• Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS Pro

    I have large related database table and I want to ask several spatial questions by calling on the table within ArcGIS Pro. How do I go about it? If I am to use SQL statements if that is the option, how will it look ...
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  • Anyone else seeing AGSLocationDisplay less responsive at 100.5?

    The blue dot stopped moving with me when I'm in motion outside as of version 100.5.  I have a production vs beta version of my app, so I could make sure it was the SDK by using the same device at the same time ba...
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  • How to pass OID or unique ID from line/poly collected in Collector to Survey123?

    I successfully initiate collection of lines and polys in Collector via a link in my Survey123 survey. But how do I then record the OID (or a unique identifier) of the line/poly collected in Collector back to my survey...
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  • Is it possible to create dimensions with python code?

    I am wondering if it is possible to create dimensions in arcmap with python, arcmap version 10.7. I have looked and I see functions to list dims but not  create them.   Also when I create a dimension in esr...
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  • Have the Create Locator tool honor definition queries or selections

    2 votes
    It would be very beneficial to be able to prevent data from being included in a Locator by having the tool respect definition queries or selections set in the active map in ArcGIS Pro. Using the old LGIM schema as an ...
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  • How to change field visibility and alias

    I am trying to iterate layers and change visibility of fields in feature layers. I tryed to get "CIMFieldDescription" but it returns null when layer has default field descriptions. Am I going in wrong way?
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  • Generate object names from a value from the object attributes in CityEngine

    I have a shapefile with buildings and imported it into CityEngine. All the objects in CityEngine get named automatically. Is there a way to change to generate custom object names from a value in the object attributes ...
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  • Trouble selecting on a date field

    I am working with a MapServer layer that support dynamic layers.  The data is tornado damage going back a number of years.  My goal is to select only 2019 data. This tile call displays all the data: https:...
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  • ArcPro Catalog Favorites Functionality

    2 votes
    Update the ArcPro Catalog Favorites folders pane to have the same functionality as the Project folders pane. Our organization lost several days believing that the drag-drop functionality of our installation was broke...
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  • Pro: Open Project Default to Last Folder

    5 votes
    In Pro 2.0.1 when opening a project using the Open Project Icon above the ribbon bar, the path always defaults to C:\Users\[username]\Documents\ArcGIS\Projects. In a workflow where one is opening, editing, and closing...
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  • Pro: GP Inputs should display full path to sources (as does Arc)

    Under Consideration
    8 votes
    In Arc, when I'm dragging or selecting feature classes into a GP input, the full path of the source is displayed. This is helpful, say, if I'm merging stuff from many different folders (Did I already add the feature c...
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  • Set Application (MXD) Level workspace with ModelBuilder Model

    Hello All,   I have a custom toolbox that has a bunch of tools.  I want to add a simple "pre-cursor" tool that sets the changes the default, current, and scratch workspaces to user-defined locations and sav...
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  • ArcGIS SDK and samples for Flutter

    10 votes
    Flutter is a new framework by Google for cross platform development on Mobiles. ArcGIS SDK for Flutter and examples are required.Esri Technical Support ArcGIS Ideas Native App Developers ArcGIS Runtime ...
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  • survey123 time field - select seconds not just hours/minutes

    Hi,   I'm creating a survey123 form using survey123connect (3.4 beta) and I need to be able to drill down into seconds as an option for data entry in a time field. As default the user can only select the hours a...
  • Python Toolbox Parameter Data Types - GP and DE?

    Can someone please explain the definitive rationale behind the distinction between data types as GP* and DE*?   The majority of Python Toolbox parameter data types are prefixed with either "GP" or "DE", which I ...
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  • Naming the icons using java script

    How to write the name by the side of icon when i use the default widget in my application? I want to write something like the picture below in by web application using java script api 4.11.
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  • ArcGIS Online Hosted Locators

    49 votes
    Allow for locators to be created and hosted using an ArcGIS Online Subscription. https://geonet.esri.com/thread/92215
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  • Edit feature with editor widget java script !!

    How do i get the feature attribute displayed in the header tab as shown in the esri editor widget sample example??(https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/sample-code/widgets-editor-basic/index.html) My map sh...
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  • How to construct polygon symbol with marker in the center?

    How do I construct a polygon symbol with a single picture marker in the center?   I think it is the MultilayerPolygonSymbol type that I want to use?   I created a simple fill symbol and also a PictureMaker...
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  • Cannot execute as the de db principal, because the principal dbo does not exist.

    Hello,   After upgrade database to 10.6.1 from 10.4 I was able give permission to user so they can see some layers. this sis SQL server 2014. After upgrade, I am able to access my DB but when I try to grant priv...
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