• User Type Change needs to be a privilege, not just admin capability.

    6 votes
    Create a privilege that will allow a non-Administrator to reassign another member's user type.   Our use case is this (using user-type model terms):  A Viewer in Italy would like to create content, (no...
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  • Using "lmutil lmstat" to check License Mgr v10.+  status on a remote machine (solution)

    updated Feb 20, 2018   This is to help anyone that may use the "lmutil" command line utility to check the status of concurrent license usage on a remote machine (i.e. from a local, non license manager (LM) machi...
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  • Cityengine - textured roofs

    Hi,   I have a problem with texturing the roofs of buildings. I have orthophotomap with resolution 5cm (25000 x 20000 pixels) and buildings. I did an automatic texturization of the roofs following the next cod...
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    From time to time getting this error from the AGS Log, " RequestId: 15112 4/23/2019 6:29:19 PM 7a59b848-7642-4aa1-9c41-ac2adf9d711d Error: FDO_E_VERSION_REDEFINED. The version has been redefined to reference a new da...
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  • How to check for overlap: Raster and polygon

    I have two input files: - a feature class with a number of polygons  - a raster   I want to do an Extract by Mask for each of the polygons in my feature class. Due to my data structure, I sometimes do not...
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  • OSM-Extension for ArcGIS Pro

    22 votes
    Please add native OSM-support (download, symbolize and editing) for new ArcGIS Pro. Thanks!
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  • How to include time lag in GWR?

    Hi! I am interested in creating a spatial regression model with ArcGis. I found the option to use GWR tool. All the information I fount about that is fine, however, I still have a question about a specific case that I...
    created by maksimsfeofilovs
  • CityEngine 3D Editor in Pro

    13 votes
    CityEngine 3D Editor in Pro.  We should be able to have a CityEngine 3D editor in ArcGIS Pro to genrate 3D models, to batch create 3D models via CGA, to apply rasters to aply analysis at a global scale
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  • Map Series Printing

    4 votes
    I have a map series of hundreds of pages and I cannot print the entire series. Selecting print all only prints the current page. Selection and pages option are grayed out. I realize I can export the series as...
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  • Can dropped pin coordinates be in the coordinate system of the web map?

    I have a web map hosted in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 which uses the British National Grid coordinate system for base maps and layers.  If I open the map in Explorer for ArcGIS (both on iOS and Android) and long pres...
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  • operation dashboard: sum area error

    In Operation Dahboard  I'm trying  to use a simple Indicator widget to summarize area from a polygon layer in my webmap (using SHAPE AREA FIELD)   The SHAPE AREA FIELD is visible either in th...
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  • Survey123 Connect Help

    I am developing an inspection survey and I have a question that includes a "select_multiple" type. I have 6 choices in my list under the list tab and one of the choices is "other." This question is a smart form questi...
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  • End of flash player

    ArcGIS use adobe flash, but at 2020 flash will be discontinued. So will this cause issue for us?. our application relay on ArcGIS data. I use ArcMap 10.0 (build 2412) only. so if it's true, do I need to change it an...
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  • Cedar charts stop working.

    Hello, I am using cedar charts in my application and it was working fine, but from tomorrow while i was working on some other part of my application charts stop working itself. Is there any issue occured in cedar lib...
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  • Web AppBuilder Reporting Widget

    90 votes
    Hi,   Would it be possible for ESRI to develop a customisable WAB Reporting Widget to generate reports that will contain a map and/or attribute information. Reporting functionality is a critical part of spatial ...
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  • Provide an ODBC driver for the ESRI file geodatabase

    Not in Current Product Plan
    219 votes
    We really need access to the FGDB through ODBC. Especially customers using ArcLogistics are tied to the FGDB, and oftentimes the customers need an ODBC-driver for other external applications to gain access to th...
  • Displaying Single Year of Data in Time Aware Map

    Hi all I made a time enabled map of data that is the yearly average and thanks to Bushtel Admin posting a workaround was able to edit the interval on the time slider widget so it has the same start time and...
  • ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

    Under Consideration
    259 votes
    ArcGIS Pro has a superior interface for authoring weblayer symbology.  It would be nice if you could use it to edit an existing webmap then simply share but overwrite an existing thus maintaining the webmap id.
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  • Spyder

    Update...       Spyder 3.3.4 is out   Battle cry.... Install Spyder, Jupyter console and Jupyter notebook for ArcGIS Pro by default                ...
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  • Parallel Processing with Python Toolboxes in ArcGIS Pro

    I am familiar with using the multiprocessing module in a stand-alone script with ArcMap at Python 2.7.  However, I want to create a Python toolbox to be used from ArcGIS Pro and I want to know if I can still use ...
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