• Copy Content Between Portals

    The attached toolbox contains 2 tools for copying content between Portals.    Copy Services copies hosted feature services from the Source Portal to the Target Portal if the hosted feature service exists i...
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  • Enable the add data widget to include CAD files.

    0 votes
    I think it would be great if the add data widget could be used to include CAD files such as DWG, DGN, and other related CAD files. Then it would be easier to work with other entities that exist outside of an organizat...
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  • Overwrite an existing web layer owned by someone else in your organization from ArcGIS Pro

    31 votes
    Privileges in ArcGIS Online should give more possibilities for data/map management like a way to "centralize" things that multiple users can update/manage. ArcGIS Online is good to share contents with other withi...
    created by caroytct
  • UnboundLocalError: local variable 'resp' referenced before assignment error using Juypter Notebook

    Hello,   I recently got a new work computer and I have a Juypter notebook that I have been using for some time and it's no longer working.  My python code logs into our Portal so I can run other reports....
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  • Translate ArcGIS Hub in multiple langagues

    6 votes
    It would be great if ArcGIS was available in multiple languages as are other Esri platforms. This would enable the user to start with an Open Data site template in the desired language from the start therefore saving ...
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  • X-Ray for ArcGIS Pro

    Under Consideration
    144 votes
    I use X-Ray for ArcCatalog(http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=9ea218ff575f4a5195e01a2cae03a0ae) a lot and this functionality would be great as an add in for ArcGIS Pro. 
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  • Voronoi Map

    I need to make a map of voronoi from polygons about a certain attribute in arcgis Pro, since it is an arcmap function and I need the same function in arcgis pro and I can't find it
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  • What happened to the Label Manager in Pro?

    In ArcMap, I constantly use the Label Manger to tweak 40+ Maplex label classes to meet a particular demand, which is fast and easy as I can just pick any label class from the manger, make a change, hit apply, make ano...
    created by tpcolson
  • WebApp Builder 'app state' does not remember what Basemap was selected

    3 votes
    WebApp Builder's 'app state' popup allows users to reload their last extent and what operational layers were on.     It would be great if it also could remember what Basemap was selected in the Basemap...
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  • Can't see map in Layout View

    I was building a map and adding a legend in Layout View when I clicked on the Preview button to see the legend set up.  The map went blank and I can not get it back.  When I switch to Data view it's there bu...
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  • ArcPro does not see my domain/list values for Feature Service attributes

    I'm new to ArcPro and when I edit my Feature Service from AGOL to my project, it does not use the list/domains that I created in AGOL....Seems odd. Any idea?
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  • Cancel Sketch Update in JS API 4

    Is there a way to cancel a sketch during an update. I want to cancel update operation based on a condition.   const sketch = new Sketch({    layer: layer,    view: view });  ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4 Can I edit multiple selected rows with a domain value?

    I'm cleaning up some data and trying to work with coded-value domains in Pro 2.4. If I have several features selected, is there some way to select a value from the domain and assign it to all selected features?
    created by pierckbp
  • Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Editing records in a web form

    Today we will explore how you can edit existing records using the Survey123 web app, also known as a web form. The idea is quite simple, we will populate the contents of a Survey123 web form using an existing record f...
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  • Add Additional Details in Catalog View in ArcGIS PRO

    23 votes
    It would be good to add additional Details to the Catalog View (and Catalog Pane).     Right now Maps and Layouts have a column for Date but nothing is populated.  Date is only populated in Databa...
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  • Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.11 - 02/08/19

    Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Urls in result attributes are automatically converted to hyperlinks. Fix css rule con...
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  • ArcGIS Pro - Update existing webmap

    Under Consideration
    348 votes
    ArcGIS Pro has a superior interface for authoring weblayer symbology.  It would be nice if you could use it to edit an existing webmap then simply share but overwrite an existing thus maintaining the webmap id.
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  • Adding a locally hosted TMS to an ArcGIS.com map?

    Is it possible to add a Tiled Map Service from my local drive to an ArcGIS.com map? That is, if my TMS is http://localhost:8000/SnowMap2/{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg  should I be able to add that to an ArcGIS.com map? Wh...
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  • Parsing a Boolean value to String?

    Hello,   Geoevent (10.7.1) it is receiving a JSON REST endpoint (Input) that looks like this.   {    "id":-1,    "result":[       {     ...
  • Change Domain in ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Pro

    69 votes
    Change Domain in ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Pro.  Currently, I can manipulate fields in AGOL with Pro, I want to be able to update domains, and their attributes in Pro for AGOL services.
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