• Open Data Zooming

    Hi there, We've had feedback through user testing, For the Open Data page in Hub, is it possible to look at enabling zoom tools through the mouse scroll wheel? The + and - button are okay but not intuitive to use....
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  • Data driven pages should have more export file type options

    53 votes
    PDF is super useful, but sometimes exporting a map book series to JPG, TIFF, or perhaps other options may be useful for users.   This was available in DS map books, please bring this functionality back sp users ...
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  • No Results showing in search widget when address is located

    Anyone ever seen a "no result found" error in the search widget when it in fact does find and locate a result. It keeps happening in the map and I can't seem to figure it out:
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  • How do I populate a Bootsrap carousel with thumbnails from maps with a group on AGOL?

    I'm new to AGOL and the JS ESRI API. As the question states, I'm looking for a way to retrieve the maps from a group with thumbnails and then populate a Boostrap carousel with the thumbnails from the maps. How do i ac...
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  • Some features go missing when i publish to ArcGIS Enterprise

    I have a simple point feature class (Sitting in SQL Server database) that is being edited on a daily. The count of features in the feature class is: 18 042   When i publish a map with this feature class as a m...
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  • Why is ArcGIS Pro so slow?

    I like ArcGIS Pro. It is clearly a step forward in many ways. But why is it so slow for what are very simple things that should be nearly instantaneous. For example, if I want to adjust the symbology of something, eve...
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  • locked legend items

    I have a ArcGIS Pro 2.5 map in which legend items (group layer name, layer name, etc.) are locked. They are checked but grayed out. See attached snips.   I have tried deleting the legend and creating a new ...
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  • How can I get the maps from a group.

    This is a working example that gets the Content in "My Content" on the online ArcGIS portal. Access ArcGIS Online items using OAuthentication - 4.13 I am trying to change this example to get the Contents of a G...
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  • Create attachment by refrence

    Hi All Currently the attachments are saved into the geodatabase. We would like to create attachments that is saved by path (Just like Mosaic or old un managed raster catalog). We need many attachments...
  • Entity selection color

    I'm implementing selection in runtime 100.7, only one entity can be selected at a time,  i need the selection color to change depending on the entity status, i was able to achieve this by signing the MapVie...
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  • Collector for ArcGIS - Useful Links

    Collector for ArcGIS is a mobile data collection app that makes it easy to capture accurate data from the field and return it to the office. It works with web maps from the ArcGIS Platform, supports high precision dat...
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  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS - Useful Links

    Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a configurable web app that provides location-aware data visualization and analytics for a real-time operational view of people, services, assets, and events. You can monit...
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  • Subnetwork or Subnetwork Controller name do not like brackets

    Are there any limitations to the subnetwork or subnetwork controller name?  Form the sample solution it accepts dash ‘-‘ and semi column ‘:’ ('Iso:755' or 'Bob-O-Link Isolation Zone ...
  • Operations Dashboard: Attribute Table w/ CSV Export

    29 votes
    Add an attribute table widget that shows features within the map extent with the ability to export those features to a CSV file, similar to Web AppBuilder.
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  • Operations Dashboard not fully configured

    Any one with an idea of what causes the 'not fully configured' message and how to fix it
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  • attribute expression & web app builder & operations dashboard

    78 votes
    I have noticed "attribute expressions" in web maps do not transfer to web apps or operations dashboards.   Can either this be changed so the attribute expression fields do carry over and can be used by widg...
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  • Is it possible to customize the login page in portal for arcgis.

    I've portal for Arcgis 10.5 (behind the firewall). I have to customize the login page with the client's company logo, banner and all those. How can I do this. Any work around ?
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  • Ability to Edit Data in Operations Dashboard

    119 votes
         I was just wondering if there has been any consideration given to adding an option to allow the ability to edit data within Operations Dashboard?        ...
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  • Conditional Text Formatting in Operations Dashboard List

    Is it possible to format text in an operations dashboard's list, via html, based on an attribute value?  I know it can be done in webdesign through php or css files, but am not sure how limited it is in this envi...
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  • Arcade Expressions in Operation Dashboard

    238 votes
    Hi Esri,  It would be extremely useful and powerful for Arcade expressions that are set up in a web map to be supported in Operations Dashboard and that these expressions could be visualized across all 'wid...