• Add and/or delete photos within nested repeat

    3 votes
    Currently within nested repeats, exisiting items cannot be deleted (no trash can icon as referred in attached photo with #1) and you cannot attach photos to existing items (no folder or camera icon as referred in atta...
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  • Counting multiple select answers across repeats

    Hello,    I am trying to set up a species list for our botany team in Survey123 using an xlsform. I have set up a searchable species list and then a select-multiple list of lifeform types. The botanist...
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  • Hyperlink on layout

    35 votes
    Create hyperlink for objects on map layout (labels first of all, graphics...) 1/ When we export map pages to one PDF document with Data Driven Page we can have hyperlink on pages to navigate top/bottom/left/right/inde...
    created by Mitrich2
  • Create a series of infographics in html

    I'd like to create a series of infographics in html format like this one ArcGIS Web Application with a custom template. In arcgis pro business analyst toolbox, I only find the option to export the summary report in pd...
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  • Spatial Analyst or Business Analyst for a local government?

    I work for the county and I am needing to come up with a project that uses either Spatial Analyst or Business Analyst or both. I have looked at parcel data, election data but do not have a clear project for these two ...
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  • Looping on data process with Dekad (D = 1 or 2 or 3) date information YYYY.MM.D

    Hi, with limited knowledge on python and arcpy, I tried to modified script from former staff in my office with no success.  The existing script is: Try to calculate number of consecutive days without rainf...
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  • add local user to arcgis server using IWA

    We have a need to add another built-in account to a standalone ArcGIS Server 10.6. The server is already connected and configured to use Active Directory and IWA for users and roles. Is there a way to add the local us...
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  • Debugging Python script using Visual Studio in ArcGIS Pro?

    According to these links, one can debug a Python script using Visual Studio in ArcGIS Pro. Debug Python code—ArcPy Get Started | ArcGIS Desktop ArcGIS Pro and Python - YouTube I am using ArcGIS pro version 2.5...
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  • STAY HOME で マッピング & ロケーション開発を学ぶ方法

    はじめに 弊社ホームページで4月末より、自宅で学ぼう GIS のページが公開されていますが、そちらは「GIS を学んでみよう!」という皆様を応援するためのページとなっています。 一方、こちらの「ArcGIS 開発者コミニティ」で配信しているものは、マッピング&ロケーションを中心とした開発に関わる記事が中心になっています。 そこで、本記事では「マッピング&ロケーション開発を学んでみよう!」という皆様を応援するための記事として、「...
  • ArcGIS Pro loses my ArcGIS Server connection

    Every time I close ArcGIS Pro, it loses the ArcGIS Server connection and I have to reconnect it next time I open ArcGIS Pro. Why is this?   Thanks
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  • Why can't I drag and drop files from the Catalog Pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.5?

    Based on the ESRI documentation for ArcGIS Pro, I thought that I could drag and drop files from either the Catalog pane or Catalog view into a map. I just installed Pro 2.5, and I can only drag and drop...
  • Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Integromat

    In this blog post I will explore a few techniques to take your use of Survey123 within Integromat to the next level.  I am going to assume that you already know the basics of working with Survey123 and Integromat...
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  • Can you calculate a hidden field removing the underscore from a select_multiple

    I am using a select_multiple which list First_Lastname as the choices.   Is there a way to calculate a hidden field with the result of the selection, but remove the underscores from the results?
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  • Serial Chart Category Axis Staggered Labels: Stagger Fails When Labels Skipped

    1 vote
    G'day All   When the number of categories increase, at some point the Dashboard decides to skip labels; ie every second category. That's ok, there is only so much room on the screen.   However the Dashboa...
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  • ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Workspace or data source is read only. Failed to execute (PackageMap).

    I am trying to package a map and I keep getting this error.   ERROR 999999: Error executing function. Workspace or data source is read only. Failed to execute (PackageMap).
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  • Disconnect All Users from a Geodatabase in pyhton

    Hi all,   I want to throw all users out of the disconnect except for a user, I do not want to throw the user who is connected as a dbo So, I want to throw out the users I selected in the picture, and I do not w...
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  • Best practices for multiple editors of the same form using Survey123 Connect?

    Has any one had the need or has come up with a solution for editing Survey 123 from multiple computers/locations using Connect. I have two scenarios where this would be handy: 1. I telecommute 1 day a week and would...
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  • Create points in Survey123 based on a projects location

    Hello,   I am hoping to use Survey123 to log data about existing projects and web maps in my organization. The idea is that a analyst would create a web map and application and then submit a survey, answeri...
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  • Can't open the S57 sample of .NET

    I want to do some work to load s57 map and tring to draw some symbols on it. i open the sample of .NET from Symbology->Hydrographic->s57 cell Information.   it says sample is not avaiable. and asked to ins...
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  • How can you change Graphic.visible in 4.10

    Prior to 4.10, Graphic client side features added to a FeatureLayer could be hidden and shown by toggling the Graphic.visible property, but this no longer appears to work in 4.10.  I have tried changing 'visible'...
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