• Caching “Suggestion” option is not available in ArcPro 2.4.1,

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    Caching “Suggestion” option is not available in ArcPro 2.4.1,   It would be great if the caching “Suggestion” option gets available in ArcPro    
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  • Change the name of "ArcGIS Pro" to "ArcPro"

    Not in Current Product Plan
    43 votes
    We have, or have had, "ArcMap", "ArcView", "Arc____" (no space between "Arc" and the product name).  The recent ESRI product line appears to have transitioned to a naming convention "ArcGIS _____" (with a space b...
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  • Caching “Suggestion” option is not available in ArcPro 2.4.1,

    Caching “Suggestion” option is not available in ArcPro 2.4.1,   It would be great if the caching “Suggestion” option gets available in ArcPro    
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  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.7 compatibility

    Are map documents created in ArcGIS Desktop 10.7 backwards compatible with 10.6.1 or earlier versions?
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  • видеопоток  rtsp

    как можно воспроизвести видеопоток онлайн по протоколу rtsp, есть ли стандартные компоненты для портала ?
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  • Why can't I sign into Geonet today? 

    Today I wanted to get back into Geonet to continue a discussion and thank the guy with the helpful answer.  Using Firefox 65.0.2 after a fresh restart of my Windows 10 64 PC,  https://community.esri.com/...
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  • Downloading a Tapestry Map

    Any way I can get a source for a Low income Tapestry replication. Need for Phillips County, Arkansas
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  • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Survey

    The ArcGIS Spatial Analyst team would like to get your feedback about the extension. We would appreciate if you will take a moment to answer the questions in this survey. Thank you for helping us making a better ...
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  • Is NVIDIA 3D Vision the only option for stereo mapping in ArcGIS Pro?

    Are there other makes that can be used instead or NVIDIA?
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  • APRX Doctor

    52 votes
    **This idea is being submitted on behalf of an Esri Ireland customer**   It would be great if there were an equivalent to MXD Doctor for ArcGIS Pro projects. As ArcGIS Pro projects can contain multiple maps and ...
  • Why are my data collector points shifted southwest of my survey point?

    Hello,   Our current process is to use high accuracy Trimble R2 GPS units with a NTRIP connection to local CORS stations here in Tucson, AZ.  The horizontal accuracy is falling anywhere between 1 and 5 inch...
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  • Appending Multiple Personal Geodatabase tables

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to append multiple personal geodatabase tables to a 2nd stand-alone personal geodatabase table using a python script.  The idea here is that the user would select a workspace fold...
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  • Graph Pop-up - axis labels?

    I would like to display attribute info as a graph pop-up. My data is of an annual count of a species, for each polygon unit, over a 30 year time frame.  I am just getting started with ArcGIS Online I have a few q...
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  • Connecting point attributes over an polygon with an other point

    Hi   At the attachment you find a gdb with 2 point- and a polygon-shape. One point is a sewer the other are attributes. Both layers are from a CAD-file. At the CAD-file are no logical connections between both l...
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  • Access to objectid generated by Survey123

    Hello -   I'm hoping you can assist me with trying to access the objectid info that is generated when a survey in Survey123 is submitted. I can see the objectid in the Feature Layer Field list, but I'm not able ...
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  • Time slider widget for Operations Dashboard

    81 votes
    Ability to embed a web map in an ArcGIS Operations Dashboard that has a time slider embedded in it. Joachim Bean  
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  • Wed App Builder & Web App Builder DE iFrame in Widget

    3 votes
    I've been looking into the Dashboard theme in WAB / WAB DE and it would be nice to iFrame content from other websites into some of the panels.   For my specific purpose I was using this template for election res...
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  • Show Attachments in Pop-ups with Arcade Expressions

    In ArcGIS Online, you can store images as attachments with feature layers. By default, the attachment is shown in the pop-up as a hyperlink. With just a few lines of Arcade Expressions, you can configure the pop-up to...
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  • Graphics and free text in ArcGIS-Pro maps!

    In Product Plan
    334 votes
    ArcGIS Pro does not support graphics in maps (especially text graphics) in V1.0. That's too bad because it's not possible to write / draw a note to the map quickly!   Labels do not meet all requirements - it's o...
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  • What happened to the Label Manager in Pro?

    In ArcMap, I constantly use the Label Manger to tweak 40+ Maplex label classes to meet a particular demand, which is fast and easy as I can just pick any label class from the manger, make a change, hit apply, make ano...
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