Process and Tips for High Accuracy GPS and Collector set up

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Create Geodatabase in ArcGIS Server

Create Feature Data Set

Choose coordinate system

¨ By choosing the right coordinate systems for your map, feature services, and databases, you can limit the number of transformations, as well as the error introduced each time. 

¨ ESRI AGOL uses WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) {WGS84}

¨ WGS84 is the default coordinate system for Collector

Create Feature Class

¨ Author Feature Service

¨ Determine Fields

Standard Abbreviations list (email me—I will send it to you)

¨ Register As Versioned

¨ Add Global Ids

¨ Add Attachments (make sure to add the table to your map)

¨ Run through GNSS tools (CollectorUtils.tbx)

Create MXD / Feature Service

Publish as a Service

Configure Web Map in AGOL

¨ Add feature service

¨ Configure Pop-ups (they dictate how your app will look in collector)

Set up Collector / Receiver

Collector for ArcGIS—High-accuracy receiver

Create a location profile in Collector

ArcGIS 10.5.0 Geographic and Vertical Transformation Tables

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