• Get the current zoom level and Lat/Long in android sdk

    How can I get the current zoom level and center point Lat/Long of the map android sdk? Is there a property that tells me how far the user has zoomed (level) into the map like  a (1-9) or something? Can ...
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  • How to get zoom level in android sdk

    how to know know when the user changes zoom level on the map view in ArcGIS android SDKAsk
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  • Deep Learning graphic card requirement

    Hello,   I would like to ask, what is the minimal requirement to graphic card for deep learning in Esri (Python API learn module / ArcGIS PRO - Deep learning tools).    I have installed as documented ...
  • CityEngine doesn't display the option: Get Map Data

    Hi Esri  CityEngine 2019.0.5403 Windows 10 Top right of the CityEngine UI shows I am connected to the ArcGIS database. Starting a project by clicking on the 'Create a city from map data' opens a new project, ye...
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  • Error Generating Token Store Credentials AGOL Server 10.3.1

    Hi all,   We have recently enabled https and are no longer able to store user credentials on a secure service. Prior to enabling https we were able to store credentials in AGOL and access secure services externa...
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  • Search Widget using Arabic Word

    Hi, I am using ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.10. I have implemented the search widget in my application. I am able to search feature using English words but when I am trying to search using Arabic word, I got 'No results f...
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  • Layerlist with Icons

    Using v4.7 of the JS API:   How can I have icons alongside selectable layers in a layerlist? I've attached a mock-up of what I'm looking for. I have a PNG icon for each layer.      ...
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  • Survey123 Connect Basemap Issue

    I'm creating a survey using Survey123 Connect that needs to go out to a variety of submitters via the web browser (not the app) and am having multiple issues with the map in the geopoint question. I've tried using bot...
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  • Multi-line label in stream layer

    Hi, I am using ArcGIS Geoevent Server 10.7 and Portal for ArcGIS 10.7 (using ArcGIS Javascript API 3.29) In this I am using stream service wherein I want to display multi-line label (combination of different fields)...
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  • I need to download rules that represent sports fields

    I am creating a 3D city, I need to model sports fields (football, tennis, Golf course pisscine ....) I can not find the rules to represent these types of sports equipment, I used the SOCCER FIELD rule in the DESERT CI...
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  • What are credits?

    I ended up with -3.63 credits on my account, therefore I don't access to my layers. I checked how can I buy more credits and came across with this form of buying credits, however the button 'Quantity' and 'Add to Char...
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  • Using image-map in Survey123 Connect

    I want to use the new image-map appearance feature in Survey123 Connect.  We have a reservoir where we would like to ask the public for their feed-back on where we should do habitat improvements.  I have a m...
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  • Operations Dashboard Suggestions

    7 votes
    Two ideas here, and I know ESRI is actively working on #1.   1)  Operations Dashboard needs the ability to size widgets equally.  The idea of eyeballing height and width of widgets is poor, especially ...
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  • How to “clear” the coordinate system of the “Map” to get it to “unknown” in ArcGIS Pro,

    How to “clear” the coordinate system of the “Map” to get it to “unknown” in ArcGIS Pro,   For example, in ArcMap, the clear option is available and one can set the “dat...
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  • How to set costume marker in android

    Hello, I want to create costume marker in particular latitude longitude.So can you please guide me about that?
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  • Disabling move tool

    Is there a way to disable only move tool in editor widget usng ArcGIS API for javascript 4.12?   Thanks
    created by jha.surajkumar
  • Metadata for displayed data in Operations Dashboard

    I am looking for a good way to display metadata for each of the charts/indicators I am displaying within my dashboard. The data that is displayed was collected from different sources and I would like the user to be ab...
  • Error while using ModelBuilder to Tabulate Area of overlapping bufferzones

    I'm looking into how much open and close canopy falls within given buffer zones. My buffer zones are a polygon layer created from point sites, but canopy data is a raster with 2 types of data, open or closed canopy. I...
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  • Need Undo for editing in ArcGIS Online

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    There should be an undo choice when editing a feature service in ArcGIS Online.
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  • Set schematic root

    Hi, I'm trying to set schematic root of a schematic diagram after generating it through ISchematicBuilder.GenerateDiagram method.             ISchematicDiagram...
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