• calculating multiple select_one field values

    I'm new to this, so bear with me.  I am trying to come up with a total score for six "select_one" type fields.  In my choices tab I have given the various responses a unique number (1-10) in the name field.&...
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  • Improve Support for Grouping, Predicate, and Aggregate SQL Functions (COUNT, GROUP BY, SUM) in ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro

    4 votes
    I recently discovered that you cannot use standard aggregate or grouping SQL keywords (i.e. COUNT, GROUP BY, SUM) in data query functions within both ArcMap (as of 10.6) and ArcGIS Pro (I am running 2.1), at leas...
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  • Hands-on GIS workshops on analysis, data, and society

    As I frequently teach hands-on workshops so that people can see for themselves the power and data that is at their fingertips using modern GIS technologies, I wanted to share the workshops and short courses below....
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  • Add a multi select to the filter widget in Web AppBuilder

    52 votes
    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS has some great possibilities to filter data with nested sets of filters. However, when a user would like to facilitate the selection of multiple items from the same field filled wit...
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  • Query across multiple Layers in AGOL Online

    28 votes
    It would be great to be able to run one query and have it run across all the layers that are in the map. We are trying to create a statewide road projects viewer, and have been asked to create the functionality to que...
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  • Query Widget - Multi Select

    53 votes
    Enable the user to select multiple values for a field in the query / filter widgets via a check box.  Sometimes there are many options available for a field and the user wants to select some of them.  The cu...
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  • query widget "in" option

    10 votes
    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS  for the query widget add "in" option so users can select multiple values.  
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  • Query Widget:  Allow selection of multiple input values in one expression

    17 votes
    It would be great if the query widget in WebApp Builder allowed the end users to select multiple results from a single expression and field (think the "IN" expression in SQL).  For example, if the user is trying ...
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  • Apply Attribute Expresions Perminately

    2 votes
    I know that there has been some issues with attribute expressions transferring over to other applications in the AGOL ecosystem and it would be very helpful if you could create "snapshots" of the attribute expressions...
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  • Auto-populate a permanent field based on Arcade Expression

    48 votes
    Hello,   It would be very helpful in ArcGIS Online if a layer could have a permanent field that is set up with an arcade expression that the field uses to auto-populate its value based on informat...
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  • Arcade Expression option for Attribute presets in Smart Editor widget

    23 votes
    I would like to be able to set presets that automatically populate a field with a project number based on the year, client, and sequential number. Currently, the preset option only allows you to set a flat default, bu...
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  • Arcade Expressions in Web AppBuilder Widgets

    63 votes
    Hi Esri,  It would be extremely useful and powerful for Arcade expressions that are set up in a web map to be supported in Web AppBuilder and that these expressions could be visualized across all 'widgets' ...
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  • summarize center and dispersion - what is centerX centerY?

    When I run the ArcGIS Online analysis tool "Summarize Center and Dispersion" it creates an ellipse layer that looks pretty good... but instead of having latitude and longitude, it has fields "centerX" and "centerY" .....
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  • Some layers are not rendering after upgrading JS API from 2.23 to 3.30

    Hi All,   After upgrading ArcGIS JS API from 3.23 to 3.30 (referring https://github.com/Esri/jsapi-resources for upgrade). Some map service layers are not rendering on map(Mostly point and Line featu...
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  • Reusable Pop-Up Configurations

    18 votes
    Many services and web maps contain common layers, usually the most important, and often most complex layers. Currently, each web map must have the Pop-Up configuration process repeated for every layer, no matter how m...
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  • Save symbology or allow use of layer files on AGOL

    43 votes
    It would be really useful if you could save a layer's symbology on AGOL or at least apply a layer file that you have created in ArcMap.  Often I have a single dataset that contains multiple attributes, which I wa...
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  • Four Year Check-In:  What is your competency level with ArcGIS Pro?

    ArcGIS Pro was first released in January 2015.  If you dove-in head first, you may have used ArcGIS Pro for up to four years.   I was a little later to the game and dove in during the big push during the re...
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  • How to remove all topology layers from a  feature dataset

    Hello everyone,   I would like to build a function in python that removes all topology layers from a  feature dataset.   How can I check if a feature dataset has topology with arcpy,  and also ho...
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  • Widget covering maps main content when activated.

    I've got a problem with the mobile view of one of my apps.   I'm using the box theme, which has the near me widget in the box.   When you activate the near me widget, the box grows and covers approxim...
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  • Convert Labels to Map Annotation in ArcGIS Pro

    45 votes
    I use this functionality all the time in ArcGIS Desktop to tweak a few labels that don't sit correctly.  I need this functionality before I can make the switch to Pro.  I see geodatabase annotation is on the...
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