• An Inclusive History of Conservation GIS: Chapter 1: Origins of Conservation

    Chapter 1: Origins of Conservation: Indigenous Landscapes & Traditional Knowledge (part of the "Inclusive History of Conservation GIS")   (photo courtesy of Animesh Ghose, 2018 SCGIS scholar, Creative Co...
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  • An Inclusive History of Conservation GIS

    An Inclusive History of Conservation GIS All too often, history is the stories of empires and conquest, and the gentlemen explorers who benefited from that privilege.  Conservation is no different.  ...
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  • An Inclusive History of Conservation GIS: Introduction

    (part of the "Inclusive History of Conservation GIS"   project)   I define Conservation as the struggle for human survival on earth.  If you are not in that fight,  you are either busy dying ...
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  • Connect through WebLogic T3 Protocol in GeoEvent Manager

    Hi,   I am trying use WebLogic T3 Protocol in GeoEvent Manager, but I cannot find any connector for WebLogic T3.   Has anyone had the same issue or a similar experience?   Thank you!   Kristie W

    Want to follow CT DOT
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  • ArcGIS API for Python Error

    I am trying to query and download a feature layer in AGOl using the ArcGIS API for python. My code is as follows:   import arcgis from arcgis.gis import GIS gis = GIS("https://arcgis.com", "Username", "Password"...
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  • Topology Validation Failures after Removing Topology Rules

    I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and the Pro Parcel Fabric v2, which is published as a branch versioned service on Portal 10.8 and stored in amazon postgresql rds.   I recently made some changes to our topol...
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  • Create Centroid Point at the creation of Geoshape in Survey123

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    I'm creating a survey for the city DPW to easily enter capital improvement projects for long range planning. I'm using a Geoshape polygon to capture the project area. The survey then goes on to capture all the relevan...
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  • Open ArcGIS published TIF file and transform

    Hello,   I recently downloaded a dataset from a Chinese geodata site (Global Change Research Data Publishing & Repository ) The published data is in the for of a .TIF raster file with some metadat...
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  • Survey123 feature report - anticipated fix?

    Are there any updates or a timeframe for fixing the survey123 feature reporting issues? We desperately need to print feature reports using Enterprise 10.8 and cannot do so after the July 3rd update.   This is th...
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  • Hello!  My name is Amilynn.

    I am the Deputy Division Chief for the Waterways Risk Analysis and Support Division at the USCG's Navigation Center in Alexandria, VA.  A few GIS successes - I converted the trial version of ArcGIS Pro...
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  • Hi My Name is Bhabani

    I am a telecom engineer
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  • Raster Data Store Validation

    Hi,  I can not validate the raster store on the server Can somebody help me? Thanks!!!!
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  • Removing Background Values Mosaicing Landsat 8 Data

    Hey all,    I'm trying to use the mosaic to new raster tool to put a few Landsat 8 images i've downloaded together in pro. My only problem is that the background values keep on getting in the way and leavin...
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  • Download data by selection from map?

    Hello! Is there any widgets that would allow users to download data by selection on the map in ESRI Experience Builder? Basically, I'd like the viewer to be able to select data on the map by polygon, rectangle, etc. ...
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  • Is it possible to self-host the NEW Story Map template?

    Hello,   We have a couple of (classic) story maps hosted in our server and we were able to do it by following the steps in this great article: https://medium.com/story-maps-developers-corner/an-introduction-to-h...
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  • I use ArcPro and all my data is in the Cdrive but Arcpro is is really slow

    My issues are: it took 4min to remove a dynamic text rectangle from layout view It took 2.3 min when I zoomed to full extent I cannot import dynamic text.  Can someone indicate to me why these issues are happ...
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  • Install ArcGIS Pro with a 32 bit Desktop license

    Hi,   I am installing ArcGIS Pro onto my computer.  This is a work computer with multiple users but I have the permissions necessary to install where I want.  I am trying to follow these instructions: D...
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  • Give user ability to change symbology in Layer List Widget

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    ArcGIS Web AppBuilder Derek Law   It would be very beneficial if users had the ability to customize symbology of layers in the Layer List Widget. Changing Line Width/Color/Polygon Fills would assist our users wi...
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  • Rename Collector Photos with Fewer Steps

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    Glad to see there is now an option to rename photos in Collector. This is very handy for making the photo naming more descriptive. However, there are many steps to go into photo renaming: tap on a feature, go into edi...
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