• Legend: adding symbol into patch

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    In ArcMap there are many ways to add symbols in patches or put a label in a patch on the legend -- for example, the ability to put a region # into a green rectangle feature into the legend as it is on the map....
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  • ArcGIS Pro Cityworks SOE

    When I publish a service to our Server through ArcMap, the ability to turn on the Cityworks SOE is available as are many other options.  Those options are also available within ArcGIS Server Manager.  If I p...
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  • Spatial join and attribute join failing since latest AGOL update

    I have a Py API script running nightly that does a spatial join of wildlife observations to a Township grid. Since Wednesday morning, this script has been failing (error messages below). I have also tried replaci...
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  • ArcGIS Online Back-ups - hosted feature layers and web maps/apps

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    As far as I can tell, the only way to back-up your hosted feature layers is to go to each one's "item details" page and click "export" and download the FGDB. What if I have 50 hosted feature layers? I have to go to ea...
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  • Ready To Use Tools and Could not service request.

    I am using the "Ready To Use Tools" from Model Builder in ArcGIS Pro.  However, the model has started crashing with the following error:     There is no clear reason why it keeps crashing w...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Update to 2.3.1 Python Issues

    Has anyone had issues cloning or adding environments since the 2.3.1 upgrade? My script that uses the OpenCV package no longer runs in Arc and when I looked that package was no longer installed so I went to install it...
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  • X, Y Location Tool (off/on)

    Hello GeoNet, I am working with a colleague. I have some experience with Pro.  My colleague stated that up until today she was able to locate a point using x,y coordinates. Today, upon trying to repeat the pro...
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  • Need help changing Portal for ArcGIS Account

    Hello, all! I am trying to use the configureserviceaccount utility located in the tools directory to change the Portal for ArcGIS Account for Portal 10.5.1.    The service account is currently the default a...
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  • WAB Print Widget Bug

    Hello ESRI world. Beginning this week, the Print Widget has begun to fail more often than not. For the past year, it has worked fine, and I have not changed parameters on any of my applications. Most recently, nearly ...
  • A case against Federation? Hidden Cost?

    We are currently have a stand-alone ArcGIS Server deployment, our users consume these (map & feature) services primarily via a simple javascript web app, but are also used by a smaller pool of desktop users. Curre...
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  • Collecting Moran's I output values

    I am running an iterator in model builder that ultimately takes the output from each iteration (a point feature class) and runs the spatial auto-correlation tool (global Moran's I).  I have about 450 output featu...
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  • The disappearance of the raster catalog in ArcGIS Pro

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    Hey there.   Am I the only one that was using the Raster Catalog to bypass the mosaic features in ArcGIS? Used to work fine under ArcGIS Pro and it got the axe in the latest versions. Sure, it still works great ...
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  • Was it a mistake to create enterprise geodatabases with my OS account?

    I have five enterprise geodatabases in ArcServer 10.6.1 and SQL Server  that I created with the Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool from my domain login,  so the Database Admin account is my OS account on my ...
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  • AGOL - Search Widget Issue After March Update

    Hi there -  We're noticing that, after the AGOL update last night, the Search widget is behaving differently.   For example, in this app, if you type an address, then click enter (e.g. 630 W 6th avenue), t...
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  • How to calculate a workday in survey 123

    Hi! I would like to share a little solution that I made on my own, to help other people and to receive commentaries about it.   In our project sometimes the people will fill a survey in a holiday (in Colombia we...
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  • Updating to 2.3.1 broke the interop extension: "Intel MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load mkl_def.dll."

    Topic, how do I fix this? Reinstalling the extension didn't help.
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  • Production Mapping - Batch Export

    We have been looking into the possibility of purchasing the production mapping extension to assist our generation of good old hard copy. However, one area I have not been able to confirm is the ability to batch export...
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  • How to enable the Production Mapping toolbox?

    I've borrowed the Production Mapping License (selected it in ArcGIS Administrator), but how do I enable the Production Mapping Toolbox? (Couldn't find it in Customize > Toolbars, nor was it in Customize > Extens...
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  • In Arcgis "pro" - is there a way to convert labels to annotation for a "single" layer?  I only see a tool to convert labels for an entire map.

    I only see a tool to convert labels for an entire map.  I just want to run this for an individual layer.
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  • Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19

    Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Urls in result attributes are automatically converted to hyperlinks. Fix css rule con...
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