• Schema changes to hosted feature layers after creating a view with the Join Features tool

    This article (June 2018) says that feature layers participating in view layers with joins can't have their schema altered. Is this information still valid?   We've been experiencing this with a hosted feature l...
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  • Convert *.shp file to an MBTiles

    I’m looking to convert a shp file to an MBTiles file for offline use. I have no idea how to do that. Any suggestions?
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  • Pulldata in multiple surveys from single source

    All the instructions I've found so far say that the .csv must be put into the media folder.... So that .csv is only good for a single survey.   Is there any way to force all my surveys to pulldata from a single...
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  • ERD Design

    Are there any tool l could use to create an ERD
    created by volovolo2006
  • ArcGIS 10.7 version of HEC-GeoHMS installation package looking for Arc Hydro 10.7.19, does this version exist?

    HEC-GeoHMS installation package for ArcGIS 10.7 looking for a version of ArcHydro that doesn't exist and won't install, with either or which are the closest versions.
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  • Popup Template is unable to render arcade expression

    Hi everyone,   I am using Arcgis API for JS v4.13 to create a web application. I have a MapImageLayer created from a service url, which contains 4 sublayers:   var MyLayer = new MapImag...
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  • Authenticating to the geoevent admin api

    I'm attempting to authenticate to and use the Admin Geoevent API, and I'm so far failing.   Documentation on usage is sparse without examples: GeoEvent Server REST API documentation—Administer(10.7.1) | A...
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  • How to "Use Managed App Configuration with ArcGIS Enterprise"?

    As mentioned with the new release you can now "Use Managed App Configuration with ArcGIS Enterprise" with Collector.  It is great that we are now able to do this, but some guidance as to how would be more than he...
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  • ArcGIS Pro Python install error

    Python command line tool gives this error then opened: the system could not find the path specified arcgispro-py3\etc\conda\activate.d>set "GDAL_DRIVER_PATH="     how to fix this issue? Thank you,
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  • All attributes deleted from table when re-starting program

    I have an Excel file that's folder was connected to the Catalog. In that folder I had a file with 4 sheets. I added the 4th sheet to the map via the catalog pane. By default, it became a standalone table, let's call...
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  • ArcGIS Hub - Failed to create Initiative

    Hello, I have a "publisher" role in our ArcGIS organization. My colleagues are able to create a hub site, but when I try to create a site, I receive the error "Failed to create initiative". It does not give me any ad...
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  • How to use a versioned Enterprise Geodatabase with Collector?

    Hello,   I have been using an archived feature dataset that is set up to sync for a map in Collector. Recently, I had the need to create a versioned enterprise geodatabase with Collector using ArcMap. I set...
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  • Cloning python environment in arcgis pro

    Hi,   I am trying to clone the default python environment in ArcGIS Pro so I can configure a new environmetn, but keep getting an error every time I try to clone the default environment.  Is there a way aro...
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  • How was this symbol created?

    Hello, how was this dot icon created with the line? It automatically adapts to the scale. (ArcGIS Online)     Found at: Serveur de démos arcOrama    I hope someone can help me. thanks.
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  • Is it possible to apply a vertical datum transformation to a las dataset (*.lasd)?

    I have a las dataset the uses the NAD83CSRS UTM20 datum; elevations are ellipsoidal. I am trying to transform the data to the CGVD2013 vertical datum, but have been unsuccessful thus far. I have tried setting the outp...
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  • Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree - prepare_data problem

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. I'm new to the concept of Deep Learning and I'm following the lesson "Use Deep Learning to Assess Palm Tree Health". I was able to follow this tutorial without a problem un...
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  • Unable to delete item from portal

    Hi,   I was published some features in Portal. I have Server federated with Portal.   I created Server conection in Arcmap and publish de feature for tests.   Now I need remove the item from portal. ...
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  • Connecting MS Access to ArcGIS Pro

    I recently began using ArcGIS Pro as some of our clients have been requesting the change from ArcMap to Pro. We provide a MS Access file which previously was connected to a personal GDB. Its my understanding that Pro ...
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  • Failed to Import mxd to ArcGIS Pro

    Hi,   I was trying to import .mxd created using ArcMap 10.4.1 to Pro 1.3. After selecting the map document, Pro just shuts down automatically. I tried importing .mxd created in ArcMap 10.2, and the same thing ha...
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  • Selecting data from NLCD Canopy Cover layer from 2016

    I've downloaded the 2016 Canopy Cover data from NLCD. I want to be able to select all the data from that layer within various distances from multiple points. I'm looking at habitat data and bird nests. I am not able t...
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