• Help me determine my research question for my thesis?

    Hello everyone, I'm at the start-up phase of my thesis in geoinformatics and was hoping someone here would be kind enough to aid me in narrowing down the subject. The University supervisor and I have established ...
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  • Survey webform loading issue - today's performance

    Hello all,    I have a survey that consists of multiple pages. It worked perfectly until yesterday - no html showing while loading, nice and clean loading. I could see the first page of the survey when...
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  • HTML and Unicode chars - inconsistent rendering on Android

    I am using HTLM with Unicode characters to "beautify" my surveys and I have noticed that on Android specifically there seems to be a problem:   In Connect my example looks like this:   So its nice becaus...
  • Save Spatial Adjustment Displacement Links in ArcGIS Pro?

    Is it possible to save spatial adjustment displacement links in ArcGIS Pro? I found the following for ArcMap, but haven't found anything comparable in Pro: Saving displacement links to a file—Help | Documentatio...
    created by TyceHerrman
  • Arc Objects COM dll ---> Add-in? Suggestions.

    dear Readers,   good afternoon.  thank you for taking the time to read through my queries.   A brief history: We developed a COM arcobjects toolbar with commands, tools, and menu in 2008 to INTE...
    created by mravichandran
  • Exported FGDB from AGOL and TODAY the photo dates are the same

    This isn't normal, something has changed in the last month. I run a Python script to extract the photos, and these dates should be the date is taken, which helps me eliminate the oldest photos, but this is what I see...
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  • Need to upgrade or install apps

    Hi everyone, due to corona virus all support is close. Pls help First I have purchased for 100 $ usd ArcGIS online and then purchased ArcGIS Desktop for personal use for usd 100$. Now when I try to install the colle...
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  • Why does Survey123 Connect version 3.9.120 crash on thumbnail file open box

    In Survey123 Connect, when I go to Settings and click on the Thumbnail, a file open dialog opens then Survey 123 Connect immediately crashes. 
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  • IndexOf undefined error on collaborate

    When I try and save a Survey123 form's submitter settings in the online "Collaborate" tab, I keep getting a "Failed to save- Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined error".  The form, published feature ...
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  • Time enabled layers don't like joins in SQL?

    I have a series of layers with joins whose data source was changed from Oracle to SQL (SDE). They stopped working after the change. Turns out that if I drop the join, the time-enabling works. This is the error I get w...
    created by rsm_ddms
  • How to add a pointer or a marker on a map using coordinates?

    I want to add a pointer or a marker on a webmap using coordinates. Below is the code to my original map, it works:   <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta na...
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  • Check Arcgis Map Service working status in c#

    How to check each map service working status like service is running or stopped.I want to loop through service directory check service status using c#
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  • Sometimes able to change color of text in credit section...sometimes not?

    There are two things going on here, Some story maps I am able to change the color of text in the credit section when editing and sometimes I am not. Once it is published the coloring is no longer applied.   He...
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  • Hide Variable/Curly Bracket Until Selected

    In the Text Widget/Dynamic Text is there a way to hide the variable and the curly brackets until something is selected? Or a way to write an expression - i.e. If {County} = "" Then "" Else {County}? Seems like this sh...
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  • Cant Add Data From ArcGIS Online Via ArcMap

    I'm running ArcMap (10.4.0). I haven't used it for awhile so I needed to install the security patch for TLS update. After running the update I went back into ArcMap and my add data from ArcGIS Online option is gone. I...
    created by Joerodney
  • How to remove the back button for page navigation?

    In our survey, we made some screening questions on the first page of the survey and put a note for some participants that they are not qualified for the survey on the second page, while other qualified participants ar...
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  • Passing Data from One Survey to Another - Limitations?

    I am working on a project where multiple surveys are needed, each depending upon what data are collected and how they are collected. I have been testing the linking of a main survey (collects some items such as name, ...
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  • Invalid token : error 498

    HI,  I am trying to use an existing  feature service to create my survey. We published the feature layer but I get 'invalid token error :498 whenever I am trying to create a survey from that feature se...
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  • Unable to view public feature service (Portal) via Explorer (AGOL)

    I have a publicly shared feature service published to Portal that includes a join through a read-only account to an SQL view in one database and a read-only account to our Roads layer in another database.   https...
  • Feature-Linked Annotations in Published Pro Fabric

    I am exploring the possibility of using feature-linked annotations in the ArcGIS Pro Parcel Fabric, but have been unsuccessful so far. The convert labels to annotation tool fails, saying that feature-linked annotation...
    created by carlsonj9