may also have other accounts noted in the e-mail response. There may be one or more Organizational Accounts (also called ArcGIS Online accounts). Some may be for work or for school. You can identify ArcGIS Online organizational accounts for MOOCs easily: the course name will appear as the Organization Name (Going Places with Spatial Analysis, The Location Advantage, Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps, Earth Imagery at Work, Cartography.) and the username will have a course related suffix, such as _analyze or _locadv or_eiaw or _geoapps or _cart. You will learn about ArcGIS Online course accounts in Section 1 Exercise 1. Please contact us about course organizational accounts only after you have attempted Section 1 Exercise 1.


Q: What do I do if my account says “Esri Access: Disabled”?

A: You might see the text “Esri Access: Disabled” when you:


(1) request information about your accounts 

(2) try to log into the training site


Good news! Neither mean your Esri or ArcGIS Online accounts are disabled! Both will work fine. (If you are involved with Esri software as an ArcGIS Online administrator and want to learn about Esri Access, please read the documentation.)

(1) If the e-mail about your accounts includes the text "Esri Access: disabled," you can just ignore it and continue on with your course.

(2) If you attempt to log in to the training site ( and the message below, you'll need to log in again. 

This message indicates that you have used your ArcGIS Online username and password (usernames like: xxx_locadv, xxx_analyze, etc.) when you should be using your Esri username and password. You may have confused the two sets of credentials or your computer may have input the "wrong" credential when it was trying to be helpful. Remember that you documented both sets of credentials in Section 1 Exercise 1; find that information now if you do not remember your Esri credentials. 


To get back to a log in screen to input the correct credentials, follow these steps:


(1) Click on "Create a public account" (Don't worry, you are not creating a new account).


 (2) On the page that comes up, click "Sign in here."


(3) You should get a clean "Sign In" screen where you can key in your Esri credentials.



(4) If that does not work, please close the tab, clear your browser cache, open a new tab and return to the website of interest. When prompted to log in, use your Esri username and password.


Q: What do I do if I try to get my password for my ArcGIS Online account and the reply e-mail says I've not yet "established a security question” and the administrator must reset it?

A: Locate and complete Section 1 Exercise 1 of the course.


If you attempt to learn your ArcGIS Online account password for the course before completing Section 1 Exercise 1, you will receive the response below from our automated system. Basically it says that you have not yet set up your course ArcGIS Online account security question and the organization's administrator will have to reset the password. The administrator is a very a nice person, but will insist you complete Section 1 Exercise 1.



Q: How do I keep all of these accounts straight?

A: You will document them. Once you complete Section 1 Exercise 1, you will have determined your Esri and ArcGIS Online credentials. We provide a table in the Section 1 Exercise 1 PDF of each course to fill out (like the one below). We  ask that you print, save to your computer or take a picture of it with your phone for reference. Doing so will prevent frustration in the later weeks of the course!