• Change Title in sdddraft file when overwriting service

    Hi there   When programmatically publishing Map Image Services to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, it is possible to define the service's title (the one which will be displayed in the item’s portal page after pu...
  • Do I need HTTPS to run Web AppBuilder deployed apps?

    So, I've attempted to deploy my first custom application built on Web AppBuilder. When I go to my demo site at http://<mydemosite>/, it loads and redirects to https://<mydemosite>/. The problem is, my demo...
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  • SharePoint Framework Webpart

    I've been trying for the past 3 days to get ArcGIS JS API to work inside a SPFX webpart, but haven't figured it out. I've tried using "externals" and also using "esri-loader". Has anyone managed to get this working? M...
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  • Unable to process request. java.io.IOException: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host     Rest

    Good Afternoon Everyone We have two joined ArcGIS server machines running 10.6.1 respectively. We have fully deployed the joined servers in our live environment and have started populating them with web services. I ...
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  • Re Run post install utility

    Hi,   Is it possible to run the post install utility tool without having to uninstall everything? The problem is faced is the same as  ArcGIS Monitor 10.7.1 login problems  **unless there are better ...
  • Functions arcpy don't retrieve data

    Hi   I try to run python script with these functions:   arcpy.ListTables() , arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()   or ,arcpy.ListWorkspaces("*", "FileGDB")   but all the functions return right results...
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  • Fully document the Customizing Locator process and update Locator documentation

    Not in Current Product Plan
    25 votes
    The documentation available for customizing locators is in adequate and does not provide enough scenarios. The white paper link below was released in 2010. Several forums threads exist regarding questions or issues wi...
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  • Edit Service

    Hi I would like to adapt the min- and max instance per node for my service with the python api. I would like to do that with the following API arcgis.gis.server module — arcgis 1.8.0 documentation . ...
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  • Request featureservice with f=geojson & callback parameter in onpremise installation

    Hi folks We’re currently working on a webapp based on leaflet 1.6.0 and angular. To access featureservices served by our onpremise installation of ArcGIS Server 10.7.1 or ArcGIS online, we use esri-leaflet (2....
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  • Power BI Visual looses all settings

    The Esri Map visual in Power BI is not saving settings. I set everything up for a boundary map based on one country and it is all fine. Go to another tab and back again and all settings have been lost. This has not be...
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  • An error occured while loading the page.  Some features may not work.

    Got this error message while on the Data tab of the Survey123 web management page.  Also none of the data from the main page is displayed.  Data from the related table is displayed.  When exported as an...
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  • Offline areas management packaging failed issue

    Hi,  We are running ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8 in Azure behind App GW. We have a base deployment and a federated GIS Server. Both GIS servers have contexts of /server (base deployment) and /server1 (federted GIS ser...
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  • Allow Operations Dashboard URL parameter to SELECT (not filter)

    21 votes
    Currently, the URL parameter in Operations Dashboard will filter the category selector. When I pass param=City of Saline, I get:   This renders the dashboard mostly useless. Users cannot navigate between the r...
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  • Operations Dashboard- URL Parameters Change Category Selector from "None"

    5 votes
    When using a URL parameters for a Category Selector with "None" as the default, the url parameters do not change the default and instead just filter the drop down list. This in turn requires the user to intervene and ...
  • さわって覚えるArcGIS API for Python:基本編 (GIS モジュール編)

    はじめに ArcGIS API for Python は ArcGIS REST API を介して Web GIS (ArcGIS Online または ArcGIS Enterprise の特に Portal for ArcGIS) を管理・操作するための Python の API です。   国内でのサポートは 2018 年から開始された比較的新しい API のため、まだ使い慣れていない方も多いかもしれませんが、...
  • Focal statistics coordinate shift

    In focal statistics, if the size of the neighbourhood is larger than a specific limit (for example 2 for circular radius), the output raster is shifted by the size of the neighbourhood... Seems like a bug, or is there...
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  • Managing Signatures in the Inbox as a repeat.

    Hi,   I have come up with what I think is a way to manage adding a signature to a survey once the survey has been submitted and retrieved through the Inbox. The Survey is set up to work against a submission_url...
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  • Auto populate Date on data entry

    31 votes
    We need the ability put in the Date default entry a function that allows the current date to be entered when a new record is added to a feature class. The Default Value for a date field should take something like NOW...
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  • Set output dataset path to predefined folder in modelbuilder

    Hello All,   I feel that this is something that should be really simple and I feel like I had done it once before a long time ago. I have a model to where as things process they are moving from one folder to the...
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  • Manage Feature Service editing settings from within ArcGIS Pro

    1 vote
    If I want to edit a Feature Service in Pro and editing is not enabled on the item details setting page, I have to:   1) Save and close the project file. (2 min) 2) Find item details page, update settings page (...
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