• Can't save credentials to connection file

    I am creating a secure WMS connection. and I'd like to save the username and password to the connection file, so that I can share with others.   I get the warning about the risks associated with saving credentia...
    created by simo
  • When does "point clustering" come?

    Hi,   I have been waiting for point clustering in JS API 4.x for last 2 years. I used to say to my customers that it is comming soon as it is claimed on functionality matrix Functionality matrix | ArcGIS API for...
  • maintain configuration of disabled popups in web maps

    1 vote
    Configuration of popups takes time.  When creating a web map its a common need to enable/disable/re-enable popups as we determine the look and feel and behaviour that our end users are looking for.  When a p...
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  • Add basic find functionality to ArcGIS Pro table view!

    In Product Plan
    150 votes
    It appears there is no find functionality when viewing an attribute table in ArcGIS Pro? This is absolutely crazy it's one of the most basic requirements!   I cannot simply search a table/field for a value. In A...
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  • Add the 'Move to end of table' button in Pro

    24 votes
    It would be helpful to have the "Move to end of table" button and "Move to beginning of table" button on the attribute table in ArcGIS Pro.  This feature is already in ArcMap and is incredibly useful.   It ...
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  • Location Accuracy Esri Collector Classic

    I have used the ESRI Collector Classic app to stream line data on iphones and ipads across Central California.  I am using the same devices in Southern California (LA & Orange County) but having problem ...
    created by krista_2ndnature
  • Using Lidar at the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve

    Lidar provides a fascinating glimpse into the landscape of the Jack and Laura Dangermond Preserve. Using a ground elevation service and a point cloud created from lidar, and natural color imagery, we created an intera...
    created by csousa-esristaff
  • Config ArcGIS Earth startup view

    Hi,   I am trying to configure the startup view of ArcGIS Earth, through config.xml, but it seems like the configuration is overuled by something else.   Codesnippet <!--Custom or History--> <st...
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  • Remove all numbers/integer values from multiple fields

    I have some fields with alphabetic and numbers i want to remove all the numbers. I have tried some things but the issue i have is that the numbers are between the alphabetic text for example   Homeowners field ...
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  • Calculating distance between points along (segmented) least cost path

    ABOVE SCREEN SHOT -- I have two datasets: a point feature class representing destinations, and a polyline feature class representing the fastest route to one singular destination from every other point. What I would l...
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  • ArcGIS Online - Order Popups same as Legend

    220 votes
    When you have overlapping map layers that have popups, there is a bar at the top that allows you to toggle to the next layer.    But there is no way to control the order of which popup is displayed first.&...
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  • ArcGIS Portal Error: Unable to load URL status 500 white changing feature hosted layer settings

    Hello, I have ArcGIS Enterprise Base Deployment installed on a virtual machine. Both Server and Portal use Web Adaptors and they are federated. It has been in a use for a while when I experienced an error while chang...
  • AGOL/Portal save Popup settings to config file

    4 votes
    Much like Flex, saved the popup settings to config files, I'd like to see pop ups for Portal/AGOL be a saved file that auto loads with the service. by doing this you could set the popup settings in ONE file and apply ...
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  • Change the name of "ArcGIS Pro" to "ArcPro"

    Not in Current Product Plan
    36 votes
    We have, or have had, "ArcMap", "ArcView", "Arc____" (no space between "Arc" and the product name).  The recent ESRI product line appears to have transitioned to a naming convention "ArcGIS _____" (with a space b...
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  • duplicate layer names in LayerList (Service and Sublayer)

    Jianxia Song & WAB Team is there an elegant programmatic way, to hide the top-level name for a service in the WAB layer list?  So for example I won't have Schools - Schools, or Roads - Roads, and Pa...
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  • Updating the media folder of a Survey123 Form item

    We often get requests from people who want to update a file in the media folder of a Survey123 Form item but do not want to have to re-publish their survey every time they make a change to the file. For example, the f...
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  • Survey123 Connect Support for...

    Hi I'm looking to replicate the following functionality in from Survey123 Web into Survey123 Connect: Single Choice Grid - what would be the best alternative for this? Thank You form. Enable users to go back and sub...
    last modified by nengeesri-ca-esridist
  • Does QuickCapture integrate with the other Field Apps?

    My question is can I open Quick Capture from Collector and pass data (behind the scenes) to it?   In order to connect a record to an existing asset.   Or will this be possible in future updates?...
    last modified by adaml
  • Data Driven Pages fail to update legend

    I use Data Driven Pages (ArcGis 10) to create some 1000 maps. In these maps, I've got an elevation raster dataset of which the streched symbology is recalculated for each display extent. When scrolling through the p...
    last modified by kvolleberg
  • Project not updating/downloading after changes

    I have a QuickCapture Project that I am trying to update from its default configuration after the initial creation. After what seems to be "X" number of standard changes, saves and updates the project fails to update ...
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