• Handle OpenSSL.SSL.Error

    I'm using beautifulsoup to scrape a list of URLs for Covid-19 info which in turn is used to update our ArcGIS Hub page. Once in a while, a URL is broke and I get a bad handshake error. I want my script to handle this ...
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  • Script to Trace Water Mains to Fire Hydrant

    I have a line feature class of water mains and another point feature class of fire hydrants. The water mains are inter-connected and the fire hydrants are connected to the tips of the water mains.   Now, I wants...
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  • How to preserve shared boundary in multipart polygons

    I need to preserve the shared boundary between polygons but make them a multipart polygon.  Dissolve with the multipart polygon checked still dissolves the shared boundary, and only makes one multipart polygon wi...
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  • Project data source cached when trying to publish GP service?

    I recently had to change a script to point to a different directory to find my SDE connections. When I try to republish the service so the paths are updated on the server, it says that my script contains a broken proj...
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  • Field Calculator for not null fields

    I am trying to use the field calculator to concatenate various fields into one new field.  The ArcGIS Arcade Guide gives the following example   Concatenate(['red', 'blue', 'green'], '/') which gives ...
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  • Centralizing database connection strings and publishing GP Services

    I have created a python script that contains all of my database connection strings and when I'm working locally, I can just import those strings like you would any regular module and use them. When I publish a geoproc...
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  • Python Script to List Visible Layers in Multiple MXDs?

    Afternoon all,   I have about 50 mxd's I need to go through and export all active layers in the maps to a new geodatabase.    I've reviewed some of the online arcpy functions and have tested the ListL...
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  • Can two different versions of ArcGIS Web Adaptor be installed on one site?

    Hi  We would like to add an additional ArcGIS Web Adaptor to a site that already has a web adaptor installed. The existing web adaptor is 10.6.1 and the new one (pointing to another arcgis server) will be versio...
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  • [Android] setCredentials for WMSLayer doesnt work in 100.7.0

    Hi, I am trying to load the Layer which is secured by a token. I have credentials to generate them and the URL. I am using UserCredential userCredential = new UserCredential(user, pass, tokenUrl) ArcGISMapImageLayer d...
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  • Automating license assignment

    Hi! We are currently manually assigning esri licenses in our organization and we would like to automate it. Any pointers on how to go about it will be very helpful. Thanks in advance
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  • Arcgis API for Python - List Group Members

    This is the explanation for how to list group members in ArcGIS API for Python documentation. I don't see any way to get an actual list of group members here. When I do this on my groups, I get the words "owner" "admi...
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  • Arcade: create an array of field values

    As the subject line suggests, I would like to create an array of all the values of a given field in a table.  The end goal is to create an attribute rule that can check a string against the array and make sure th...
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  • How to get the SpatialReference horizon polygon?

    There doesn't seem to be a direct way to get this as was possible with ArcObjects. It looks like it should be doable with GeometryEngine.GeodesicEllipse() with the parameters setup correctly. I've done it successfully...
    created by dastewart
  • Park Facility Reservation / Availability

    I know there are database driven systems for park facilities reservations out there.   Has anyone seen anything that will easily communicate with map layers?  Passing unique ids back and forth?   I wa...
    created by ryanbohan
  • Oracle Database Index Error

    I am new to Oracle databases and I am trying to create a feature class in a Oracle database within ArcCatalog and received this error. I haven't worked with this error before any ideas on how I can go about fixing thi...
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  • How to transform between page layout and map coordinates in ArcGIS Pro?

    I see MapView methods for transforming between map, screen and client. Are page layout coordinates considered screen or client?
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  • can the dashboard access external data in a SQL table/view

    I'm new to dashboard, and was thinking it would be a nice tool to display various stats from our Accela permitting system.  Can I access the SQL table directly, or do I first need to make a service out of it?
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  • Smart Edit widget error with added data layers

    arcgis online web app smart edit  webappbuilder I have been trying to implement the smart editor widget on a web app and am struggling with copying geometry from other layers.  I have been able to...
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  • Web AppBuilder Coordinate versus Coordinate Conversion Widget Locations

    Hi,   I am trying to figure out why I am getting two different lat./long.locations in the Web AppBuilder map depending on which widget I use. Currently in the map, I have Coordinate widget configured to use 'GCS...
    created by kmsmikrud
  • Not able to Select a GeoJson FeatureLayer with Select Widget in Web AppBuilder

    I am using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.32 for the development of widgets in Web AppBuilder.  I have created a locally hosted GeoJson Feature Collection and instantiated it as a FeatureLayer in code (see code ...
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