• Cloud make iOS certificate creation

    The AppStudio iOS cloud make requires a Certificate. Is the $99 Apple Development Program membership required in order to create a certificate or can you create one with just a Apple Developer Account?
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  • Has the functionality to create landing pages disappeared?

    I can't seem to find where to create a landing page with this newest version of App Studio.  The way to make them via the web doesn't seem to be there either.  I am missing something?
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  • override close event?

    Hi,   Is there any method that can override the application's close event? For instance, when a user tried to close the application on Windows, will trigger that can add some logic. After some googling, I found ...
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  • Add ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption to the plist

    I need to add this to the plist file: <key>ITSAppUsesNonExemptEncryption</key><false/> How can i do it?
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  • Comparing Similar Cross Sections from separate DEMs

    Hi all,    I am currently working on analyzing topographic data collected over a span of 3 years on the same stream reach. The analyses require I develop a cross-sectional profile at the same exact location ...
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  • Census 2010 Blocks & Population Tables

    Hello! I'm new to using Census data and am having trouble finding total population tables for all 50 states & DC to join to TIGER block geometry. I've spent many hours exploring Census web & ftp sites, and hav...
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  • Soil survey shows holes in 100.5

    Hi, We are in the process of migrating our android and iOS xamarin apps from 10.2. One of the maps we are using: soil survey, is showing holes in certain areas of the map. It looks like lakes and bodies of water are...
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  • Running out of RAM while drawing a scene.

    I'm trying to create a local scene using parcel data. Using a particular attribute, I extrude each parcel. This particular map has almost 390k parcels and when it attempts to draw the extruded layer, both my RAM and v...
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  • why isn't the magnetic declination working?

    Using ArcGis Pro, and the Magnetic North arrow in layout is no-longer working, it's the same as the grid north....and the dynamic text for the magnetic declination is also the same as grid north.
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  • What programming  language does Qt Creator utilize?

    I am going to attend a coding bootcamp, in order to develop GIS Apps. I was wondering what language AppStudio and Qt Creator are built on.
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  • Problem with coloramps in ArcMap 10.7

    I'm using Arcmap 10.7 and I have problem with coloramps. Everything works perfect but when i save an mxd file and open in again, color ramps have dissapeared.  Properties for all colors in symbology in not ...
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  • ESRI_Anonymous Last Edited User

    I have a feature service in an Enterprise sde that is published to our ArcGIS Server. This layer lives in an AGOL web map that we use Collector to edit and update. The issue is that when I perform edits, the last edit...
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  • Curve Calculator for ArcGIS Pro

    We have a user that needs the functionality of the curve calculator: Calculating COGO curve parameters—Help | ArcGIS Desktop    In Add full COGO functionality to ArcGIS Pro  it is ...
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  • When calling queryRelatedRecords, what does the error "json" mean?

    When we try to retrieve related records using ArcGIS Server's queryRelatedRecords endpoint, our clients sometimes receive an odd error message. It's just "json". This is really hard to diagnose. Any ideas on what it m...
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  • Query widget - add image to results

    I’d like to display an image in the Query Widget results window (pictured attached. I can get the image to display in the pop up in the web map, but for some reason it won’t display in widget.   ...
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  • Receiving error failed to validate license counts

    We are receiving the same two error's in our arcgis Enterprise Portal logs every 10 minutes on the dot saying "Failed to validate license counts. Failed to validate License counts". Followed by the next error saying "...
  • How can I convert Bentley i model (i.dgn) to ESRI File GDB without losing data/attribute information in ArcPro?Tried Data Interopability also, it fetches null geometry/attributes. TIA

    We have BIM data in bentley i model format (i.dgn). Need to use that data in GIS analysis, so tried to convert that data in ArcGIS Geodatabase featureclass. Used Data interoperability tool in both application Desktop ...
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  • ArcGIS Maps for Office - Aggregate by Counties

    I am trying to introduce some people to ArcGIS Maps for Office. When playing around with some test data, I noticed I was unable to aggregate my data by county, I am however able to aggregate the data by zip,state...
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  • In AGOL, setting features for Popup for certain features

    I have a number of layers in my AGOL map, that are symbolized by a STATUS attribute.   So, this layer is only displaying TCO.  How can I configure my popup to only show the TCO features also?  C...
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  • Does Model Builder has maximun number of tools we can use in it?

    Hello,   I am doing a model using ModelBuilder in ArcMap, it is a really big model and for some reason it get corrupted every time i get certain number of tools.   Regards,   Diego Llamas
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