• Wine, and Women in GIS

    11/13/18 3:00 PM
    Join us at the 2nd meeting of Wine, and Women in GIS
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    Wine, and Women in GIS

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  • Add the Extract Data Tool from the ArcMap Production Mapping Toolbox in Pro

    5 votes
    The Extract Data tool in the ArcMap Production Mapping Toolbox allows the user to extract enterprise geodatabase data to a file geodatabase while preserving GLOBALIDS. If a user zips and publishes this file ...
  • Using Formulas in Survey123

    Formulas supported in Survey123 include the following operators:   Symbol Function Example + Addition 2 + 2 - Subtraction 2 - 2 * Multiplication 2 * 2 div Division 2 div 2 = Equal .=1...
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  • What is the equivalent of arcpy.ExtractData_production in Pro?

    arcpy.ExtractData_production("G[name_of_feature_dataset]",GDB,"DO_NOT_REUSE","","","") has served me well for many years to extract an entire (complete, everything in it) Feature Dataset from a SDE to a FGDB for field...
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  • click on a polygon and drop a number in the designated field in sequence

    'm looking for a tool out there for sequential auto-numbering... something that uses the edit tool (or something similar) to simply click on a polygon and drop a number in the designated field in sequence, and it woul...
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  • Fully automate manual ArcGIS Pro [Share -> Web Map] workflow

    Dear all,   What I would like to accomplish is automate the entire publication process from a map inside an ArcGIS Pro aprx project to a Portal web map including all other dependent items. Python is my preferred...
  • How to enable classification wizard?

    How to enable classification wizard?
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  • Installing Windows on Mac

    Good morning!  I have a student with issue installing Parallels (then Windows) on the Mac .. here are the screen captures .. normally I dont have an issue but stumped with this error?  Any ideas?  Thank...
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  • GIS short course reading recommendations for upper-level high school students?

    Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question, but I was wondering if the GIS community had suggestions or recommendations for introductory level GIS reading material, resources, or literature that would ...
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  • Method for clearing Python Window in ArcMap programmatically

    Is there a way of clearing (flushing) the Python Window in ArcMap from Python (that works in 10.2.1)?
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  • Pro Publishing Workflows

    What are other user's recommendations for publishing services with Pro?  We would like to enable our users to pick and choose feature layers to add within their Portal web maps or Pro.   Is it better / reco...
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  • Filenames and file paths in Python

    UPDATE: People still continue to be confused about file path naming conventions when using python.  Please take the time to read.  Python 3.x is used in ArcGIS Pro so you may encounter a new problem... pth =...
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  • How do I add a single xy point in arcgis pro?

    How do I manually specify a single XY point in ArcGIS pro?  This should be one of the simplest things to do, and there's lots about how to do this in the non-"pro" versions.  In fact, I'm having alot of trou...
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  • Fun with GIS 228: Marrying Survey123 and Collector

    [[Updated at bottom, Sept.30, 2018]]   Can you make sense of this table? Student,envir,item,state,condition,height_m,dbh_cm,attchmt,locmethod 123,boulevard,NLE_tree,alive,stressed,11,18.5,img_123.jpg,map_tap &...
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  • Importing a CSV table to Survey123 form

    Hello,      I am new to Survey123. I would like to import a CSV table into a survey123 survey. The project is about creating a community asset map using ArcGIS hosted services using Survey123. I learne...
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  • Instalación

    SRs: Necesito el soporte para instalar Arc Gis , he comprado una licencia pero realmente se me hace difícil instalarlo, podrían ayudarme a instalarlo remotamente. A la espera de sus noticias Andres
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  • Allow Multiple Pop-ups for ArcGIS Online Layer

    4 votes
    I think it would be nice to have the ability to create multiple pop-ups for an ArcGIS Online layer, similar to having the ability to create multiple label classes for a layer within ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro.  Some sort ...
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  • How can I create a Group

    How can I create a Group
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  • Journal help - 852 images disappeared!

    Desperately need help!   So I have 426 postcards that have front and back images that are organized into folders on my computer by decades.  I built a Story Map Journal, added all the photos to separate alb...
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  • Geoprocessing service failed to start ??

    Hi, I am using ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net to develop a WPF App which is trying to demonstrate how to perform geoprocessing tasks using Local Server by duplicating the code from ArcGISRuntime.WPF.Viewer and making ne...
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