• se puede etiquetar un punto tomando información de columnas diferentes la tabla de atributos?

    hola amigos! me han pedido realizar un plano clave de una carretera, mi tabla de atributos es la siguiente: y en planta se ve asi:   a mi me gustaría poder combinar la columna OBRA_DE_ART+TIPO+FIAMETR...
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  • Hi, my name is Wilder

    I am a surveyor engineer and currently work at YPFB Transporte in the engineering and construction area, we prepare maps and upload information to a corporate Geodatabase, among other activities. Until now we have o...
  • Call for Presentations for the AEC Track at GeoConX

    Tell your GIS success story in a pre-recorded, 20-minute presentation and be part of the virtual 2020 Esri GeoConX Conference, the world's largest and leading utility and telecom GIS conference.    Here are...
  • Sync problem on offline mode

    Hi everyone   we have been using offline mode within tile packages. I have a sync problem with that.  When I sync it no error message. But I could not see from the portal.  But still able to see from ...
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  • Your first impressions of ArcGIS Dashboards Beta

    Welcome to ArcGIS Dashboards beta GeoNet space! What’s your first Impressions of ArcGIS Dashboards Beta?
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  • Having issues with ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Update: Accessing/Synchronizing to One-Way PostgreSQL Replica

    Hello everyone,   we recently upgraded our ArcGIS Pro from 2.5.2 to 2.6.0.     I use a Python script (Pro based 3.x) to do our sychronization to a one-way PostgreSQL SDE connection from a Microsoft SQ...
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  • Grouped Layers and Operations Dashboard

    I am using the Group Layers function in the AGOL Map Viewer Beta. However, when I bring that map into the Operations Dashboard, the layers do not appear grouped, but just as two different layers to check on and off. T...
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  • Add record to related table for every selected feature?

    I know you can edit one related record at a time, but you can't select multiple feates and add a record to each.  For example;  Add flushing services / records to the related table, for multiple selected hyd...
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  • Enabling GPU rendering on Windows Server 2016 / Windows 10 RDP

    I was recently helping a customer with RDP access and exposing the GPU to the RDP session.  By default, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 do not enable the GPU for rendering over RDP. Changing a Group Polic...
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  • A Story Map for Teaching Geography

    Hello all,   My name is Craig Misajet and I teach high school geography in Idaho. In my role as a teacher and as part of a master's program (and due to recent COVID-19 considerations) I have developed a Story Ma...
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  • popupTemplate displaying at different place

    I am trying to add popupTemplate to the MapImageLayer, on the click of any pins on the Map the popup is loading/pointing at different place.   var mapDataLayer = new MapImageLayer({ url: sArcgisURL, sublayers:...
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  • Johns Hopkins Covid map

    This is a view from the lead map (Covid-19 Cases by county) on the Johns Hopkins Covid tracking site, produced in collaboration with ESRI.  COVID-19 United States Cases by County - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resou...
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  • Difference between Clip (Raster) versus Extract by Mask

    Can anyone tell me what's the difference between the Clip (raster) tool in Data Management versus Extract by Mask?
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  • Flow accumulation

     I have run flow accumulation on a tif raster product flow direction from dem on 241k sq.km. It is just running, and after almost an hour, I wonder, how long it will be taking for? There is nothing with the input...
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  • Selections saved as layers revert to original table

    This is the second time I'm posting this, hopefully someone will have a clue!  We are having trouble with selections staying as such after creating a layer.   When we create a selection and then go Crea...
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  • Replacing datasource does not work through arcpy

    Writing a script to replace the datasource in a project.  I have tried doing this by replacing the .sde file path on the apex object.  Tried by replacing at the map level and also at the layer level.  n...
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  • Access Restrictions within Roles

    My organization has an ArcGIS Online account with a map of various assets that are being updated. I have been asked to add about 100 viewers to be able to access the map. However my challenge is that each of the vie...
  • Forest-based Classification and Regression tool - Validation Question

    **new to the community not sure if this is the correct space to post this**   Hi,   I'm assuming the "Training Data Excluded for Validation (%)" option takes a random subset from your data points to hold b...
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  • Share to Service Grayed Out

    I am trying to share my document to a service, but only the map package option is available, the service option is grayed out.  Why would that be and what can I do about it?
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  • SIG recording available until 7/31

    If you have missed the first AEC Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting that was held at the User Conference, the recording is available for you to watch on-demand until 7/31.   You will hear about:- GIS applied a...