• How do I populate a Bootsrap carousel with thumbnails from maps with a group on AGOL?

    I'm new to AGOL and the JS ESRI API. As the question states, I'm looking for a way to retrieve the maps from a group with thumbnails and then populate a Boostrap carousel with the thumbnails from the maps. How do i ac...
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  • Elevation surface heights changing depending on viewing distance.

    arcpro 2.5 3d local scene elevation surface   I am creating a local scene in ArcPro 2.5 and having issues with viewing my 3D building layer from a distance.  I am using my own custom elevatio...
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  • map notes

    Is it possible to change the symbol colors for Map Notes in a web map?  The army green doesn't work well for my use.
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  • Connection refused

    We have a test portal setup that I can connect to via Survey123 Connect and can publish surveys. When i try to add the portal URL, i get 'Connection refused (1)' error.   Has anyone dealt with this before? ...
    created by bowlesgsrcx
  • Survey123 and Integromat - [400] Invalid URL

    Hello Everyone, I am currently trying to connect a survey with Integromat. The survey is using a submission URL to a related table stored in an enterprise geodatabase shared to our enterprise. I can connect to t...
    created by Stantosa
  • Offline Mode Not Working - Locked out of ArcGIS Pro

    I am getting the following message: "The account cannot be used to authorize ArcGIS Pro as it has already been configured to use in offline mode on some other device,"   I used ArcGIS Pro most of the day wi...
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  • Deploy a JavaFX App with IntelliJ IDEA

    I am not able to create an artifact using JetBrain's IntelliJ IDEA using java 11.  Below is a link to the problem. Is there a work around? Do I need to go back to Java 8 and 100.4, which would suck because I have...
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  • Why are the map units in Arc Pro read-only?

    I am working with archaeological data (specifically, a site map drawn in CAD) for a site whose real-world location is unknown. The site was excavated using an arbitrary grid with a datum of 0 easting and 0 northing.&#...
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  • Difference between Survey123 feature layers

    I've created and published my first survey and I used it to add a feature successfully. I see that in my ArcGIS Online content I have two feature layers associated with the survey, and that the feature I added is now ...
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  • Remove Layer from ListView Programticaly

    Hello everyone, I need to used API to return permissions on layers If the user haven't permission hide/ remove a layer from the map.
    created by eng.oracle
  • Change default value when updating record

    I am trying building a web app that uses survey123 to edit existing trail feature in the web browser by appending the "?mode=edit&objectId=1" to the survey url. I was able to open and edit existing records bu...
    created by bradysmith
  • ArcGIS online on a mobile phone

    Do I have to access ArcGIS online through a browser when using a mobile phone?  Or is there an app that I can download to do that?  Is this what ArcGIS exporer is?    Also, I'd like to s...
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  • OSError: cannot identify image file

    I have this issue when I try to use prepare_data function. I already have the newest version of pillow. I also noticed that the tiff files that I get from the "export training data for deep learning" can not be opene...
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  • Learn ArcGIS Question

    I worked on Learn ArcGIS's  Georeference  in ArcGIS Pro and I found some issues on that one....   Georeference Imagery in ArcGIS Pro | Learn ArcGIS    I see there is no comments at the ...
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  • Proper REST query for epoch

    Trying to query a hosted feature service on its timestamp field (epoch format, long integer) by passing in a TIMESTAMP value.  Using this Where clause on the service query interface, timestampField BETWEEN TI...
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  • Photometric Analysis

    I am working on a streetlight project and the mass change-out to LED. In order to decide what type of light we may go with, I want to generate a photometric model of each options we gave and check the impact in the ho...
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  • ArcGIS for AutoCAD rotate sync

    I am using ArcGIS for AutoCAD to edit feature services in AutoCAD / synchronise changes back to Enterprise. I am able to update the attribute table information, and the positions of my point features. However when I t...
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  • No data been seen in Classic Shortlist GeoApp Storymap when no image attached 

    I have just created a classic shortlist storymap.  The shortlist consists of 8 tabs and in the shortlist builder all the data is shown that was imported.  However I did not import any images and therefore in...
    created by SCharnock
  • Survey123 Error with Calculation Bind Attached Unexpected Beginning

    Trying to use Survey123 XLSForm to do a calucation based on a  few fields inside the form.  I keep getting this error.  I have all the bind:esrifieldtype set to double.  the syntax for the p1distan...
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  • Symbol best practice

    I have the need to create multi layer symbol, whats the best practice? create style file in ArcGIS pro and consume it or load each layer as image layer from files?
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