• Zonal Statistics for Overlapping Zones Consistent failure

    I am trying to run Zonal Statistics for Overlapping Zones on some Buffer feature classes that overlap, and I'm trying to calculate % forest cover under each buffer zone. I have a reclassed basemap that is either fores...
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  • Extract roof form tool from lidar data errors

    Hello, I want to extract the roof forms of buildings using Lidar data and buildings of Amsterdam.   I followed all the steps of the Esri tutorial for extracting rooftops from Lidar data.   I created a all...
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  • New and Improved lessons on Learn ArcGIS

    Check out the new lesson Estimate Solar Power Potential, written by Delphine Khanna, and learn how to use elevation raster data in ArcGIS Pro to determine how much solar radiation each rooftop in a neighborhood r...
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  • map disappears when using AutoCAD 2019

    I am using AutoCAD 2019. I have loaded a map service hosted by my university.  I can see the map. I attempt to draw a line (or pline or arc....) following an entity on the map (e.g. a building). I pick the first ...
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  • Does the ArcPro Image analysis work on all bands of an image?

    Hi - I'm doing an image analysis in ArcPro for vegetation that looks to identify 3 categories only:  1) trees/shrubs, 2) turf and 3) dead or dying vegetation .  I have a three band image with IR and a 4 band...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

    Under Consideration
    361 votes
    ArcGIS Pro has a superior interface for authoring weblayer symbology.  It would be nice if you could use it to edit an existing webmap then simply share but overwrite an existing thus maintaining the webmap id.
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  • Understanding Survey123 Feature Reports

    Survey123 includes out of the box functionality to help you generate high quality documents out of submitted surveys. This is extremely useful when you need to present your survey123 data following strict formatting g...
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  • Automatically pass data to all repeats rather than clicking through

    1 vote
    I currently have some nested repeats where the data in the child repeat gets entered through the inbox by a secondary user.  For the most part this works great, however, the initial data input requires that ...
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  • Survey123 Allow Photo's To Be Viewed And Added To Sent Surveys

    1 vote
    It would be very helpful to be able to view existing photo's and add new photo's to surveys that have already been sent.   Proposed Workflow Existing data gets created by inspectors submitting surveys and assig...
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  • Survey123 question - updating existing data

    I hope this is an easy question but I fear it is not.    I want to make a Survey that has existing tabular data (things like project name, description, dates, etc.) that I will create in a CSV or whatever. ...
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  • MS Flow working with Enterprise/Portal

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    MS Flow and Survey123 work great together via AGOL, having MS Flow work with surveys published in Portal would be great.   --gary
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  • Defining a Municipal Tax Boundary File through GIS

    Currently, West Virginia's Tax Department has municipalities who institute a 1% sales tax define their boundary through identifying the ZIP+4 codes that exist within their municipal boundary, using the USPS ZIP Code L...
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  • how to take gps from one feature class to another in arcmap

    I have gps information (x,y,z) in one feature class (fire hydrants gps) and want to put it into a feature class I already had (wHydrant) I was wondering how to get gps information to wHydrant?  
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  • Can I add .pdf or .jpg logo into a story map, rather than providing a url?

    Here's my story map: https://arcg.is/0DLS8O  Thanks! -Elizabeth
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  • Release Date for Collector for ArcGIS (Android)

    Does @ESRI have an official release date for Collector for ArcGIS (Android)? Thanks!
  • Automatically generating assignments in Workforce

    Hi,   I was wondering if there was a way to create assignments in Workforce automatically with survey123 or any other means without having to generate assignments manually. I am simply looking into automating ce...
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  • Arcgis-Pro: LAS dataset Profile view

    16 votes
    In ArcMap exists the posibility to create profiles in LAS-Datasets (PointClouds), using the "LAS-Toolbox" (requires 3d-Analyst). This way its possible to quickly analyse and re-classify Lidar-Pointclouds, eg. modify t...
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  • Best Workflow for Data Updates with Autocad

    Hi,   I work primarily in Autocad for all of the drawings of my airport. This is because of Autocad being an industry go-to (for the most part) for all things relating to construction and mapping, or at least in...
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  • Error: Failed to create environment - Clone and active new environment in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 to add Tensorflow package

    Hi..I tried to add Tensorflow Package in ArcGIS Pro by cloning existing arcgispro-py3 environment to run deep learning package in ArcPro. Unfortunately, it gives an error "Error: Failed to create environment" and I ca...
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  • iOS - How to add UI elements on top of AGSMapView

    I'm using iOS 100.6 and am trying to place a UIbutton on top of AGSMapView. In the View Controller MapView and the UIButton are under "View". The UIbutton is not a subview of MapView. How do I get other UI element in ...
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