• ArcPro 2.4.2: Pro fails to respect unchecking “create folder for a project” option when choosing the “without a project template” option,

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    ArcPro 2.4.2: Pro fails to respect unchecking “create folder for a project” option when choosing the “without a project template” option,       I observed that Pro fails ...
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  • Jubiläumstreffen an „historischer“ Stätte bei der TU Dortmund

    Networking und wissenschaftliche Schwerpunkte bei der 50. Auflage   Dass der lebendigen NRW-Communitiy des Esri-Forums Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wird zeigte unter anderem der kleine Video-Einspieler am Freitag, 2...
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  • How do I rotate a feature class in ArcGIS Pro?

    I have one point feature class and one polyline feature class in a projected coordinate reference system. How can I rotate these feature classes by a number of degrees?  For example, rotate all features in the fe...
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  • Pro: GP Inputs should display full path to sources (as does Arc)

    Under Consideration
    35 votes
    In Arc, when I'm dragging or selecting feature classes into a GP input, the full path of the source is displayed. This is helpful, say, if I'm merging stuff from many different folders (Did I already add the feature c...
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  • This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Online #3

    Welcome to the third round of Product Advocacy’s completely unofficial, recurring GeoNet post! In case you missed my first and second posts over the past month, "This Week's Picks" is a (loosely) biweekly blog...
  • Content of LAYERS.EFLAGS column

    I'm looking for a list with constants to extract information from a value of the LAYERS.EFLAGS column. I know the values for the shape type, but this is not complete. Ineed to read the information about storage type, ...
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  • GlobalID and SDE views

    Hello everyone,   Can I  create an SDE view joining a FC and a table including the field GlobalID from FC?   Will it work?   thanks
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  • Geodatabase renamed now not available

    I renamed my database and now it's not available to connect to. Is there  a way to fix this or revert back to an earlier copy ?
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  • ArcGIS Portal Issue

    Hi all,   Need some insights on the following issue.   <Msg time="2017-09-29T10:46:45,92" type="SEVERE" code="218010" source="Portal Admin" process="3832" thread="1" methodName="" machine="XXX.XXX.COM" ...
  • Sasquatch's Annual "What Computer Should I Buy For Pro" Recommendations

    I frequently get hit up for hardware advice when folks suddenly find them selves in possession of an account that they need to zero out (quickly). I also like to have some Dell e-quotes on hand if I happen to be one o...
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  • Expand Elevation Sources in ArcPro

    Why are LAS, and Terrain Datasets not acceptable formats as an elevation source? Terrain Dataset is an ESRI elevation surface format??? Converting these high resolution datasets to other formats is such a waste of pro...
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  • Create and manage Legend directly in the Layout View

    1098 votes
    Significant improvements are needed in the field of Legend Element creation and management to be more interactive and flexible, to allow for faster and more effective workflow. No wizards or cumbersome dialog boxes ne...
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  • Hub Community Org - view only roles

    Is it possible to allow a named user from the Community Org to have a custom role with view only privies (no privies to create content).  I tested this, and it doesn't appear that a view only community org member...
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  • SketchViewModel javascript api, fires view click.

    Hi,   Im using javascript api 4.13   I have created some drawing tools using the SketchViewModel.   im not using the widget.   im using sketch.create("polygon");   this works perfect...
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  • ArcSDE in Oracle 12c ... anyone ... anyone ...

    Hello all, we are currently using ArcSDE in Oracle 11g R2 environment. We have been able to convert most of our connections to 'direct connect' with a goal to removing all 'application connections' where possible. Ou...
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  • Dynamic Parameters for S-63 charts in Runtime SDK for Qt (QML)

    Hello,   My setup currently is: ArcGIS Enterprise server with the Maritime Chart Service enabled S-63 charts properly licenced and set up with a permit Qt QML project being developed on a machine co-located w...
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  • Why are my vector tile labels not appearing at certain scales in AGOL

    My team currently maintains a series of cached raster basemaps over our state, and I've been experimenting with generating the same effect with vector tiles.   However, the generated hosted VTPK file renders dif...
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  • Append tool crashing in ArcPy if arcpy.env.preserveGlobalIds = True?

    So I've written a Python script called driver.py (using Python environment from Pro 2.4.2) that will append several SDE databases' feature classes to a coalesced database. All databases have matching schema. My goal i...
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  • My custom HTML popup keeps changing the code. How do I fix this?

    I have the following code as my popup   <table style= "background-color:#E1E1E1"> <tbody> <tr><td colspan="2" style= "background-color:#3C4859"> <b> <font color = "#FFFFFF">...
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  • Disconnect Multiple Selected Features in Network

    2 votes
    Please allow users to disconnect multiple features, from multiple feature classes that participate in the geometric network, at once.  It is a lot of work to have to select each feature individually to disconnect...
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