• SQL Server Connectivity Broken at 3.2.x

    Has anyone been able to get a SQL Server database connection to work in Insights for ArcGIS 3.2.x ?  I had no issues connecting to SQL Server databases in version 3.0 and 3.1 (I tried in 3.2.0 and 3.2.1, although...
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  • How do you sort a combo chart?

    When I create a combo chart in Insights, the option to sort how the content is ordered within the chart disappears. Am I missing something?
  • There are any way to filter the results in the Map search box?

    Hello everybody. When I use a map in the survey123, there is a search box to find locations. There are anyway to prioritize the results from a country or from the area visible in the map? It's not "user friend...
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  • Convert XY coordinates to pathfinder waypoints

    Is there an easy way of converting xy point features to be read into way points to Trimble pathfinder to GPS GeoExplorer XH 6000? To do this now, I've been opening the point table, saving it as DBase, then going into ...
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  • Pre-defined filter by date

    Greetings, I am pulling data in from four survey 123 forms- host feature layers. I am trying to build table views of the data with filters for the supervisor to be able to query specific locations and a corresponding...
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  • Does Insight for ArcGIS support Polyline geometry type?

    Does Insight for ArcGIS support Polyline geometry type? I would like to enable location for the dataset using this shape field, but it looks like that could not do this.   Thanks. Thao
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  • Export from Insights

    I am looking for a way to export the analysis I have done in Insights into another format.  Something like a PDF, image, etc. Specifically, I have created a really beautiful, informative chart and another great m...
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  • Insights can consume Olap Cubes

    I would like to know if there is any way to consume with Insights information in OLAP Cubes. I understand that in Arcgis Pro, in this case of Arcgis Pro, how many dimensions can be consumed?
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  • Errors when trying to work with 705,000 records

    I’m working in Insights 2.2.1 for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6, I connect to database table in SQL Server 2016, this table has 705.000 records. When I try to explore data in a map card (enable location), the system sh...
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  • Insights for ArcGIS Ignoring Spatial Information

    I have made a feature service from some points. They are not multipoints. They look fine in the mxd. The feature service looks fine in portal map, but in Insights, it comes in only as a table. There is a legend for th...
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  • Insights FOR ArcGIS management

    I have found myself in a great new role as a GIS analyst for the United States Air Force Civil Engineering section. We have a very robust ELA with Esri and with AutoDesk. From a business perspective, Esri is great to ...
  • Insight workbook access error : Something went wrong

    Hi,   We have three serves running Portal, Server and Datastore separately.  I have installed Insights and when I create a workbook nothing happen (no error) on refresh the workbook is visible, however I ca...
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  • Polygon symbology options in ArcGIS Online

    Hello everyone,   i have a problem with applying symbology to a polygon feature layer in ArcGIS online and was hoping to get some help.    I want to add a layer to my webmap containing university camp...
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  • ArcGIS Server (AGS) Mapservice Overwrite Error Flagging ArcMap and Pro

    As per my org's security requirements in regards to SDE, I am in the process of overwriting AGS 10.7.1 mapservices patched to Oracle 19c with new SDE connections in the source AGS mxd.  The mapservice has only be...
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  • How can i use "UniqueValueRenderer" for GeoJSONLayer

    i used GeoJSONLayer to render *.geojson file and i want to display unique value of type. However i see ESRI document( UniqueValueRenderer ) not support for GeoJSONLayer. How can i reach it? or any solut...
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  • I'd like you to support me to how can I cancel or convert the ArcGIS desktop version from the old device to the new device with the same license as well as set up on the new device   I already have the trial licence, form my Esri account,

    Dear colleagues, I'd like you to support me to how can I cancel or convert the ArcGIS desktop version from the old device to the new device with the same license as well as set up on the new device I already have t...
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  • Operations Dashboard Table Widget/Support for Hosted Feature Layer Tables

    50 votes
    Are there any plans to add support for hosted feature layer tables? And a widget to display tabular data from a hosted feature layer table or attribute table? I have a dashboard built on the old desktop Operations Das...
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  • Operations Dashboard Developer Edition

    21 votes
    It would be nice to have operations dashboard on-premise utilizing your own IIS web server (or other) consistent with the way that Web AppBuilder for Developers works. Having the ability to create your own dashbo...
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  • Provide Units In Suggested Addresses

    In Product Plan
    15 votes
    There is great potential with the Create Locator tool in ArcGIS Pro (2.4): the ability to add various data sources and roles provides great utility, but lacks certain functionality at the same time.   One such i...
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  • Where can I download ArcPy Script for 10.5.1

    I am not able to locate the ArcPy Script on ESRI Website
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