• Situation Awareness Tool - font colour incorrect

    Not in Current Product Plan
    2 votes
    When changing the theme style from dark to light style, the Situation Awareness Tool does not update in font colour. The font colour remains white and I cannot see anything in the tool, rendering it useless.   P...
  • Southern Hemisphere ArcGIS Coordinates In Revit                                                           

    I'm trying to set coordinates in a Revit model so I can bring the model into ArcGIS Pro without having to manually georeference it. I followed the method in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap57raSTPx0) and...
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  • What's new in Survey123 (August 2020)

    It took longer than we expected, but a new update to Survey123 is now available! This update is part of our 3.10 release cycle, which commenced a few weeks ago with new features introduced in the Survey123 web app, we...
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  • What is new in Survey123 (July 3, 2020)

    We are happy to announce a new update to Survey123. This update only touches on the web components of Survey123 (Survey123 website, report services and the web app) and it is available in anticipation to our official ...
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  • Survey123 Tricks of the Trade: Photos

    Survey123 includes powerful capabilities to help you specify how photos should be captured from your smart form. With the 3.10 release, even more powerful new features were introduced: multiline appearance and the met...
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  • ArcGIS Pro CoreHost eGDB connection error: The gsrvr dll for a direct connection could not be loaded

    I have an ArcGIS Pro core host application that happily connects to a file GDB targetGeodatabase = new Geodatabase(new FileGeodatabaseConnectionPath(new Uri(this.gdbTargetConnrection, UriKind.Absolute)));  ...
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  • Automate ArcGIS Enterprise Backup

    It's a good practice to backup your ArcGIS Enterprise in the event of failure or corruption.  Doing so allows you to recover the portal items, services, and data that existed at the time you created the backup.&#...
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  • Local Government Solution "Address Data Management" Tools for ArcPro

    16 votes
    Create a set of "Address Data Management" tools from the ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government template for ArcPro.
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  • Fill symbols Distorted Arcmap

    I'm having trouble with fill symbols being distorted in ArcMap.  If I use a picture fill, such as this: I get these lines where the pattern starts over (I'm guessing):   But if I use a fill symbol fro...
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  • Upcoming changes to Survey123 web form's query parameters

    [Updated March 28, 2020] [Updated April 3, 2020] What is changing?   Survey123 version 3.4 introduced the ability in the Survey123 web app (aka web form) to update and view existing GIS features using the mode...
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  • Ideas for Hosting Virtual GIS Day Events

    Despite the changes our world has experienced this year, GIS is still here.  In fact, GIS is more important than ever.  The pandemic has raised global awareness of the relevance of GIS as a decision making t...
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  • Updated XLSForm templates for Survey123

    The XLSForm templates for ArcGIS Survey123 have been updated with a fresh new look in version 3.10. The new templates are available in Survey123 Connect in the New Survey dialog under Templates.   It's impo...
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  • Error code on saving constraint rule

    ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 When authoring a constraint rule in my geodatabase (SQL Server, traditionally versioned data), I tried to save a rule and it returned this error code: The "ERROR 003050:" box is not click-able so ...
  • Can't review unmatched locations

    Hi,   I have a map of 2428 addresses and upon uploading my csv, arcGIS Online let me know that it could not match 12 of them. But it did not give me an option to review these 12 (there was just a button to say "...
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  • Allow side-by-side photos in StoryMaps

    Under Consideration
    24 votes
    In the new StoryMaps, it doesn't seem possible to have photos side-by-side. For example, see the photos below. This is from a Story Map Cascade, with three photos added next to each other. Would it be possible to add ...
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  • Refresh of Calculated Field + Use of regex in Calculation

    I don't want respondents selecting any of the same choices for Question 1 and Question 2 (both of which are select-multiple from the same list of choices). In theory I would use a cascading select however...
  • ArcGIS Earth and Streetview

    2 votes
    Hi there,   I think to have a fuller experience of ArcGIS Earth you need to include the ability to visualise Streetview or the equivalent. Especially if the expectation is that ArcGIS Earth will fill the void of...
  • ST_SHAPELIB + Oracle 19c + ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 = ORA-28575 error

    I'm upgrading an environment from ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 with Oracle to ArcGIS Enteprise 10.8 with Oracle 19c ( (SO: Windows) and I'm getting a problem when using the SHAPELIB lib...
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  • ArcGIS API 4.6 How to set opacity for the basemap?

    ArcGIS API 4.6  What is the "proper" way to change opacity for the basemap?   possibly:   var map = new Map({ basemap:"topo"}); map.allLayers.items[0].opacity=0.25;   or perhaps:   var ma...
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  • New Workforce - Worker status not updating

    I have a new Workforce project I created using the new version. Worker status is not updating in the dispatch map. This was working yesterday. Today, I created a copy of the dispatch map and a Dashboard usin...
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