• ArcGIS Explorer App suddenly needing sign-in/out to access web maps

    In order to allow field workers to access interactive maps in the field, I created some web apps in AGOL and installed the latest ArcGIS Explorer app on their android tablets. Everyone has their own viewer account and...
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  • export some columns of feature to TXT-FILE with modelbuilder

    Hi    I have to transfer raster data (0.5m times 0.5m) to a txt-file with the format x;y;z. Because of storege issues I must create several txt-files. I used the model builder to clip the raster data with ...
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  • Please Help! - Appending Data to New Form

    Hi Survey123 folks.   Can someone help me determine the best way to combine data collected from a previous form to an updated form's feature layer?  We developed a form (Form 1) using Survey123 connect...
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  • Layer not visible in Explorer when editor tracking is enabled

    Hi,   I am new to Explorer for ArcGIS and I am creating my first mobile map. The data is in an enterprise geodatabase. I create a .mmpk file with ArcGIS Pro and then I copy it to my smartphone and load it in Ex...
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  • Datos de encuesta Survey

    Realizamos una encuesta con Survey en la que recogimos datos, entre ellos, imágenes de los puntos. Ahora quiero trabajar con estos datos en ArcGIS Pro, así que lo exporto a una base de datos. ¿D&oac...
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  • Fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset

    Hey,    I couldn’t figure out why ArcMap fails to add rasters to the mosaic dataset. The following messages are displayed in the results:   8004206a: Could not validate the footprint geometry as...
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  • Indoors - Can't see the Indoors Tools

    Hi,   I've just installed a Portal with the Indoors capabilities and installed the Indoors Python environment in PRO but I cannot see the Indoors tools in Pro.   I am a creator role (actually the Primary A...
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  • Is there anyway to show more than 16 tiles in a gallery on hub

    Looking to add a maps page to existing site.  But we have more than 16. Is there any way to show more than 16 tiles, I remember seeing a page selection with additional tiles behind page 2 etc.  Is this a th...
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  • Survey123 Annotate image -Capture Map by  Default

    Is it possible to default an annotate image question to the Map option? I want to have a image of the map attached to   every form i submit   
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  • The user does not have permission to execute the operation

    Hi all,   I am using  the File Geodatabase API v.1.5.1 with .NET and when I try to insert a new row into an existing Feature Class, I get the following the error "The user does not have permission to execut...
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  • Idea for generate areola points effect.

    Areola points has better effects  (as below). Checked API not found.    Here is the reference for Openlayers.    Any idea for it?
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  • the end of 2019 and still battling CORS issues

    This is the error that never goes away and drives me nuts   The site is using the latest 3.x api   It does NOT use the proxy.aspx page   the server is , lets say "esri-gis1"   there is an inter...
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  • Passing Data from Collector to Survey123

    Hey so i have a survey done up for a client and I am passing information from collector into survey123. I have also added links to the survey to the pop up so that they can access it through those links. However, when...
  • How can we record accuracies at 95% confidence when using high-accuracy GPS and collector?

    All documentation we have found states that recorded accuracies in GNSS metadata are at 63-68% confidence for horizontal accuracy and 68% confidence for vertical accuracy. 
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  • How to get shapefile's geometry from local shapefile?

    I'd like to use GeometryEngine.Contains Method on  polygons from these shapefiles but i can't retrieve polygons . How can I retrieve them? Please Help me. GeometryEngine.Contains Method       ...
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  • What´s the differences to publish from Desktop to Server and Portal

    Hi,   I created two connection in Arcmap. One to Server other to Portal. The Server is federated with Portal.   What is the difference between publishing directly to the server than publishing directly to ...
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  • tkFileDialog.askopenfilename in python addin crashes ArcMap

    I tried to create an interactive tool that takes features selected in the active ArcMap view, allows user to pick a file and then attach it to selected features.   However, everything ends at tkFileDialog.askope...
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  • Single-choice grid in Survey123 Connect into an existing survey

    Hello. Can I edit an existing Survey123 connect survey to incorporate the new feature of single-choice grids? As below, it doesn't seem to be showing up for me as a valid entry under the Appearance column? Thanks, Tom...
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  • Many concurrent Surveyors using Survey123

    Hello, We plan to perform a Survey, using Survey123 on mobile browser, to thousands of surveyors and about 2500-3000 concurrent. The survey is based on ArcGIS Online and possibly ArcGIS Server service and SDE Layer (H...
  • Adding Custom Basemaps to Basemap Gallery in 4.3

    I have imagery dating back 20 years or so that I need to add to my Basemap Gallery widget in a v4.3 map. Has anyone figured out how to add these custom basemap layers to the widget in this version of the APi?   ...
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