• transfer table data to feature table

    I have a table derived from an imported CSV file  containing line feature data i.e START X & Y and END X & Y plus other data associated with each record. When I use the "XY to line " tool the lines are ge...
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  • "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated" Error on survey123 iOS only.

    A survey I published in survey123 is recieving the following error "String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated". This error only occurs on iOS devices. Is this a know issue where ...
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  • How to use external gps location data

    Hi All,   I have a new requirement for our apps to use external gps location updates (Bad Elf GPS Unit) besides the default Apple location service updates. I understood that I need to create a custom location di...
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  • Survey123 Connect Feature Service Issues

    Hi all,   I want to create a survey123 XLSForm based off an existing feature service from Portal. The service I published is a hosted feature layer of a related table meant for hydrant inspections. When I try to...
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  • Pass Global ID from Collector to G

    Has anyone been able to pass the Global ID from a service in Collector to the related GUID in Survey123 using the URL method? I have a database relationship of Bridges to Inspections. In addition, Inspections have rel...
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  • How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?

    How do i export atribute table data from ArcGISPro to excel?
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  • Survey123 Update storage inventory

    We are building a survey to update a storage inventory. I build the survey from an existing feature layer with many relation table. I am trying to use the calculator within the same field so the total_i...
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  • Automated transformation of local grids without known orientations to UTM using ArcPro

    I'm new to Arc and this community so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place.   I can see this subject has been flogged regularly on previous message boards, and I hope this is a slightly different questio...
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  • Remplir automatique des informations

    Bonjour,   Ma question est simple. Je voudrais remplir automatiquement les points cardinaux en connaissant que le Nord. Sur Survey123 je vais avoir un dessin ou on selectionnerais que la localisation du Nord. Le...
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  • callback survey123 from collector

    What is the correct syntax for using a callback to send user back to Survey123 after collecting a spatial feature in Collector?? I figured out how to send user to Collector from Survey123, but cannot figure out how to...
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  • Multiple Values in One Attribute to Multiple Features with One Value

    Using ArcMap 10.5 I have a feature that has more than one value as an attribute, and I want to split the value out and make two features and still retain the data from the other fields.   My example is PLS...
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  • How to show near real time photos taken by smartphone in ArcGIS?

    How to show near real time photos taken by smartphone in ArcGIS? Hi guys! I am pretty new to ArcGIS and I am going to start a project, I need your help! What I am trying to do is to find a way to show near real time ...
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  • A Label Widget in Web App Builder (Developers Edition).

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    A label widget that allows you to display and move around labels. Also need to be able to print with these labels, especially with custom widgets such as 'Print Plus.'
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  • Perry Beaumont

    Hello everyone, my name is Perry Beaumont, and I work as Head of Data Science and Actuary at Distinguished Programs (an insurance firm) in New York City, and am a lecturer at Columbia University as well.  I reall...
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  • Dashboard Chart Widget Broken

    With this latest update to ArcGIS Online I now have charts on my dashboard that arent working. This is a dashboard that hasnt been touched in months and was working up until yesterday. Does anyone have any reasoning f...
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  • How to generate a list of records in a table view!

    Hi All,   i need some help to generate a list of records in Arc Operations dashboard inside a table view and without separate rows ? what i need to align the records in columns and no row spaces.  ...
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  • Resources for K12 classrooms and schools in the time of COVID-19

    Is your school or district rapidly planning to move courses online? General K12 resources for COVID-19 moving courses online Blog post: Teaching, GIS, and the Corona virus Blog post: When school is disrupted Blog ...
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  • Usando las Nuevas Funciones de FeatureSetBy en Arcade para Acceder a otras Capas y Tablas

    En el documento Mejoras en Arcade en ArcGIS Online con la Actualización de 5 de diciembre del 2018 ya mencioné las nuevas funciones de Arcade. En este documento indagamos más para explor...
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  • Copy properties options greyed out

    I have an mxd I call a template because I save it under a new name each time I am creating a new document. I save a copy of it and add the new shapefile for the document to it. I then copy the properties from another ...
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  • Submission url compatibility error

    I am getting the following error: Survey123 error 400 "custom feature service submission url is not compatible..."   even though according to esri documentation my submission url is correct.: How To: Create Su...
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