• Story Map only saying "Story is initializing Thanks for waiting"

    We recently finished a story map found here - http://tnc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=d709594335ff48389171e2745a0b057c It worked in the months prior to today but as soon as we set it to public, it ...
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  • Is there a way to embed google street view into an arcgis story map?

    I'm working on a project involving the gentrification of Nashville, and I would like the take Google's Streetview's feature for showing locations in different years. I was wondering if there is any way to embed Google...
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  • How do i get my authorization number for ARCGIS from my instructor?

    I need to download arcgis for student and need authorization
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  • Difficulties Reconciling a Version (Branch Versioning)

    We use the arcgis pro parcel fabric (v2) in my department. We publish the fabric as a service which we collectively edit using branch versioning. If it's relevant, our data is on an amazon postgresql rds, and our port...
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  • Add support for feature reports in MS Power Automate (AKA MS Flow)

    9 votes
    Can Esri implement this in MS Flow? Is this something that Esri has control over, or Microsoft, or is it a mutual thing?    I know this works nicely in Integromat (SeeAdding Survey123 Feature Report as ...
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  • Fatal Exception: com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcGISRuntimeException

    I am using ESRI map in my Android app withesriMapVersion = '100.8.0' The app is crashing due to this error, I don't know why it is happening. May I know the reason for this?Fatal Exception: com.esri.arcgisruntime.ArcG...
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  • How do I create an offline basemap for mobile map package with greater detail

    I'm very new to GIS.  I am developing an iOS app using the runtime SDK.  The app needs global coverage and offline use.  I need to make a mobile map package or mobile scene package with a basemap that c...
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  • Edit Attributes AutoComplete

    32 votes
    Quickly complete cell entry by first few characters typed in that match existing entries in the field (AutoComplete in MS Excel). Applies to Attribute Table and Attributes window. Option to select source fields for Au...
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  • How to re-classify certain raster values based on another raster (land use classification)?

    Hello everyone,   I am quite new to ArcGIS so this may be simple, but I just cannot find the right answer to this.    I have two rasters (.tif) that I have derived from Sentinel images. One is a raste...
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  • Autocomplete while editing attribute table

    29 votes
    It would be great if while editing the attribute table there would be an autocomplete / autofill option similar to the one in Excel: if the value already exists in the column, give the option to autocomplete the value...
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  • Exported rasters only have location data (x,y), no z data

    I am currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 and have encountered a problem that I can unfortunately not solve, and I have not found any forum entries that are similar enough to troubleshoot with.  I am trying to...
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  • Beginner - can I use the REST API to add points on map?

    I am a software developer but am new to mapping & ArcGIS.   My client created a layer in their ArcGIS Online account using a file import. Each point on the map also includes a number of other fields fro...
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  • Xamarin forms - Define  Offline area of interest at runtime on user selection

    Hello Team,   I have a requirement of the map click/hover event. So, the use case is  : Show a map, overlay KML/ KMZ /shapefile. These files will have multiple smaller areas defined inside it. Now, the use...
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  • How to use: filter function barrier function in tracing

    Does anyone have any documentation or knowledge on how to use the filter function barrier function within tracing?  The only page I can find on this is very limited in its explanation: Barriers—Ar...
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  • Multiple dynamic layers + other questions

    Hi BI / GIS colleagues   1)  Do you have any idea why reference layers shown with transparency when consumed from ArcGIS for Maps BI? It has no transparency in ArcGIS Online! And I can’t change it fro...
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  • Cannot add a View from SQL Server to Arcmap

    Using SQL Server, I created a view in Database A by joining another view in database B on the same server. The process is successful in SQL Server Management Studio and the view looks all good.   But when I...
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  • Return list of values in pop-up with arcade

    I have a point layer of farms with several features, including a TRUE/FALSE field which tells me if the farm has submitted data that we require. We would like to be able to overlay this with a polygon layer of provinc...
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  • Using Nearby in Infographic vs Closest Facility

    I am wondering how I could use "Closest Facility" instead of "Nearby" in an Infographic? Right now it appears as though "Nearby" is straight line distance. I would like to determine what the closest features are based...
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    I need a arcade formula to auto populate an attribute in arc pro utility network for the attribute rules. so this is kind of it IF (As-Built Slope) is Not null. That is its filled in with any typed in numbers. then...
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  • AGOL - Showing Type and Date Recorded Possible?

    Hello all,   I have a layer in my map that I want to symbolize by Species (Unique Symbols) and Year Recorded (Varying Color of Species Symbol).   When Changing Style the Species attribute shows in the drop...
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