• Bug in Modifying Feature?

    I have two Node layers in my map with the second layer being a copy of the first. I am enabling users to merge similar nodes to help clean up data, but all alterations are done on the copy layer in case the user later...
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  • Set Spatial Reference of Object ArcGIS Runtime

    I am trying to set the Spatial Reference as seen below...but for some reason its not liking it...   gpParametersInsert.outputSpatialReference = SpatialReference.createWgs84();   If I include the line above...
    created by jay.kapalczynski
  • Arcade Text Constant for TextFormatting.NewLine is adding space instead of new line

    I am trying to use TextFormatting.NewLine to add a new line to a Label Expression.   In the Playground, I am entering: $feature.name1 + TextFormatting.NewLine + $feature.name2   But the Result is...
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  • ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1 login problems

    Hello,   I just installed ArcGIS Monitor locally on a DELL Precision 5530 CORE i9 laptop with W10 Pro 32 GB RAM. ArcGIS Monitor Administrator seems to work fine, I can create Collections, Counters etc but I can...
  • ArcGIS Hub Image Bug

    I have a Hub that looks fine on windows but on mac many of my images are appearing smaller. Specifically, any image I have that is a hyperlinked image is appearing small. It looks like the image address for these imag...
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  • ArcSDE 10.2 compatibility with AIX : 7100-05-04-1914

    Hello, We have two oracle databases configured as data stores for ArcGIS Server 10.2. The Oracle version is 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production We need to patch servers hosting the oracle da...
  • Enterprise and federate or stand alone

    We have ArcGIS Server 10.3 running on an old server.  We are setting up a new sever and will install 10.7.1 (single-machine deployment).  My current workflow is to publish a map service from ArcMap...
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  • ArcGIS Desktop support for WMTS files

    Hello, I know that ArcGIS Server supports WMTS format. However, when exporting the map from ArcMap to the server the WMTS format (x,y,z) capability is not supported. Am i missing something? Thanks -Z-
  • Modify Elevation Contour Lines

    I have a county Contour Map that is not interactive. I went to Google Earth and created a point file and converted to a shape file, extracted a Contour map . Now what I need is to modify the contour lines in a speci...
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  • RuntimeError: cannot open feature class

    My script below gets to the first feature class in the list and bails with: RuntimeError: cannot open 'Roads'   I tested it in a file geodatabase and it worked as intended. Tried next with a connection to an SD...
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  • Survey123 app

    Hi, the current version in PlayStore will install but wont run on most recent devices. users in the play store report the same bug. It runs well on old devices...
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  • ArcGIS Runtime 100.6 UWP app is throwing SEHException and crashes

    I just started to use the ArcGIS Runtime 100.6 UWP version and wanted to create a simple app using navigation view and pages. I just installed the Esri.ArcGISRuntime.UWP nuget package. When I navigate to the page cont...
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  • Unable to Sign In with Survey 123 Connect (v 3.6.137)

    I've just had Survey 123 Connect (v 3.6.137) installed on my PC. I've created a survey, but am unable to publish it. When I try to sign in I just get a whirring green circle in the 'sign in' window, it doesn't ever ge...
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  • How can I calculate the distance and time between points on a pre-planned route?

    I have a line feature that represents the route that a shuttle bus will travel and a point layer that represents all of the spots where the shuttle will stop. I am not looking to find an optimal route between the stop...
    created by ccctma
  • Best Way to Calculate Millennials in 5-Years

    In 2019 Millennials will turn 23 - 38 years old.  In the next five years they will be 28-43.  If I want to see the five-year projection of the total millennials in 2024, do I use the same age group 23-38 in ...
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  • Issues with presentation mode in ArcGIS Online

    I have a presentation with about 40 slides, based on a web map with about 60 layers. Eventually, usually when most of my slides are created, some of the layers are not available anymore in "slide properties". Then, wh...
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  • Email list of connected users needs character stripping

    Full disclaimer: I'm not a programmer and understand the bare minimum of python just to get by. I want to learn more but don't have anyone to help with bouncing ideas or finding solutions. Hence, I'm here hu...
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  • Why are some layers not being published when I publish my service?

    I have recently been getting an error when I changed some layers in a map service.  The layers are shapefiles and are not registered with the server at this time.  I am ok with them being copied to the serve...
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  • Query point inside polygon

    I'm in a position where i have something working with the JavaScript API and now i'm trying to replicate it with the online Query Builder tool!   Here's my QueryTask which is successfully finding the point insid...
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  • whenever I try to save my Survey on Survey 123 I get a "errors when parse form" message.  When I show details this appears "Case Management Services Provided > Choices[7]:   Case Management Services Provided > Choices[5]:   Case Management Services Provid

    I would like to know how I can correct this issue.   Thank you,
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