• Provide OpenStreetmap Implementation with User-Agent

    Hi,   Referring to the following post. OpenStreetMap as Basemap in WPF with ArcGis    I currently have this problem occurring.   I am currently on the 10.2.7 version of the .NET SDK and mig...
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  • Survey123: Split answers from multiple_select

    I am pretty sure that I saw this problem solved somewhere already but I cannot find it.  Assuming that I have a multiple_select answer that has the selected answers concatenated by a comma:    Banana,...
  • What is the best way to upload zip code polygons?

    I have a list of clients that all own certain zip codes. I'd like to add a layer to my map that will shade out the zip code of the taken areas. I am totally new to ESRI, any help would be great!
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  • Convert English Text in MXD to Spanish

    13 votes
    A recent Hurricane/EOC exercise lead me to think about this. I am a GIS Coordinator for a county government and we have an increasing non-english speaking population in our area. I thought it would be a good idea to h...
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  • ArcGIS Online: Deleting features in a hosted feature view without affecting the hosted feature.

    I don't know if this is even possible but I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.   I have a hosted feature layer of park amenities that contain domain values so each amenity can be visualized di...
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  • Geocoding for free on AGOL?

    Hi everyone!  I was wondering what the limits to geocoding are on a public AGOL account. I thought that for a free. public account, you couldn't geocode at all. But, I tested this by dragging in a CSV with 105 a...
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  • ArcGIS Geo Event Server Email Output Stopped Working

    We have a GeoEvent Service that sends an email based on a series of geofences.  The service gets its input from polling a feature service and sends emails when a point enters a geofence.  The email output wo...
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  • 5-ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET を使用した機能開発 ~ジオメトリ変換~

    はじめに このシリーズでは「ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET を使用した機能開発」のシリーズ記事として、ArcGIS Pro を拡張するためのアドイン開発時によく使う便利なクラ  スやメソッド、また、それらを用いた実践的な開発をご紹介します。本シリーズで実装するソースはすべて GitHub に格納してありますので、ぜひ ArcGIS Pro SD...
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  • Portal Upgrade Problem 10.6 > 10.7.1

    Hi all I am trying to upgrade existing portal setup from 10.6 to 10.7.1, and I reach the step following step:     I select the required JSON license file, then upgrade starts but I always run into t...
  • Recommend resources for ArcGIS API for JavaScript 19-001

    Hi all   I am getting prepared for the "ArcGIS API for JavaScript 19-001" certificate exam, and the posted exam guide - here - is just about the exam topics, and I couldn't find enough practice questions. Is the...
  • Are you more likely to use ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap for your day-to-day work?

    I've been working with various clients to migrate from Map to Pro, and am trying to get an idea of the consensus in the GIS community regarding which one is used more often. arcpro arcgispro arcgis arcmap arcmap 
  • Pulldata not functioning in web form

    Looking for any additional insight as to why the pulldata function appears to work properly within Connect, but seems to fail to pull data when viewed in browser. I don't appear to have functions within the pulld...
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  • Print Widget Scale Bar Default Units

    16 votes
    Hi,   With the latest update, the print widget now comes with a drop-down choice for the units of the scale bar. This is great, but perhaps it would be even better if we could also set a default scale bar u...
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  • Info Summary Widget fails to list features from AGS

    Hello Derek Law I have two identical WebApp Builder apps, both using the Info Summary widget configured in exactly the same way. The only difference being that one uses data from AGO, while the other uses data f...
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  • User unable to establish a connection to a SQL Server Database from ArcMap.

    We have a user in our organization that is unable to access our SQL Server databases.  All other users are able to access the databases.  They are authenticating in using operating system authentication....
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  • ArcGIS Pro Roadmap - July 2019

    ArcGIS Pro 2.4 was released on June 27th, 2019.  For information on the latest updates, see the ArcGIS Pro Release Notes.   Our goal is to build the best GIS software available. This ArcGIS Pro Roadmap* give...
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  • can I display content created in v 10.7 in an older version?

    I created maps in arc desktop 10.7.1, I then attempted to work on that content at school which utilizes a older version but I could not view any of my content.
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  • Enable zoom to selection in open data portal

    0 votes
    Please add a zoom to selected record in the Data Tab in the Open Data Portal. I have a layer of very small polygons (representing fitness stations).  Users cannot see them on the map view because it is zoomed ou...
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  • Known Issues of ArcGIS Earth for mobile V1.1

    For iOS   Feature   Description   Add data   1. ArcGIS Earth for iOS can display screen overlay with KML/KMZ but may not support to display it a...
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  • Sychronize Offline Features Error

    I have been trying to work out what is happening with syncing a hosted feature layer in ArcPro 2.4.3. SO the workflow I have been using is very simple: Open new Map Add The hosted feature service from ArcGIS Online...
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