• install error with R 4.0

    I'm just getting started with an R-ArcGIS Bridge tutorial.   I'm running ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 on Windows running as Parallels virtual machine on MacOS.   I first installed the bridge from Pro (Project-Opt...
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  • Get 1:M related objects using Arcade

    Branched from: Get related objects in Arcade    I have a pipeline fc with geometry(fittings are drawn to scale as a polygon) with diameter, and globalid fields.    And then a view(table) con...
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  • Hub - Incomplete list of layers in datasets.json

    The json generated from the sites endpoint is an incomplete list of layers offered on our site. I'm seeing 4 layers when I should see 40. This problem started around April 19th. Graham Hudgins Thomas Hervey   En...
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  • Survey123 performance on the old iOS machine

    Hello all,    My client said that she was not able to open a particular survey on her ipad - when she click the survey, t's spinning then closed when she hit the collect button. Her iPad model is ...
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  • Excep_FromHResult 0x80072EEF” error while downloading the Collector Map offline

    Hi,   I am using Classic version of Collector and getting this error "Excep_FromHResult 0x80072EEF” while downloading the Collector Map offline. The layers are ArcGIS Server feature services. I am abl...
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  • Change order of columns in Data tab for the web

    Is it possible to change the order of the columns in the Data tab in Survey123 for the web? It appears that I can add/remove columns from view, and I can sort rows, but the columns always show up in the order they wer...
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  • Workforce Editing Workers Table Via REST API and integromat

    I have a workers table  as part of a workforce project that i have added fields to and i use integromat to update each field following the submisison of a survey123 form as required. I thought it was working fine...
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  • Image Selection in Survey123 App

    When a survey includes an Image field, there are two options: 1) take a picture, or 2) select an image.   I'm having problems with the second option.     My assumption would be that when taking the sur...
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  • Looking for a way to speed up map loads

    Good morning. I looking for a way to speed up map loads. Simple maps but loads seem longer than other page content. If anyone has a moment to look at this Map and give some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. ...
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  • Arcade - New Epression option is missing

    Hi guys,   I've published a service and I want to use Arcade for symbolizing and scaling this service. Although, I've done this many times before,now I cannot see the option "New Expression". In case something ...
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  • ArcGIS Server 10.8 Upgrade Fail. Existing ArcGIS Server Site Not Found.

    Hi All   I am trying to upgrade stand-alone ArcGIS Server 10.6.1 to 10.8. When running the installer it correctly detects the previous install on E drive and prompts the user to rename the directory and rerun in...
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  • Merge Function in ModelBuilder does not remember Field Map

    Hi All,   I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 on Windows 10.   I am building a model that merges two polygon layers together. The fields are slightly different, so I need the Field Mapping function to map fields a...
  • Utility Network - Subnetwork Controllers and Open Points

    Hi everyone,  I'm implementing a Utility Network (electric)  and I am now defining my Subnetwork Controllers for my connectivity.   In the picture below, there's two different Network Controllers (A a...
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  • What is the best way to take data from a generic REST endpoint and put it into a webmap?

    Hi all. I am working with data from a 3rd party vendor that is accessible from a 'generic' (non-mapping) REST endpoint. I present credentials to an OAuth2 URL and get a token back that allows me to make the API ...
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  • Not able to view raster dataset in arc map (arcgis pro)

    Hello, I am struggling to view raster datasets that I created from las datasets. I am using arcgis pro (2.5) and downloaded the lidar data from my province's governmental website (there are no restrictions as far as m...
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  • Survey123 Connect Error 403 prevents login

    When I try to open the sign in dialogue in Survey123 Connect 3.9.120, I get redirected to Error: 403 This request needs to be made over https.  This error persists when I change the login portal to my o...
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  • Edit CrowdSource Reporter Pull Down Menu

    I created a Geodatabase with different point layers and assigned domains to specific fields. In the domain menu I have the code and a description. As I understand it, the description is what drives the pull down menu ...
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  • error code 400

    Hi   I have tried and do everything that other members suggested but I still get the same error , I have changed from User to Publisher to Admin but I still get the same error.   I am attaching the file ...
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  • Custom Dynamic Text

    Hi   I have a series of layout templates that we use to create figures for reports. One of the features of these layouts is the project number (Pxxxx for example). I would like to create some dynamic text to au...
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  • pay for license for each tool separately

    Dear ESRI Team Our company is using your ArcGIS Pro tool, and many users are using Near function which is not available in Standard ArcGIS Pro license, whereas other tools as QGIS ...
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