• How to set a defintionExpression in JS

    I am struggling getting my definition expression to work with a time aware field.  I believe I have narrowed down the problem to the layer.definitionExpression.  I have successfully made a definition express...
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  • Anyone else having problems accessing and printing reports in Survey123 online?

    We're getting: Error occurred when querying data from the feature layer. Invalid URL   Started this morning.
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  • Point order of ring (polygon geometry)

    I'm querying a map service and using the polygon ring coordinates to the use as input geometry for another map service query. It looks like I'm not able to guarantee the point order of the first result and treats this...
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  • Group layers for ArcGIS online

    In Product Plan
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    It would be nice to be able to create a group layer for several feature services. I tried to create a group layer for the shape files that I was about to upload to my subscrition account, hoping that the user would be...
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  • Colors, grids, and repeats

    The help says you cannot style a repeat that is inside of a grid. But it seems like I can also not style a repeat that has a gird in it?  I have a top level repeat that is not inside of anything but it does ...
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  • Allow border and background colors when using Grids and Repeats

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    The help says you cannot style a repeat that is inside of a grid. But it seems like I can also not style a repeat that has a gird in it.   Idea is to allow color coding even with a grid.  Other option is to...
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  • Cannot open feature class in a GDB, "Error opening feature class. General Function Failure"

    Hi mates,   I have a feature class in my GDB but I cannot open it now, with the error message "Error opening feature class. General Function Failure", like screenshot below.   I cannot load the data to Arc...
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  • ArcMap add-in initialization

    I'm developing add-in using ArcObjects for .NET for ArcMap. Where can I place code on add-in startup and shutdown? Right now I'm using extension within add-in for that purpose. But I want to get rid of extension. Is i...
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    I'm trying to run reports from a custom template, but keep getting errors for every field I reference.   Error occurred when rendering by the report engine. Failed to parse ${2020_Prescribed_Fire_Grant_Appl...
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  • mxd files data source replacement

    I recently replaced my existing data server with a new server thus a new server name and path. My existing data server is named skunk while my new server is tesclon. I need to reroute all the datasources in my over 30...
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  • License Management in ArcGIS Pro

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    We are running a License-Manager for many employees. We have Advanced, Standard and Basic with concurrent licenses. Also we are running a Windows Terminal Server.    In ArcGIS Desktop it is very easy to Cha...
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  • Multicriteria Analysis

    Hello,   I use ArcGIS 10.1 and I would like to create a suitability map using the multicriteria analysis. Let me point out that I am new of this analysis and I tried to read something about it, but it is not ver...
  • Remove an entry or item from the dropdown list after it has been picked once..

    I am dealing with a situation that requires me to come up with some way to remove the entries/items from a dropdown list after it has been selected or picked once previously. The reason to do this is so that the perso...
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  • Create Contour Depression/Extrusion Data

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    We can all create contour lines (isolines) and intervals from Terrain Datasets, LAS data, or even Raster's.   Cartographically we can not however show/identify those contours that define depression...
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  • Make query layer returns 0 records, both from toolbox and arcpy.

    Is this a known issue? The same exact code works in ArcMap 10.7.1 toolbox and arcpy.
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  • Enterprise Login through Microsoft Teams Web Tab Error

    In Microsoft Teams I added a Website Tab which points to an ArcGIS Online Web App. When a user goes to this tab they are presented with the AGOL login page asking if they wish to use their Enterprise login or ArcGIS l...
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  • interval of contour

    hi  could  help someone to tell  the interval of  contour is 250  for map in scale 1;250.000 ?
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  • installation error arcgis pro

      I'm running arcgis pro version 2.4.2 and getting this error when trying to install Oriented Imagery Management Tools v2.0.3.0.  Any idea what could be causing it?
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  • Extent for feature layers data download

    I have rest APIs that I use to generate geodatabase/ create replica, also I use query for filters for some queries. What I am looking for, is the extent option that I can pass in request. Does ESRI has support fo...
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  • Calculate field string into int and float => error

    Hi,   I am running a model.     1. for field 1(string)  I have "integer numbers" and a value "nan"        I use field calc with the expression: !ACmodeStr...
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