• Syncing Contextual Data in Collector

    We use Collector to gather data on trees on our land. As well as the tree information collected there are various other layers to provide contextual information to the field worker. These contextual layers, which are ...
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  • Migration from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 server to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1new server

    We have ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 on our server and now we would like to move to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 onto new Server machines. How can all map services published to ArcGIS Server 10.6 previously can be transferred t...
  • Model Builder - using Folder name as output file name

    Hi, I have put together a model that takes all of the shapefiles in a folder and merges them together.  I basically need to know how to use the name of the folder in the name of the output merged file. ...
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  • Problems with AddLocations in Python Scripting

    I have written a python script that iterates through a country list in order to generate OD matrices between origins and destinations. The network analyst shall generate one matrix per country. For each country, I use...
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  • [esri.layers.FeatureLayer] #load() Failed to load layer

    [esri.layers.FeatureLayer] #load() Failed to load layer message: "Feature layer must be created with either a url or a source" name: "feature-layer:missing-url-or-source" I'm getting a bunch of these erro...
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  • Update in compare app template for it to compare up to 2 maps only?

    Hey there, Perhaps someone knows what happened with the Compare customizable web application template and its capability to compare up to 4 maps? One week ago I created an application for the comparison of 4 dif...
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  • Create Lines between Polygons based on Polygon Attributes

    How do I create a line between two polygons based on the polygons' attributes. For example, I want to show migration between polygons, Alaska and Wyoming. The Alaska polygon has an origin state attribute with value, "...
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  • How to enable SSL Pinning in the SDK when using SDK API to call ArcGIS online service

    1.  Is there anyone know whether the SSL Pinning is enabled when ArcGIS iOS SDK communicates with ArcGIS online (Cloud, not on premise sever)? If not, how to add additional SSL Pinning check code when using ...
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  • Exporting to PDF from ArcGIS Pro is producing large file sizes

    Hi all,   I've reproduced some of my old map documents in ArcGIS Pro, believing there would be some efficiencies in this.  When I export these layouts to PDF, the resulting files are about 5x larger than th...
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  • Can't get WMS to work

    Hi fellow ArcGIS'ers. I am trying to add a WMS layer to our companies ArcGIS Online content to enable access across multiple Web Maps. I have added the following servers to the "Trusted Servers" list in the...
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  • Updating table fields from a raster file

    Hi there! I have some raster files in grid format with signed integer pixels in which I want to add some fields in their table then compute values with some formulas in the new fields. I manag...
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  • Get and set layout element anchor points in ArcPy

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    I need to be able to get and set the anchor points of layout elements in ArcPy. Currently, it is impossible for arcpy to know whether the layout elements of any given MapDocument are on or off  the layout. Y...
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  • Enable Undo or Discard after Geoprocessing.ExecuteToolAsync

    I have noticed that some tools when executed from the Geoprocessing Tool pannel have a "start editing" check box to allow the Discard/Undo of the operation. I'm wandering if there is a way to Undo or Discard the chang...
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  • Publishing a Service Error - ServerHealthCheckTask

    I'm having a problem sharing a service via ArcMap and generally accessing REST services.   Configuration: ArcGIS for Server Version 10.5.1 runs as Windows Service (port: 6080) WebAdaptor Version 10.5.1 runs on...
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  • TreeView in winform bugs when clicking outside of it

    I have a form with a TreeView in which the user can select different maps to be loaded into ArcMap.    The issue is that if clicking outside of the form window, the last selection gets "locked up", and then...
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  • GeoEvent spatial filter

    Hello,   I am new to GeoEvent and have some questions.   I am polling features from a point feature layer (name: ex1) with incremental updates set to last_edited_date. I am also polling features from a secon...
  • ArcGIS Administrator should work without admin rights to computer

    40 votes
    My understanding is that using ArcGIS 10 on Windows 7 requires admin rights in order to be able to change the level of license (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcMap) in the ArcGIS Administrator or make changes to the registry k...
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  • Standard GeoProcessing Tools loose dropdown

    I have observed a curious behaviour in 10.3 as well as 10.4.1. It's not a show stopper but does require me to close down ArcMap and restart it. I now have a brand new PC and 10.4.1 is a clean install on a new operatin...
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  • How to rotate graticule ticks when layout is rotated?

    I am creating a map book based on Strip Map Index Features, which rotate following to a linear feature on the map. I have created a measured grid for the layout, showing a grid of ticks (crosses) instead of lines. My ...
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  • Why esri Search widget cannot query for all fields by default

    I'm trying to search on  multiple feature layers by using  search widget. Is there any possibility that  i can search every fields that define on layer without specifying fields on search widget ' searc...
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