• ArcGIS Pro: Load GML (Inspire) directly into map

    4 votes
    The European INSPIRE directive is based on GML - it would be nice to be able to load GML (Inspire GML) directly into the Mapframe of ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap like it is possible with QGIS without having to use Interop-Ex...
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  • Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

    Under Consideration
    34 votes
    I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disab...
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  • Create a copy of a layer

    I am trying to create a deep copy of my layers. These layers could be either shape files or part of a geodatabase file. I need all the data to remain the same because I am creating tools to allow the user to clean up ...
    created by sfarley
  • "Click anywhere to Interact"

    I have created a "new' ArcGIS Story map and embedded 4 maps as "older" story map applications (Story Map Basic) into it.  While scrolling through the story map the embedded maps work, the way to interact wit...
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  • When moving a feature, the feature snaps back to its original location if you subsequently edit an attribute

    Scenario: I have a point.  I open up the edit toolbar, select the Move tool, and move the point.  I then edit a value of that same feature in the attribute table and press "enter" to save that edit.  Th...
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  • Add Vertical Elevation Exaggeration option to 3D ArcGIS online Scene Viewer

    8 votes
    In order to effectively visualize relief in flat topographic areas, we need the ability to add vertical exaggeration to the online scene viewer.  This ability exists in ArcPro, and even in the legacy ArcScene, bu...
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  • Add WFS server tool not exist in catalog tree

    kindly I need your support to find/show the "Add WFS server" tool in the catalog tree of ArcCatalog 10.4 thank You.
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  • Iso Cluster: Maximum number of bands?

    Does anyone know if Iso Cluster has an upper limit for the number of bands that it can process?
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  • Copying item with the python API - index error?

    Im trying to copy a feature service from one AGOL account to another. The name is unique. When using the pyton API Im getting the error:   Unable to add feature service definition. The operation failed because ...
  • Copy Content Between Portals

    The attached toolbox contains 3 tools for copying content between Portals.    Copy Services copies hosted feature services from the Source Portal to the Target Portal if the hosted feature service exists i...
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  • Infographic in ArcGIS Pro - multiple zones

    1 vote
    We love the new Infographic functionality in ArcGIS Pro. But it would also be useful to add the possibility, as is in Business Analyst Online, to use multiple rings/drive time zones when creating the infographic, not ...
  • Layers Only Visible In Web Map If User Is Administrator

    I recently created a web app for one of my users, but the layers won't load unless the user viewing the app is an Administrator.  The app is hosted in an ArcGIS Enterprise Portal environment running 10.7.   ...
    created by saadj
  • ArcGIS Pro Roadmap - July 2019

    ArcGIS Pro 2.4 was released on June 27th, 2019.  For information on the latest updates, see the ArcGIS Pro Release Notes.   Our goal is to build the best GIS software available. This ArcGIS Pro Roadmap* give...
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  • ArcGIS Pro support for importing and exporting traverse files

    In Product Plan
    38 votes
    The traverse tool in arcgispro should support the ArcMap functionality to export and import traverse files. The functionality is documented here: Saving a traverse—Help | ArcGIS Desktop  Loading a t...
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  • Set Layer Visibility in URL

    I have a web map with multiple layers served from my local rest map services. I want to build a web app that will allow me to specify in the url which of those layers are on or off.    I understand the defa...
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  • Required Fields in a Relevant Group

    I have a survey with 3 groups. All the questions in the groups are Required=yes. Each of the groups will only display depending on the answer to the first question of the survey (daily, weekly, monthly inspection). Wh...
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  • User unable to establish a connection to a SQL Server Database from ArcMap.

    We have a user in our organization that is unable to access our SQL Server databases.  All other users are able to access the databases.  They are authenticating in using operating system authentication....
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  • How to know when a layer is actually done being applied?

    I have the following code that shows a MapImageLayer. After the last line is called, document.body.style.cursor = "default"; there is a lag time of 20 seconds before the layer is actually visible on the map.  ...
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  • How Search Widget can work with Client Side Layer?

    Hi Friends,   I have a client side layer (NOT coming from ArcGIS Server / AGOL) and I added it to the Search widget but the searching process for that layer info does not work...    Process: * ...
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  • Create Polygon Feature: Java Script

    Hi guys, I am trying to use ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox this sample to add polygon feature, i also use codes taking from here https://community.esri.com/thread/224031-how-to-create-a-polygon-js-a...
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