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You can access the web maps and resources created for exercises in The Location Advantage from your own ArcGIS Online account via the following URLs. Registered students are welcome to download the exercise PDFs from the course. You may reuse these resources for any non-commercial educational purpose, provided that you acknowledge Esri's authorship.


Please note that to complete the exercises you need be a named user with publishing privileges within a paid ArcGIS Online subscription account to access ArcGIS Online analysis tools and you must have a Business Analyst web app license.

Section 1


Section1_Toronto Banks Data - CSV file for Sixth Consolidated bank branches


Section1_Step 3 Results - Feature layer that resulted from geocoding the .csv file

Section 2

Section1_Step 9 Results - Visualization of bank branches in the Toronto area

Section 3

Redlands Zoning - Generalized zoning information

RedlandsRealEstate - Available properties for lease in Redlands, CA

Section 4


Section 5

_Section5_Perfectos Supply Chain - Visual analysis of Perfectos supply chain nodes in South America

DC_candidate1_Ricaurte - The first of two candidate replacement distribution centers for Comidas Bonitas' Perfectos chips supply chain.

DC_candidate2_Chia - The second of two candidate replacement distribution centers for Comidas Bonitas' Perfectos chips supply chain.

DistributionCenters - Original distribution centers in Comida Bonitas' Perfectos Potato Chips supply chain

Fields - Potato fields, the raw materials for Comidas Bonitas' Perfectos Potato Chips

ProcessingPlants - Processing plants that receive raw materials from the potato fields and manufacture chips.

Warehouses - Warehouses used in routing from the distribution centers for Perfectos Potato Chips

Section 6

Section6_Step2 - Risk assessment map for Florida

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