• Windows Task Scheduler stops running python script after a few weeks running successfully

    I have a python script that uses arcpy that I have scheduled to run using the windows task scheduler on a VM (Windows Server 2012, 64bit)   The script runs every hour and produces some maps in png using data dri...
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  • Wind Rose Report on Core ArcGIS Desktop (Rose Diagrams)

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    The Wind Rose Report (http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/9.3/index.cfm?TopicName=How%20Wind%20Rose%20Report%20(Business%20Analyst)%20works) is only available on Business Analyst. I believe it should be available on...
  • Pan with mouse wheel in ArcGIS Pro?

    Is it possible to pan by holding down the mouse wheel in ArcGIS Pro?  I was able to do this in ArcMap with the same mouse I'm using now, but I can't in Pro.  Is there a setting I can change to enable this?
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  • ArcGIS Pro: 2.4.2: In general, ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap,

    ArcGIS Pro: 2.4.2: In general, ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap,   I observed that the ArcPro has less performance than ArcMap. This observation is related to all tools and behaviors  
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  • DA Cursor Transfer of Shape Field Geometry is Not Working Correctly

    If I use a relate to select the features in the feature class I want to update and delete them, and then use the Append tool to insert the features from the source feature class, the geometry matches exactly. How...
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  • Upgrade error - Portal 10.4.1 -> 10.7.1

    Hello,   I'm in the process of upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise 10.4.1 to 10.7.1 at a customer site. Before starting the upgrade I successfully made backups of all components separately (portal, server, datastore) a...
  • ESRI JS API : extend with mixins

    Hello,   Is there any working example for extending a class with mixin ?   According to the documentation, "Extending multiple classes is deprecated at 4.13". So I try to migrate a class extending acc...
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  • Unable to run OptimizeRaster from command line

    I can successfully run the OptimizeRasters script within it's 'Pro Toolbox' but running the script from the command line (python.exe accessible prompt) it fails with the messages:   log-critical:No module named ...
  • Transforming Polylines into Route Layers Tutorial

    In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to turn polylines into route layers that can be used in the upcoming release of Navigator for ArcGIS. You will need both ArcGIS Pro and Navigator at the ready.  ...
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  • How to get the road segment IDs/ way IDs From the Route Result?

    I was looking for a way to get the routed road segment IDs from the resulting path in arcpy Python (notebook). I simply want to get the mapped road segments when we submit a set of stops. Can someone help me with that?
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  • How to embed a GIF into Storymaps

    I've made a time animation in Pro that I have exported as a GIF.   (I was originally planning on making a time slider web app but when I shared my time enabled layer the layer would come through empty). ...
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  • Polyline to Road Edges in ArcGIS Python [Help Appreciated]

    I have a polyline which is representing a road (Generate from some other routing service). I want to get the set of road segments which represents that polyline in arcgis. Is that possible with ArcGIS Python (Notebook)
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  • Portal 10.5 Index Mismatch (search)

    Hi, Has anyone come across a situation where the Portal Search index drops? This mean things like symbology, web app templates etc start to vanish from Portal. Note that doing a reindex still does not result in a ful...
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  • Referencing a secure search URL in the Enhanced Search Widget for Web AppBuilder

    Hi, I have a secure service of Utilities that I would like to use in the Enhanced Search Widget.  The utility layer is in my Application.  This secure service has been added to my ArcGIS Online account usin...
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  • Dynamic Geofence Synchronization using Stream Services

    Overview Polygons which model areas of interest – counties, national parks, or property boundaries for example – are generally static. A new area of interest might be established requiring a geof...
  • Public Maps Not Public - Requires Login?

    I created several public "Web Maps" and "Web Mapping Applications" in the past. No problems - they work great on my Verizon HTC smart phone. But now every time I try to make a web map public and\or web mapping applica...
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  • Showing Layer on SceneView works in Windows XAML but not iOS

    My goal is to load a KML file to display a layer on a SceneView using C# and Arcgis in both Windows and iOS.   The following code works in Windows XAML but it does not work on iOS.   // Create a new basema...
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  • How to improve 'calculate statistics' performance?

    I have a variety of satellite products from multiple sensors which have been added to multiple source mosaic datasets (MD) in an enterprise geodatabase. All of these source mosaics are then added to a single derived m...
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  • Rename "ArcGIS Pro" to "ArcPro"

    Since the future of GIS at ESRI is all about the "Pro" version, how about officially changing the name from ArcGIS Pro to simply ArcPro?   It is tedious and time-consuming to say and write ArcGIS Pro, and when f...
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  • Composite Address Locator

    I have created a composite address locator on arcgis pro. It consist of Addresses, Locations, Streets, and Center lines.  I have published this as a custom geocode service. It is working as expected except that...
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