• Esri Utility Network Configuration and Migration Tool Status

    Network Configuration Current Version Last Update Configuration Location Migration Tools Location Electric Distribution 1 1/17/2018 esriurl.com/elecdistunconfig In Development Electric Transmission In Development Ant...
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  • Adding a thumbnail using Survey123 web designer

    Is there a way to use Survey123 web designer to add a thumbnail so that it displays in the Survey123 apps? Or do I HAVE to use Survey123 Connect? I hope not!!
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  • How to write Managed C++ proxy class correctly

    I've look at this document  https://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcobjects/latest/net/webframe.htm#26b7a578-7854-4ff9-b96c-948eded73626.htm  About performance .Net and Managed C++   What I want to do is wr...
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  • Guide for using Fiddler

    Monitoring web service requests using Fiddler fiddler
  • Location Boundary Type

    Hi,  Would anybody be able to tell me what the boundaries of Postcode 1, 2 and 4 are based off? Along with Greater Capital City Statistical Areas?    Thanks
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  • Fix ActiveX security bug for Toolbox scripts!

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    ArcGIS for Desktop 10.4.1 on Windows 10 - each time a Toolbox tool is used a Windows Security Warning pops up warning of an unsafe ActiveX control. This is extremely annoying each time a tool is used!   The only...
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  • list all services in a web map

    Does anyone know a way to extract a list of all services in a web map?  I have a number of web maps and am continuously needing to retire old layers from them and replace with new layers.  It would be very h...
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  • Push notifications in AppStudio?

    Hi, I'm a complete amateur in app development. I have created my first app in AppStudio using the map viewer template. I would just like to know if it is possible to configure push notifications in the app using AppSt...
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  • Satellite Speed

    Sorry to ask such a simple question over geo net, but here it goes. I'm working with ESRI Sample stream layers for geo event server, sample layer here: WorldSatellites (StreamServer)    If you go to th...
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  • Efficiently Move Polylines

    Hi,   I am aware that the MapPoint object has the MoveTo function that allows one to efficiently move points from one location to another without re-creating the object.    Is there a method or techni...
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  • Why are Modelbuilder "Bearing Distance To Line" results different from manually drawn direction/distance function

    I created a model to plot a line for specified distances along a specified azimuth, then plot another line from the end vertice of that line for a specified distance in a perpendicular direction, then generate a point...
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  • How do you store and serve large imagery?

    Our organization is a city in a large metropolitan area. We get aerial imagery flown every year that is 3 or 4 inch spatial resolution. This imagery is used by ArcMap users and web applications served f...
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  • Dynamically applying query def on a layer for the webmap

    Hi,   I need to apply a long query on the layer of a web map in javascript.. Need help on this..   If i apply filter with more than 300 conditions then layer is not working at all for query or anything els...
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  • layout not updating without clicking dataframe

    I have a new laptop and installed a second home use subscription for 10.4.1 so I can learn more. My previous system is in for repair or replacement. The problem I am having is with the main display area does not ...
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  • Venice Tutorial - Data from Portal

    I am currently taking the Get Started with ArcGIS Pro Venice Tutorial, and I am on the explore 3D data section. The problem is that I am unable to add the data Venice_Elevation_Data owner:Learn_ArcGIS from ...
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  • Newbie: Appending data to related table

    Hi!   Could anyone give me a hint on how to solve this problem? I just cand get my head around it.   I have a database with buildings. And a Standalone Table. Now I need to break out some of the data ...
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  • Attend Drone-Con at Palomar College before the UC!

    Join over 200 of your colleagues at our National Drone Conference at Palomar College (North San Diego County) on Friday, July 6, 2018! Our conference this year will feature a number of technical sessions with gue...
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  • Can't select multiple rows in a field with mouse or shift

    Maybe I am being daft, but I am unable to select more than one record in a table using my mouse. In 9.3 and previous versions, I could click and drag and select however many records I wanted or use the shift key to se...
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  • Is there any way to get the username of user logged into Arcgis Server via the web for a GP service using arcpy?

    Hi.   I'm wanting to publish a python script as a geoprocessing service (a secured service). Is there any way for arcpy to get the name of the arcgis server user who calls the gp task?   e.g. I log in and ...
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  • Why does text get replaced with gibberish?

    Probably a noob question.   Periodically some of the text in my app gets replaced with unintelligible strings of characters. See pic. I promise that in code all of the Text on this interface is in the English la...
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