• Trouble with popups links

    I'm having trouble linking web address stored in a field and then appearing in a custom popup. They display just fine, but don't direct properly, instead AGOL tries to append the web address to my organizations arcgis...
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  • Add *.DWG file as layer into ArcGIS Online

    45 votes
    It would be great to have possibility after defining coordinate system to add CAD file (*.dwg) as layer into ArcGIS Online platform.
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  • Enhancement Request: Enable popups for all layers in a web map with one click

    4 votes
    I would like to offer an enhancement request for the Web Map Viewer Beta (for ArcGIS Online and for Portal).  My users would like to have the option to be able to enable popups for all layers in a web map wi...
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  • Cluster Rendering for ArcMap

    In Product Plan
    94 votes
    Cluster rendering was demonstrated at the Esri UC Plenary and looks like a great capability. Would like to see this renderer added to the desktop products.
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  • COVID-19 7 day rolling average serial chart in Dashboard

    I'd like to create a serial chart in Dashboard that shows a rolling average - showing the average change in the total COVID-19 cases over the past 7 days.  Is there any way to do this from a simple table of cases...
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  • Attachment Viewer Template not available

    In the Attachment Viewer item https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=3ce375a56ed145bfa5e2214e2ad8983d  it says you should be able to start a new web app by choosing the Attachment Viewer Template, but I do...
    created by jakethepainter
  • Possible to include SQL view in OFFLINE Collector?

    We have the following: Sewer Main=feature class Sewer_SLRAT_Insp=related table SEWER_MAIN_RAT_REL=Relationship class between fc and table (1:M) v_WC_SLRatInsp=SQL view of related table   The related table h...
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  • Sideloading Survey123 Form

    Our Portal enterprise is currently being re-indexed and it is taking days rather than hours. My personal account does not display any content, but I can still publish to it, send data via an already downloaded form an...
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  • Survey123 Spinner Question not Displaying Properly when Published

    Hello,   I created a survey in Survey123 Connect. Two of the question appearances are set to spinner and appear correctly when previewing the form. When the form is published and opened in a web browser (th...
    created by jhopkins_fitp
  • Embedding dashboard charts in Experience Builder

    I know I can embed an entire #dashboard in #Experience Builder - but is it possible to embed just one #chart from an existing, multicomponent dashboard in ExpBuilder?    Right now the only way I see to embe...
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    What is the difference between LAS ESRI and LAS USGS formats? I see both types available for a number of Wisconsin county LiDAR data sets.
    created by jmahun
  • 2020 EdSummit K12 MeetUp

    SAVE THE DATE! Friday Aug 7, 10:30-11:30amPT MeetUp on Zoom! Turn on your camera and mic and make new friends! There will be a choice of 3 rooms: Science-oriented ......... go to ......... SocialStudies-oriented ....
  • Make new ArcGIS StoryMaps self-hosted

    Under Consideration
    23 votes
    Love the new StoryMaps, but cannot really utilize them in my organization (mid-size county) as we need the ability to self-host the apps on our own server like the classic Story Maps.   Please give us the option...
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  • Give user ability to change symbology in Layer List Widget

    69 votes
    ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Derek Law   It would be very beneficial if users had the ability to customize symbology of layers in the Layer List Widget. Changing Line Width/Color/Polygon Fills would assist our users wi...
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  • How to control time duration of animation keyframes in Arc GIS Pro 2.5.

    I am trying to create a through time animation of earthquake data points. I have a data set of quakes with location, date/time, and magnitude that goes back to 1855. I have set 33 Keyframes in the Gallery covering eac...
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  • How can I field calculate sequential numbering which restart with each new day?

    In my feature table I have a column labeled 'Sequence' which I would like to add sequential numbering to which resets with each new day.   example:  Date          Sequence 8/3/202...
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  • Don't require password reset on new AGO accounts

    1 vote
    When setting up a new named user, whether one at at a time or in bulk, there are two options. Email the user with the provided email address and have them create a new password and security question. The other is to n...
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  • How do I create a simple thematic maps using county boundaries from an excel file?

    I have tried creating a thematic map from ArcGIS Online, Map Beta Viewer and BOA and not luck.  Here's the file I am using?  Is there a problem with my file?  Do I need more information?
    created by Robin_Tampaedc
  • Survey123 Moving Decimal To The Right

    I have a form that has been working without issue since the Spring.  However, now when using Android devices, a question that is a double field type is having the decimal moved to the right.  More specifical...
  • One-to-One Joins in Survey123 Connect

    Hello,   I have a feature service that includes one points layer and 5 related tables, which are related using relationship classes. Of the 5 tables, 3 used a one-to-one and 2 used a one-to-many. When I created ...
    created by jhopkins_fitp