• Error exporting map Error handling service request

    Arc server list a lot of error in arc server logs as below : Error exporting map Error handling service request :Processing request took longer than the usage timeout for service 'XXXX/XXXX.MapServer i don`t know th...
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  • AppStudio Secured Map Content

    Hi guys,   I have some problems with using secured map content in AppStudio. So I have a mobile app created using AppStudio map viewer template. However, the web map and the feature service are in ArcGIS Portal ...
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  • How to embed an AGO or Flickr hosted photo at large size?

    Hi there,   I would like to allow users to pinch and zoom in on an image and have it render it clearly for them while they are zoomed in—something that currently seems only possible with images that a...
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  • Global value can't be assigned inside the expression in python toolbox

    I am trying to call the global value 'total_rows' inside the expression. But I am getting an error. and my code is   def execute(self, parameters, messages): """The source code of the tool."""   ...
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  • Buffer tool on a polygon feature makes my original polygon disappear

    When I use the buffer tool on a polygon feature it makes my original polygon disappear.  How do I fix this? / Am I doing something wrong?
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  • Error prepare data

    I'm trying to prepare training data with this detail : ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 inRaster = "E:\Work\ArcDL\Base\MANADO_FIX.tif" (raster 8bit unsigned, thematic, with nodata=0) out_folder = "E:\Work\ArcDL\gtg6" in_train...
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  • support ArcGIS Online Assistant

    38 votes
    Hello,   A support tech from ESRi told us about this beta web app, designed to enable JSON editing capability of ArcGIS Online web apps and maps:   ArcGIS Online Assistant    We would love to se...
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  • Roads & Highways and ArcGIS Collector

    Has anyone found a way to update attribute information for an event from Roads & Highways using collector?  From my knowledge ESRI wants you to redline and update in the office but that's duplicating work and...
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  • Option to not use UTC time offset in ArcGIS Online

    Under Consideration
    180 votes
    Is it possible for ArcGIS Online to have an option to display date fields using local time instead of UTC time?  It is fine to store the dates in UTC, but it would be helpful if dates/times could be displayed in ...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2: Failed to Open Project

    I recently upgraded from ArcGIS Pro v2.2.4 to v2.4.2. Now, when I double click an existing project file (.ppkx) through my file explorer I get the following error:   "Failed to Open Project. The project_name.ppk...
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  • Cannot find nested sublayers in a MapImageLayer

    I'm trying to create my own custom layer-list component with an integrated legend (I'm not using the APIs LayerList widget as I need more functionality). When trying to integrate MapImageLayers into my component, I al...
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  • How to solve "too many root tiles" error?

    Hi,    I have an application where I would like to use a WebTileLayer as the basemap. The layer has a spatialreference with wkid 25833 (utm33). I have managed to get the layer to work in the MapView, but it...
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  • Is it possible to collaborate on a NEW story map with others in my organization?

    I am working with a researcher who will have an assistant that will need to be able to edit a story map authored by the researcher herself. It doesn't appear the new story maps can be shared with a group that has edit...
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  • Using 3D Symbols to Sketch Simple Buildings and Objects

    Hello, I'm currently in the VERY early stages of developing an app in which I need to be able to draw buildings in a 3D scene. I'll be using the data for size and distance measurements. One of the key thing's I'll b...
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  • ArcGISOnlineOrgsForK12Schools.pdf

    This address: esriurl.com/agoorgsforschools This document provides guidance for K12 (primary and secondary) schools on the use of ArcGIS Online Organizations. It gives the basic info needed to understand what an Orga...
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  • Some Map service layers are not rendering in map after upgrading JS API from 2.23 to 3.30

    Hi All,   After upgrading ArcGIS JS API from 3.23 to 3.30 (referring https://github.com/Esri/jsapi-resources for upgrade). Some map service layers are not rendering on map(Mostly point and Line featu...
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  • Downloading maps for offline use

    Hi all,   SImilar question has been asked previously, but the error message I receive is different. Trying to download an existing map with numerous layers, plus a basemap (ideally satellite imagery but topo map...
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  • Operations Dashboard: related data and dynamic filtering

    Hi everyone, I'm new with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. I would like to know if is possible to build an indicator based on elements contained in a related table filtered on the current map view. Just like it’...
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  • create related tables and or related features inside ArcGIS online

    52 votes
    Create related tables and or related features inside of ArcGIS online Instead of using Arcmap and ArcCatalog to create the relates and then uploading or overwriting exisitng services. Right now I have a relations...
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  • Mosaic to new raster

    Hi, I have 50 aerials images (.tif, 4 band, 8 bit unsigned, 30cm). I created a mosaic dataset to display them. Then I use the mosaic to new raster tool to create a raster that I can run a supervised image classificati...
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